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  1. Ah well, update to the old Nexus 7 or back to EQMOD. Descisions, descions!
  2. I missed the lengthy topic on this unit elsewhere on the forum and although it did not help with my original query it was a mine of information. Thanks to all the contributors. I now have my dongle working on W10/ Cartes du Ciel and the ‘scope slews nicely to a target however when it comes to hibernate the app. disconnects and a dialogue box appears saying ‘Error: Conversion Timeout’ and CdC freezes! I have to use task manager to close the program. I wonder it any IT specialists out there have any ideas?
  3. I’ve just received the kit from FLO. It works fine with the app. on my elderly Android machine but no joy on the Windows 10 laptop. It will connect to the laptop and shows the mount (as HEQ5) in the connect box on the app. screen however the direction keys do nothing. I think I must have missed something. I wonder if anyone is running a working version of the W10 version of the app. Thanks - John
  4. Backyard EOS vs APT

    ^^^^^ ditto ^^^^^^
  5. Emil,I have the item which I used on my EQ5. As you suggest this is not the same as that for the HEQ5. I had to buy a second one when I bought a replacement mount. If you are interested please PM me. John
  6. HeHe. I am of course talking about the interface!!
  7. All the suggested devices seem to be USB2 with possible problems for any faster data from kit in the future. Are there any USB3.1 or Thunderbolt solutions out there?
  8. Lightroom capturing

    Don’t discount APT if you are considering BackyardEOS. Seems a bit more user friendly to me. Excellent software IMVHO and also cheaper than BYEOS. Edit: For EOS please read Nikon
  9. Stacking

    Do you intend to use your Pentax (or other DSLR) or a dedicated CCD/CMOS camera? BackyardEOS would be my choice for a Canon DSLR but I’m not sure about a Pentax. Deep Sky Stacker would be my choice for stacking.
  10. Laptop with Thunderbolt 3 connectivety

    Now have the adapters. Thanks for the pointer Alan. Does anyone have a source of a Thunderbird 3 coupler? I want to extend the existing lead! Many thanks - John
  11. Pleased you have it up and running. - John
  12. I wonder what comes up when you click on Connect in PHD2. On my W10 laptop it comes up as ASCOM Toupcam Driver which is second (in my case) on the dropdown camera list. Did you install ASCOM before or after the ST4 and Camera Drivers? (From the CD) I ask because for my ZWO camera their website makes a point of installing the ASCOM platform first. It may be the same for any camera but I am no expert. If I were to face the issue I would be inclined to delete ASCOM and re-install it and then install the ST4 and camera drivers from the disc. As far as ASCOM is concerned it might also be sensible to install the latest version from their website rather than from the disc that came with the Toupcam which I guess may be well out of date. John Edit - Just in passing I found that the Toupcam website was poor, with no updated drivers available!!
  13. Digicamcontrol

    Have you read Paul Beskeens ‘................... of Canon DSLRs’ on paul beskeen.com. Seems a DIY lead may be required. BackyardEOS would perhaps be a better option although it is not free.
  14. Laptop with Thunderbolt 3 connectivety

    Thanks for the responses gentlemen. - Jonn
  15. Hi folks. I am currently considering a laptop upgrade. The machine is likely to be a Dell however it has a port new to me namely a USB Thunderbolt 3. I may want to connect my ZWO camera or hub (both USB3) to this port. Has anyone any experience of doing just that? Many thanks - John