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  1. brilliant advice everyone thanks gives me something to think about.
  2. F9 is a bit slow, or will that be ok with a CCD? will i be ok with my finder guider for guiding or need an OAG?
  3. Thanks for the advice Vliav, i take it i need a suitable reducer corrector factored in to the price? Will this be a good match for my Atik 460ex.
  4. Hello Im wanting to start imaging Galaxy's close uo, iv got my trusty old ed80 but focal length isnt long enough, Iv got an HEQ5 and a C9.25, what are my options for galaxy imaging with a long focal length without spending too much? would i need a neq6 for the C9.25 or can i get something with long focal length that would sit on the HEQ5 happily, any advice appreciated.
  5. thanks for advice Alfian, but i basically dont want to spend much time on it, will a Tal barlow if added then allow standad 1,25" plossel eyepieces to work?
  6. Hello My brother picked up a an old 1995 Tal 1 Newtonian scope 2nd hand recently, using my standard plossel 1.25" eyepieces i cant achieve focus as there is not enough inward focus travel, the mirror appears to not have been moved, is there any way round this? i had an old tal x3 barlow but i unfortunately sold it. will this solve the problem? Any help appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the Info, Superb image Olly as usual. ok that gives me something to think about. Maybe a mosaic with a mid range lens might be the way to go then to get the full loop , as the 200mm lens field of view is a bit tight and the 50mm lens to wide and as your saying will end up blocky looking. Is that an HaRGB?
  8. Morning Has anyone tried this combo? or short focal length lenses with the Atik? iv been using a 200mm lens with fairly good results but want to try maybe image barnards loop etc so need a large field of view. I have a filter drawer for filters that connects camera to lens. wouldn't be expecting top quality results but questioning whether to try rig it together for a go?
  9. Lovely indeed, what scope camera did you use?
  10. First image since last march! due to Awful weather, lack of motivation, work etc, Image details Atik 460, canon 200mm lens, Baader Ha, O3, and S2 filters 5 min subs totaling 4 1/2 hours total.
  11. lovely detail, considering it was daylight.
  12. Hello Im currently in the market for a solar scope been either looking at the Lunt LS50 or possibly (if I save a few more quid) a solarmax 60, iv previously owned a PST and iv just sold on a Quark as I just want a dedicated solar scope without having to require power etc. is the Lunt LS50 a lot better than the PST? or is it worth spending the extra cash for the bigger aperture solarmax 60?
  13. Hi iv been looking for a new imaging scope something widefieldish, been looking at either the zenith star 61 or SW 72ed, but going on CCD carc it says my Atik 460 will under sample the stars, how critical is this? Is it a deal breaker? As I want a fairly large fov And is it correct this can be sorted in post processing?
  14. Mu point is that to use the polarscope in place you cannot just put the ballhead on centrally but have to use the dovetail bar which the ball head then screws onto, hence putting weight to one side, I would assume it requires a counter weight to balance it?
  15. Hello im going to order one of the polar adapters for the SA, since its only in use with the dovetail bar, im assuming you need to add weight on the other end or will you get away without??
  16. Hello Iv been looking for a shorty focal length imaging scope and seen the SW 72ED on the FLO website, Has anyone been using it for imaging with a CCD? I was also considering the WO zenithstar 61, but this is considerably more expensive (plus I would need to buy the Field Flattener££). I already have the 0.85 SW reducer and my finder guider would slot right ontop of the evostar unlike the WO scope. My intention would be to use it with an Atik 460EX and filter wheel. Does the focuser rotate on this scope? and can the focuser be upgraded? Any thoughts and experience/advice would be welcome.
  17. Would s skymax 102 mak be any good to use with the Quark for solar imaging? Anyone used this set up?
  18. Can someone confirm the weight of a skymax 102 mak?
  19. Iv been looking looking for a light grab and go set up, preferably I can carry everything down the stairs in one trip. iv got a skymax 90 so looking for a light weight mount, would an alt az heavy duty mount struggle with this? with possibly a camera attached too. if so what mount would be suitable, would prefer an alt az ideally.
  20. For sale Quark chromosphere, £700. in very good condition.
  21. Hello Iv recently picked up a daystar quark, can anyone recommend a powerpack for use with it? Or can you show me your power pack, I dont have access to mains power where I use my scope. Thanks.
  22. Cheers, Ian, thanks for the help and guidance, will be better prepped for the next one, and hopefully marginally more knowledgable! Thanks to Damien and Richard also. Who spent their own valuable time looking at my double cluster that I couldn’t even find with a goto. ( definitely battery issues? ok [removed word] user)! Lesley too for pulling my wagon when I got stuck. Dodged the malts this time, but was seeing 5 Saturn’s at about 6Am so prob a good idea. Focused on the one in the middle. Still good though. All the best. Clear skies.?
  23. Massive thanks to everyone at the Galloway SP. Incredibly friendly and informative folk, will definitely be back for the autumn SP. if we are allowed back! Ropey drive home today but few scoops down, feel much better now! hope everyone gets back home safely. Cheers?
  24. How’s the weather looking for fri night sat night? Just trying to decide what gear to bring if the weather isn’t going to be as good. Cheers.
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