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  1. Wanted Televue nagler 26mm type 5 pristine condition with box and end caps
  2. Oldest telescope I still own is a 4 inch Newtonian homemade using a Charles frank mirror making kit Pyrex blank and grinding materials 1969 lucky for me in our village was a skilled atm and amateur astronomer my then mentor Brian Williams who in later years would go on to build with the help of his wife Powys county observatory ,now under new ownership as the space guard centre. reguarding electrical reliability I have a 1973 fullerscope 10 inch export Newtonian on a my iv mount sky tracker and motors still working fine 1993 astrophysics and 1200 mount with 180 EDT f9 refractor mount runs with Swiss watch precision still to this day ! Given that these telescopes have lived in harsh observatory environments for all this time is testament to their longevity and also it’s about how their owners keepers / temporary / long term custodians have looked after and preserved them !? .
  3. All great scope options no winners or losers here !! for me the telescope hardware is the easy thing / part ! the optics !! As russel porter said “the mirrors the thing! figuring great optics is a hard and probably rare occurrence I own optics /telescopes from some of the best astronomical opticians in the world to list them is to diss them so in no order of judgement astrophysics 180 EDT refractor Seeing is believing! you really need 2to look through one !! Vixen 150 ED not apochromatic but nearly so performs well at high powers David sinden 16 inch zerodur f6 f15 Newtonian /cassegrain 1/30 th wave David sinden 10 inch zerodur f8 Newtonian with a 1/30th wave secondary with a 1/20th wave optical window AE optics 12 inch Newtonian f6 on an AE Type D equatorial mount with dual axis drives 10 inch fuller scopes export Newtonian mk 4 mount dual axis drives 4 inch Newtonian guidescope to name a few ia have more regaurds v v
  4. Mis read yours is a mk 3 but a mk 2 is the same without the wrinkle black finish it tends to fall off over the decades most need a touch up or repaint ?
  5. The pot base on the mk 2 mk 3 mounts has an I’d of 116mm so a variety of tube od’s will suit 3 radial bolts clamp the pot base to the pillar tube tolerances are broad !
  6. Hi its 110 mm od although mine measures 113mm Od length is 24 inches the mk 2 is the un painted utility mount mine is a mk 3 black wrinkle finish with pedestal pillar 3 legged black wrinkle finish tube like this is commonly avaliable hope this helps
  7. Perhaps The flat earthers should consider or reguard the earth as a flat optically ! Clue ? It’s not very flat lots of peaks and valleys ? pv try working out the strell ratio . Also if it were flat ie like a record spinning round right round (you would be either dead or alive) and as the rotational speed is x mph or per second surely the flat earthers would have been flung off by centrifugal force like a horizontally spinning disc or record ! I I also love that they use an equatorial telescope mount to prove the earth is flat ?? Takes all sorts I guess they have a view albeit a bit one dimensional !
  8. Hi pic of the cover of my fullerscopes 10 inch export newtonian
  9. Check out THe HAARP project nikola Tesla got their first .But in alaska Robert eastlunds project seeks to heat portions of the ionosphere purpose research haarp stands for high frequency active auroral research programme ? ! Along the lines of the previous post ? check out the patent Weather modification is one possible application among many others ! Conspiracy theory ? ! pumping millions of watts of energy into the upper atmosphere with impunity can’t be a good thing can it ? Im all for advancing technology , but not at all costs , and which puts our health and lives at risk ! As nick begich said and was the title of his 1995 book. ANGELS Don’t PLAY THIS HAARP !!
  10. It’s a very long list ! And personal to each and evryone of us ! My interest in astronomy started aged 8 i picked up a book on a shelf in our scout hut i was a cubscout aged 8 the book are rare 1st edition of the story of the heavens by sir robert ball hand painted illustrations of all of the best celestial objects which when many years later observed directly matched the illustrations or exeded them ! These days hi res hubble pictures images etc may disappoint the current newbie or younger generation as the direct visual view dosen’t look like or live up to said images or hype ! My avatar nickola tesla electrical genius visionary inventor of our modern electric centred world where would the stargazers lounge and any of us be today without steve jobs or bill gates ? Worthy avatars ?! Growing up in the 1960’s 1970’s one small late night progamme fired my imagination The sky at night well past my bedtime but allowed ! patrick moore another worthy avitar Donald campbell pushed his bluebird k7 across coniston water in 1966 /67 at speeds faster than a bugatti veyron does today on stable flat tarmac ! All of our lives are formed and shaped in many different ways but the common thread is that we have all got into astronomy in many different ways down many different paths ,but have come to enthuse over it /love it for many different reasons ,but this is the avatar we all have in common !
  11. HD-AP

    Rag and bone man

    Rag and bone man ! very much of its time ! i.e. Steptoe and son ! These days such bin diving ( lovejoy) escapades are very much in fashion ! its called repurposing / recycling / reinventing / repurposing ! but the bottom line is which ever decade your from / in its about making something from nothing ! The atm spirit lives on ??
  12. If it's a vintage one it will have an RAS Thread then sacre bleu can't be vintage it dosen't have a cork ! but as a scope the cork gasket in the lens cell fits the bill ! has a modern innovation a liquid lens which if you pour it out of the scope and consume it .The view through it gets better and better from alco- chromatic to alpochromatic hic ! And once poured into a glass said liquid lens if spun at the correct rate will form a parabolic reflective surface so two scopes in one happy days !
  13. The tube assembly and mount are AE OPTICS jim and rob hysom the pedestal and alloy legs are fullerscopes ? !! old school but nice !
  14. the proof of system performance is clear when you talk to observers who have had the opportunity of using a refractor of even moderatley good figure this has been discussed with many visual observers including professional astronomers The views of the late david sinden former grubb parsons cheif optician are appropriate .David said that the cleanest most detailed and highest contrast images he had ever seen were through two optical systems an astrophysics 7 inch starfire refractor and a macksutov of his own design with a 14% obstruction david had of course made and used some of the worlds largest telescopes . supplied nasa and professional observatories high accuracy optics for decades.
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