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  1. Thank you gentlemen. My simple issue is that when imaging many galaxies I find that the actual galaxy is very small in the frame. (The ‘scope is fitted with a reducer and equates to a focal length of 510mm) Cropping and enlarging the image is clearly not the best approach! I will have a look at the iOptron spec. John
  2. My SW ED80/reducer is limited for imaging smaller galaxies. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a suitable reasonably priced alternative which can be carried by an HEQ5. Thanks - John
  3. Phew David thank you for taking the time to post comprehensive comment. The answer is NO to your penultimate paragraph question. The problem is getting bespoke lengths/terminations from recognised manufactures is clearly a very expensive option.
  4. Thanks Pete, I’ve had a brief look and it is not immediately obvious how specific lengths and terminations are specified/ordered but I will dig a bit deeper. - John
  5. Thanks for the suggestions chaps, I will have a look.- John
  6. Thanks James, I’ve never tried to cut in to USB leads to fit plugs but I would guess the required precision soldering involved would now be beyond my old eyes. John
  7. Thanks Peter but I need three and at £60+ I would have to live with the untidiness
  8. Having recently received a new ASIair I am keen to tidy up the cabling on my rig. I'm having great difficulty finding leads of specific lengths. (e-bay and Amazon) i.e. 2ft USB2 A to B with the A being a right angle plug. I wonder is anyone has a source of leads with oddball lengths. Thanks - John
  9. I run my ASIAIR Pro from your second example. Runs fine indoors but I’ve not had chance yet to try it out in earnest. Can’t tell from your signature what your set up consists of but received wisdom seems to be that the mount should be powered direct rather than a port on the ASIAIR leaving the four ports for powering cameras, focuser, heaters etc. I run my setup in EQMod with the cable from the ASIAIR to the mount direct. Since, briefly in my early days, I have never used the hand controller and now that the unit has an option inbuilt to use SkySafari /EQMod this make life even better. Again the guide camera connects to the ASIAIR with one cable direct.
  10. Hi Steve, did you get one and what are your first impressions?
  11. I did, and it arrives this week. Although £10 is a fair sum even these days I’ll put it in the spares box as I’m sure it will come in handy some day. Nevertheless thanks again for the original pointer. (I ended up ordering the same item you suggested from a UK seller on e-bay.)
  12. Seems as if I was trying to be too clever! The ASIAIR Pro actually comes with a dovetail fitted.
  13. Many thanks, that looks just the job.
  14. I wonder if anyone has a source of a dovetail to fit a SW finder shoe? I want to mount the ASIAIR on the scope but I don’t mind the length, I can always cut it down. Thanks - John
  15. Certainly did pre-order from you. Are there any other suppliers. I will e-mail. John
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