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  1. At the moment with all the bits connected to the ccd end ie filterwheel, iv got a distance of 40.5 from the chip to the end of the filterwheel, on the sw 0.85 reducer end iv got a M48 to T2 adapter which adds 1mm to the optical length, now does that distance mean to the glass or the screwed connection to reducer? i think the distance has to be 55mm in total from chip to reducer, correct me if im wrong? so thats 55mm -41.5mm so thats leaves an extension adapter tube of 13.5 is this correct?? Also who supplies adapters suitable for this job??
  2. Hello im trying to get the spacing of my reducer to Atik 314L+ correct there are afew things im not sure about though,what is the distance to the chip with the threaded part added? you cant measure it as there is a glass cover over the chip? as in the photo, also do you take the reducer measurement as being to the glass part or just to the threaded part? to get the correct distance?
  3. thats great stuart, im sure next time i will have a better idea how to set it up properly, im not sure but i just couldnt seem to get the 1st and 2nd stars to line up no matter what i did?
  4. can you post some narrowband images taken with the ZS66? it should be fine without a reducer shouldnt it?
  5. Nice images by the way, as per your usual! what would you recommend if i wanted to push the budget up a wee bit? want as wide a field as possible (and no i cant afford a bigger CCD chip!) plan to use it with am Atik 314L+?
  6. Hello I was out with the astrotrac for the first time and found polar aligning it abit of a faff, I lined up Polaris into the indicated position, my question is the extended lines that go to the stars in Ursa Major and Cassiopeia how accurate do these have to line up? As it can be hard to see as you can't see the constellations in the polarscope?
  7. Hello I'm looking for a wide field scope to use with Atik 314L+ for narrowband imaging , iv used a megrez 72 for LRGB with the Atik and found it bloated the stars especially through some of the colour filters, I now have narrowband filters but sold my megrez some time ago, was wandering how the ZS66 would perform as a narrowband scope? has anyone tried this combination? If so how did you find the results?
  8. Hello when I stacked all my subs from my canon 650d the other night I only got about 20% of the picture showing when it finished stacking them? The other 80% is missing? Anyone have any ideas what's going on?
  9. I see on the instructions there are lines and star positions on the polarscope for the years 1990,2000,2010 do the alignment stars have to line up with the 2010 marks?
  10. im assuming artemis does that? it seems like a good program, although i havent used it a great deal yet?
  11. Hello, i keep reading this word dithering when people are imaging, i think iv got the gist of what it is, ie moving the sensor around slightly to get better results? Enlighten me if im wrong, i use PHD to guide and use an Atik 314L+ with a sw80ed can i dither with this set up? If so how do you set it up?
  12. Hello i may be soon moving to perth (scotland by the way) does anyone know of any dark sky sites around it suitable for deep sky imaging?
  13. thanks for the info, do you think this will eliminate slippage?
  14. Hello i have recently bought a SW80ED for use with my Atik 314L+, and im not so impressed by the focusser it seems to wobble abit and dont think i will trust it not to slip, what are the upgrade options for the focusser? Preferably cheaper than more expensive!?
  15. Tremendous image, i admire your dedication!
  16. this was my third go, the other 2 i tried just wouldnt stitch, i got 9 panels this time and it seemed to do the job as you say with lots of overlap. will a pst mod give you better results than a lunt for ex??
  17. thanks for the comments, i think its probably the best i can do with the gear iv got, some people are getting incredible images with larger lunt scopes etc.
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