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  1. 'Scope is withdrawn pending more favourable Covid situation for viewing.
  2. Just a quick update in the light of a couple of queries. Yes the ‘scope is still for sale! I also take the opportunity to add in the Astrzap dew shield missing from the ad. together with the ZWO EAF bracket for anyone who has that focuser.
  3. Many thanks Shimrod. I have edited the post. Slip of the brain!!
  4. Health issue forces the sale of my Edge HD8. Although not massively heavy arthritis makes the bulk difficult to handle. The 'scope was purchased in April 2020 is for sale with the Celestron reducer and Feather Touch focuser. Total new price using FLO's website figures is over £2100. I am looking for £1700. I will not split the items. Buyer collects bearing in mind current Coved restrictions.
  5. Thanks for remembering but I did manage to acquire one. Best wishes - John
  6. Many thanks Dinglem, I did look at the FLO site. Must be going blind! - John
  7. There appears to be some question as to whether the EAF can be used with the Esprit series. ZWO don’t list the ‘scope as compatible. Does any forum member use the EAF on an Esprit without additional engineering in addition to the bracket supplied. I am currently saving my pennies to upgrade my 80ED in the spring!! Thanks - John
  8. If it is mains power then the Nevada PS-08 from FLO will do all you need!
  9. Fancy taking the mono route? I have the following items for sale. ZWO ASI1600mm cool. £750.00. ZWO LRGB 1.25 Filter Set. £50.00 ZWO Mini Filter Wheel. £120.00 All items were purchased by me from FLO and are in good unmarked condition. Please note: 1. That there are no filters included with the Filter Wheel even though one is shown installed in the photo and 2. the camera is as shown without the USB leads and I do not currently have the dust cap which I am trying to find!! Prospective purchasers are welcome to examine the items
  10. I’m looking to power a 5v wi-fi extender and the ZWO unit would be ideal. I appreciate it’s a long shot. Thanks, John
  11. Just picking up on item 5 of randomics’ list. Don’t forget to replace the screw on the end of the weight bar!
  12. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delay in responding. I do not take bias frames Andrew. Received wisdom seems to suggest they are not needed with a cmos camera. My darks look ‘normal’ but they were taken earlier in the day at -20deg. I will now take a look at the condensation issue. John
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