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  1. Grierson


  2. Grierson


    I don't suppose there are too many people remotely interested but the answer to my problem was a 'typo'. For the record if you type --obsj 100 into the Custom Options instead of --objs 100 you get days of heartache! Get it right and the program works beautifully.
  3. Grierson


    Sorry for the delay in responding. I did not say or indeed expect to get a solution in 1.0s. I simply reported what the program reported after me pressing the 'Solve' button'. The indexes do appear to be in the correct location but I will check again before doing anything else. Thank you.
  4. Grierson


    In the absence of clear sky’s I have been experimenting with Astrotortilla but as ever I’m running in to problems and any pointers from members using the software would be appreciated. I have carefully followed the excellent Light Vortex tutorial but because of the afore mentioned sky’s I’ve not used it in the real world. However I have tried using a filed image and EQMOD ASCOM Simulator. The attempt to solve gives me an answer ‘No solution in 1.0s’. I have uploaded the image to Astrometry.net and it has no problem solving it. I have obviously missed one (or more) set up entries but I have rechecked several times. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks for reading.
  5. Grierson

    Micro/mini computers

    You don’t need W10pro on the main computer but you do need it on the mini. Fortunately the Minix comes loaded with the’pro’ version.
  6. Thanks. I gather VNC is Virtual Network Computing which until today I've never heard of. I'll need to read up on it before answering the question!
  7. Picking up on the above thread I recently set up a system similar to that in Kaliska's contribution although my laptop is paired with the MiniX using Windows remote desktop. But of course it relies on our in house Wi-Fi network. Apology in advance for the naïve question but I wonder if any network gurus could suggest any simple (read low cost) approach to using the kit away from any available networks. Is there such a device as a 12v server that could be used? Edit. Having re-read this perhaps 'server' is the wrong term. What I'm looking for is a little box that will connect to the lap top and transmit to the mini PC.
  8. Grierson


    Sorry if this is 'teaching grandmother to ... etc' but do your see the 'ASCOM Camera Chooser' dialogue box appear after you have clicked connect and selected CCD ASCOM Camera when the 'Selected Camera Type' dialogue box appears. (For CCD read CMOS for the 1600!) If you do get the ASCOM Chooser select ASI Camera (1) from the drop down list and that should connect the camera. (Assuming it's plugged in of course)
  9. Grierson

    Astro Pixel Processor APP

    +1 for APP. Having come across this software following Sara’s article in this months Sky at Night mag. I’ve just downloaded a trial version. Seems very user friendly and Sara has a clear tutorial style. I wonder if/how more experienced forum members find it compared with longer established software?
  10. Grierson

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Yes, both work on my elderly Nexus 7 no problem. As has been said above you will need both your iOS powered devices if that is the route you take. Personally I find the Nexus a bit on the small side for my old eyes. (How people manage on their 'phones I don't know ) I finally opted for using the adapter and CdC on the laptop running the W10 platform. After a bit of a false start it now runs well. John
  11. Now why did I not think of trying that! Works a treat. Thank you Michael. - John
  12. Ah well, update to the old Nexus 7 or back to EQMOD. Descisions, descions!
  13. I missed the lengthy topic on this unit elsewhere on the forum and although it did not help with my original query it was a mine of information. Thanks to all the contributors. I now have my dongle working on W10/ Cartes du Ciel and the ‘scope slews nicely to a target however when it comes to hibernate the app. disconnects and a dialogue box appears saying ‘Error: Conversion Timeout’ and CdC freezes! I have to use task manager to close the program. I wonder it any IT specialists out there have any ideas?
  14. I’ve just received the kit from FLO. It works fine with the app. on my elderly Android machine but no joy on the Windows 10 laptop. It will connect to the laptop and shows the mount (as HEQ5) in the connect box on the app. screen however the direction keys do nothing. I think I must have missed something. I wonder if anyone is running a working version of the W10 version of the app. Thanks - John

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