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  1. Astropixelprocessor or Astroart6

    Can't speak for the first one but I have just changed from DSS to Astroart. It's a revaluation . Simple to use and no hang ups as yet.
  2. I have one on my more humble 80ED. No problems at all so far. Certainly holds the ZWO 1600 and filter when vertical.
  3. PS: you're dumped.

    If you have an old copy of Lightroom there is a cheaper upgrade to LR6 buried in the depths of the Adobe site. BTW Adobe stopped supporting CS6 in January. As Alan has found the 80D needs Camera RAW ver. 9.5 which will not work with CS6. The last Camera RAW ver. CS6 can use is
  4. Zwo and AstroArt

    Daft question but have you got the correct ASCOM platform installed properly together with the correct ZWO ASCOM drivers? Faced with your issue I would be inclined to re-install them from the ZWO website. John
  5. Zwo and AstroArt

    When you open AstroArt and click on 'Plug-in' the Control panel will appear. Under 'Imaging/Guide camera' you should have two choices if the Plug-in has correctly installed, ASCOM or SIMULATOR. Select ASCOM and click on 'SETUP'. Click 'Connect' on the dialogue box that comes up. This will bring up the next dialogue box named 'ASCOM Camera Chooser'. On my machine the dropdown list is blank until you click the arrow. Click it and you should see at least 'ASI Camera (1), ASI Camera (2) and Simulator. Choosing ASI (1) and (2) will allow you to control your ZWO cameras. John Sorry we appear to have doubled and from your post it would appear that you are much more computer savvy than me.
  6. Zwo and AstroArt

    As Merlin66 says, go to the link he has provided and select and download 'ASCOM generic (.........................) Ver. 1.5'. Ignore the fact that ZWO is not mentioned. They are covered! From memory the file is zipped. So download it and be sure to unzip it (extract it) in to the location where AstroArt is located.
  7. Astro Pixel Processor - Unsafe?

    Just ask Norton to restore it. See the bottom right corner of the dialogue box. FWIW I've just had the same issue with a plugin for Astroart. Norton did remove it but restored it when asked.
  8. Polemaster

    Agreed. I would disable Astronomical Refraction. (I don't enable it on my Pole Master software) Are you able to see Polaris through the mount RA axis or a polar scope if you have one?. If you can, and you are confident that you are indeed looking at Polaris, then the camera when mounted should show you a picture of it on your laptop. If you can not see it then recheck your location co-ordinates and get them properly set on the mount. With regard to rotating the circles ensure that you have used the full extent of the 'rotate slider'. When I first used the software I could not get the stars into the circles although they seemed 'near enough'. That was simply because I had not 'rotated' the full extent of the slider!
  9. Astroart

    Many thanks Billy. Congratulations on your new camera. - John
  10. Astroart

    Just a quick question! I see Astroart supports many cameras (CCD and DSLR) but there is no mention of CMOS on their website. I wonder if someone could confirm, or otherwise, that the software supports the ZWO ASI1600mm. Many thanks - John
  11. Yes of course the tube is wider than the 80ED. Sorry for any mis-information. - John
  12. Piece of cake with two provisos! The existing focuser is held in the tube (an Evostar 80ED in my case) by three cross headed screws. They were VERY difficult to remove. Ensure that you have a good quality driver of the right size. A good bit of heat from a hairdryer helped in my case. Another minor point was that the heads of the three screws supplied to fit the new focuser to the tube were barely much larger than the holes in the tube. Ron at Moonlight does not provide any with larger heads so I added a washer to each screw. As I say a very minor point.
  13. Photoshop CC

    That is lucky, well done! I'll have to wait to see what happens. I'm not too keen on paying over £10 a month for CC but if it comes to it well ..........................
  14. Photoshop CC

    Thanks for the response however I would like to stick with PS if it retains some functionality after Adobe switch me off. I have a number of plugins and ProDigital's Astronomy Actions which will only work with PS and I would be loathe to lose them. I'm hoping someone will come along and confirm or otherwise that the software will still work even if in a limited fashion. - John
  15. Photoshop CC

    My yearly contract (for PS CC and Lightroom), which I have had since PS went rental, is up at the end of this month. Given that they have put up the monthly subscription I have cancelled it. It's difficult to see what that means to my usage of PS going forward. I wonder if anyone has also cancelled and found out what that actually means for working with images and managing the files. (I have no files saved to the 'cloud'). Thanks - John