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  1. Can a moderator please close this withdrawn advert. Many Thanks
  2. Withdrawn due to unfortunate change in financial circumstances — Hi Everyone, I am curious if anyone has a modded 600D/650D/700D they are looking to sell? I am looking for a camera for HA imaging that is in nice condition and just curious if anyone has anything available? Bought a 600D from MPB but it arrived not as advertised so just thought I would see what was available in the mean time until they refund. Many Thanks, Murray
  3. Hello, I bought Startools on Saturday and received the liscense key on Monday morning. I couldn’t be happier and recommend it - Cost about £35 which in this hobby is nothing. I found this tutorial on it which I have been using https://astro.ecuadors.net/processing-a-noisy-dslr-image-stack-with-startools/ There is a free unlimited time trial (You Just can’t save the photo) so you can have a play. Maybe one day when I am more experienced I will try Pixinsight but at this early stage the last thing I need is more reasons to get Migraines trying to work it all out. Startools couldn’t be easier and I couldn’t be happier Good Luck with your decision and clear Skies! Murray
  4. Hello everyone, First time out with the telescope in over a year - Pesky back injury and Scottish weather. When I noticed the clear sky I was as excited as a kid at Christmas. M31 here we come Was going to try the new Ascom setup but will settle for Windows Remote Desktop. It’s nice to get the feeling in the hands and feet again! Clear skies / enjoy the music Murray
  5. Hi Everyone, In typical Muzzy fashion I appear to have a screw not loose but missing from my Sky-Watcher 3/8” Stainless Steel Tripod. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html I am not feeling confident using it with the possibility of it keeling over and causing a few thousands of pounds of damage to my gear! I contacted FLO who advised to contact the supplier but they didn’t know. I have attached some photos of the offending missing screw. I just wondered if anyone knew before I start buying every screw known to man on eBay! Thank you for you’re time. Clear Skies, Murray
  6. Hi Geoff, Cant think of much else - I am sure mine was just a matter of plugging it in / switching mount on / connecting phone to SynScan SSID then it shows up the little list showing the mount. Manual: https://inter-static.skywatcher.com/downloads/synscanwifi_102.pdf I am at "work" right now so cant check mine to see if anything else needs done. Good Luck! Murray
  7. Apologies if asking a silly question but just trying to help Have you tapped on the find devices button? If the mount is powered up on mine from memory that has helped find the mount. I wonder if it picks up the mount after that? Apologies if being silly! a Friday and its the heat!
  8. Hi All, Having recently acquired a Skywatcher ED80 I am looking for a finder scope. I am wondering if it's worth getting this in due course first. It would serve as a finder / Guidescope if / when I go down the route of guiding. Would save having to buy another dovetail for on top of the scope and would save having to buy a finder now then replace it in future? Not sure if being daft but thought it might be an option. Clear Skies, Murray
  9. Hello LightBucket, Thank you very much for the assistance and advice. You are correct that does appear to have fixed the issue. I adjusted the Allen keys nearest the knobs to fix both grinding issues. At least that's some weight taken off the scope now! This hobby is amazing and frustrating at times. I think I have fixed the issue his is what I am getting from using the focusser now: Again thank you so much for the help. Clear Skies & Best Wishes, Murray
  10. Hello Everyone, Applogies for taking up your time I would be very grateful for some assistance with an issue I am experiencing with an ED80 focusser. I recently purchased it from the forums here and just wondering if this is something I can resolve with an Allen key (about the extent of my engineering skills!) Tbe left hand silver knob is grinding against the black coller. This results in very harsh noisy movements and I can see some small silver metal shavings coming off this area. Please see attached photos and videos to hopefully help illustrate the problem. Here are a couple of YouTube videos to illustrate the noise. Focus locked down: Focus open all the way: Just wondering what the best way is to resolve? Thank you once again I really appreciate any feedback! Clear Skies & Best Wishes, Murray
  11. I would like to buy this please. Will send you a PM
  12. BACS Payment made and PM replied to with shipping info. Thanks, Murray
  13. Hi John, I would like to buy this for £32. Please send me a PM with your bank details and I will make a BACS transfer. Thank You, Murray
  14. Hello everyone, Can you please offer some advice on choosing a Lunar / Planetary camera. I have a 9.25" SCT mounted on an AZEQ-6. For DSO's I will buy a ED80 towards the Autumn as it's to bright here at night to do DSO due to the sun not truly setting until it starts coming up again! (NE Scotland) Basically in a nutshell I am thinking the ASI 178 would be good for Lunar wife field with ability to zoom in due to the 6MP but also mosaics. The 224 would be fine I am sure just thinking the extra megapixels would be better. I currently have a 5D Mark II Full Frame DSLR. I have tried Backyard EOS and it's better than just using the DSLR but Saturn was just a small smudge. Appreciate any advice as always. Clear Skies, Murray
  15. Hi Folks, I was watching these videos on Youtube yesterday. Unsure if of any interest but thought I would share Thanks, Murray
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