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  1. March. It's in Sainsbury's so I would guess most other places. - John
  2. Try Removing the ring on the end of the focuser and screw the flattener directly on to the tube. It MAY give you the extra mm but that approach will also provide a more secure connection free from movement. - John
  3. Digressing briefly. For those who don't take Astronomy Now they had a lengthy article on the 'scope and some improvement that can be made. I'm not sure if the 'Tune Up' makes sense as I do not have a 130PDS but for those who do it might be worth a look. - John
  4. Thanks Waldemar, I did update ASCOM to ver. 6.3 but with no success but in the light of your comment I will recheck it again when I get the laptop back from Lenovo as it seems John Lewis have sent it to them for repair! - John
  5. Thanks Dave. Last things first, I am controlling the mount by EQASCOM which I now have working fine with Cartes du Ciel. I will check all the points you make once I have the machine back. I did look for updated drivers for the camera but the only ones I could find did not work so I reverted to the ones on the CD which came with the camera. It may turn out that the problem is not with the laptop but if that is to be the case I find difficulty in understanding why the camera/software combination works on a host of other computers. - John
  6. Thanks for the advice and suggestions gentlemen. I have indeed changed the lead a number of times and used all the ports on the laptop. Removed and downloaded PHD2 countless times. With the camera connected DIRECTLY to the laptop I can not even build a Darks library without the PHD2 'hanging' with the time out and disconnection message. I have tried the camera (a Toupcam) with a variety of other computers (three desk tops, an elderly Toshba laptop and a small notebook (a Lenovo 100s)) all of which allowed PHD2 to perform as it should. I just needed some comfort level that I would not be faced with a similar issue if I invested in a replacement for the Levono 300. - John
  7. Dave, I have belatedly read all the way through the excellent PHD2 tutorial and I see towards the end of the responses that you experienced problems with your Toupcam. Did you come up with an answer? - John
  8. Thanks Dave I'll have a look - John
  9. Thanks Dave that sounds ideal. Do you have a model number? I have downloaded the latest version of PHD2 but no matter what I tried the Lenovo would not retain connection with the camera. As just one exmple it would 'hang' during the production of a Dark Library. John Edit: Apologies for the wrong quote. I can't seem to correct it!
  10. Thanks Doug, it does seem that there is a problem with some laptops and although I am not yet ready to guide with my new rig I am keen to get everything sorted. I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. I have a home brew desktop running Ubuntu Julian so I have a peripheral knowledge of Linux Julian and I would like to have a go at Gina's project. However I would also like to have short term solution. John
  11. I continue to have problems running PHD2 on my Lenovo laptop. It is currently with their service centre having been sent there by John Lewis. They may be able to sort it but I have to face the likelyhood that the issues will continue. I would appreciate any recommendations for an alternative from those running PHD2 on a modern laptop as it seems from Mikey2000's post modern Dell's have similar problems. Thanks - John
  12. Good to know that you are back up and running. Your Dell machine is well specified and is presumably relatively new. My Lenovo is less than a year old but has a more modest spec. It is nevertheless surprising that we both seem to have the same or similar issues with the computers running PHD2. The software runs fine on my son's aging Toshiba machine and it appears as if I will have to look around for a relacement for the Lenovo. Rather than usurp your thread I will ask for recommendations in another post.
  13. I tried a powered hub but had no sucess but you never know it might just be the answer.
  14. Mikey, your post reflects very closely one of my own some time ago although my camera is a Toupcam. I see that Andy Galasso has replied to both our posts on the PHD2 forum and suggested enabling 'sub frames' in the camera dialogue. I wonder if you have done this and if it has made any difference. My laptop is away at JL technical support at the moment and so I am unable to try his suggestions. - John