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  1. Hello iv just started narrowband imaging through baader filters, i have a few questions, IS it better to get get longer exposures in Ha binned 1x1 then get the S and O binned 2x2 or just better getting equal lenght exposures all binned 1x1? Also iv noticed when i change onto the O filter its gets quite out of focus? is this a common problem as i though the filters were suppose to be parfocal? I have also had afew issues getting the O filter sharp looking in focus on the screen when focusing? Any help appreciated.
  2. That tutorial Is a great help thankyou. Just what I was looking for.
  3. Hello I look at some of the superb images on here and see how well they have been processed especially the stars. When I process and stretch my images the stars end up looking a lot bigger than I would like, is there a technique anyone can explain to reduce star sizes when processing?
  4. incredible image! you should be really chuffed with that what is the scarey face on the right hand side of the image?
  5. cool i love easy solutions like that! who needs to spend $$$!i like the meteor effect will need to try this!
  6. Is it better to go 1x1 for all filters or better to get 1x1 for the H then 2x2 for S and O? I hear people doing bi colour images, but if you only get two channels does this not cause an imbalance in the final image? iv alot to learn about narrowband!
  7. Hello here is my first narrowband image, got about an hours Ha about 45 min O and 25 mins S as the clouds rolled in, wasnt overly sure what i was doing with the processing. Iv alot to learn about narrowband imaging, i took these all binned 1x1, can they be done 2x2 for O and S and 1x1 for Ha? Any help advice and criticisms welcome.
  8. thanks for the comments, they are 30 sec subs, i used a cable release and just locked it so it kept snapping away, used live view to focus in manual on a bright star, and used a program called startrails which does all the hard work for you. I used a dew tape wrapped round the lens to stop dew forming.
  9. Abit gutted last night as it was perfectly clear but had prior arrangements made to go to someones party (girlfriend made me) so just set the dslr up with a 18mm lens in the garden and let it snap away. this is the longest startrails pic iv managed so far. It was a nice change from setting up the scope/polar aligning mount/focusing/framing/guiding/ wires etc!
  10. i had one for a while and just didnt get on with it, it seemed hit and miss, im pretty sure the focus was spot on, i got fed up with it and sold it and got a finder guider which i use with PHD and havent looked back, Finder guider is light also so doesnt add too much weight to your overall setup, as Andy was saying i rebelled against using a laptop at first, but when i started using the finder guider and phd and using APT with all its useful functions i couldn't think of imaging without a laptop now.
  11. so this is what i have so far 40.5mm + 7.5mm = 48mm so 55mm -48mm=7mm spacer required is this correct? also i need an M42 to M42 male to female spacer where could i pick one up? or something similar i have access to a lathe.
  12. ok thanks for the info, that looks the biz, do they do m42 male to female ones as thats what i require? do you know any other companies that make adapters?
  13. At the moment with all the bits connected to the ccd end ie filterwheel, iv got a distance of 40.5 from the chip to the end of the filterwheel, on the sw 0.85 reducer end iv got a M48 to T2 adapter which adds 1mm to the optical length, now does that distance mean to the glass or the screwed connection to reducer? i think the distance has to be 55mm in total from chip to reducer, correct me if im wrong? so thats 55mm -41.5mm so thats leaves an extension adapter tube of 13.5 is this correct?? Also who supplies adapters suitable for this job??
  14. Hello im trying to get the spacing of my reducer to Atik 314L+ correct there are afew things im not sure about though,what is the distance to the chip with the threaded part added? you cant measure it as there is a glass cover over the chip? as in the photo, also do you take the reducer measurement as being to the glass part or just to the threaded part? to get the correct distance?
  15. thats great stuart, im sure next time i will have a better idea how to set it up properly, im not sure but i just couldnt seem to get the 1st and 2nd stars to line up no matter what i did?
  16. can you post some narrowband images taken with the ZS66? it should be fine without a reducer shouldnt it?
  17. Nice images by the way, as per your usual! what would you recommend if i wanted to push the budget up a wee bit? want as wide a field as possible (and no i cant afford a bigger CCD chip!) plan to use it with am Atik 314L+?
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