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  1. For those using EQMod with the AIR and may have missed it the latest beta update allows SkySafari to be used in this mode. Previously you had to include using the handset if you wanted to use SS.
  2. A question for the experts on the forum. Apart from the cost are there any significant downsides when it comes to using this scope for deep field astrophotography? Thanks - John Edit: Please. ignore this post. I should have done a 'search' first. - John
  3. You don’t say what cameras you are using (unless I’ve missed it) but if you happen to be a ZWO user and depending on your interest you might like to consider ASIAIR. Remote focus and also PA are now included in the firmware.
  4. The 50mm ‘nifty fifty’ will not spots of the kit lens. Absolutely no comparison and well worth the (relatively) small outlay. Pin sharp across the board.
  5. Can we assume there is no change on the screen wth varying light levels? i.e. during daylight hours. If not I would be inclined to follow Jkulkin’s advice.
  6. Does the screen change to white when used in the daytime? Have you changed the cable? (I gather that the early versions were prone to cable problems)
  7. Sorry about the above. Just wondered what significant improvement you are keen to achieve between the 100 and the 120. I keep thinking about an 80 to 120 upgrade but the more I read I seem never to get beyond the thinking stage.
  8. It’s a pain in the a***e if you happen to have an 650 NVIDIA graphics card. 45 mins to upgrade, 2 hrs plus to sort out the display afterwards!!
  9. Canon 600D camera (has flip out adjustable screen), T ring and nose piece, charger and spare non Canon battery (only available if camera collected due to postal restrictions). Good condition. £100 inc p&p.
  10. For the odd member of the forum who is not totally bored with this screw size saga I can now report that Wayne at Starlight Instruments came up with the information. I now know much more about Metric, ENC and UNF screw sizes than I ever did before! Particular mention must be made of KayFast who replaced the wrong screws within 24 hours at no extra cost even returning the postage cost which was included when the wrong screws were sent back. (For what it's worth the screw size is UNC 8-32) Thanks to all who tried to help. - John
  11. Not only your fault but it is the fault of anyone buying new gear. - John - G3PHJ
  12. Thanks Gordon, I have e-mailed Wayne but have not had any response yet. They perhaps don't take kindly to ZWO equipment being bolted on to their focusers.
  13. Sorry if it is a very stupid question, but did you order the correct unit for your size of ‘scope circumference? Moonlite seem to list at least seven variants.
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