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  1. Hi I have a 12 inch ae optics mirror with a hilux coating 12 years old still looks ok ! That said i have a fullerscopes 10 inch david hinds mirror from 1976 that hasn't been re -coated looks good probably not as reflective as new but looks new and works well to date !! respect
  2. Hi peter If you pm me I can give you some information ,I used to work for them for a time instralling observatories ,them in the singular sense ,in that superscopes was phillip stone from Bedfordshire, I also have a superscopes observatory which I assembled in 1999 still works perfectly after all this time very well engineered ,phil stone was /is a clever and talented engineer. regards clive
  3. agree with this more warts and all stories from the amatuer astronomer as he/she walks this rather stony path.
  4. Wanted tele vue 18mm radian in exellent condition with box and end caps if possible
  5. The refractor Would appear to tick all of the right boxes ,so seems the obvious choice .Better to look at the night sky ,than a reflection of it ?
  6. glueing The collimation screws won't stop the mirrors moving and losing collimation over time .
  7. tis a constellation innit . try sayin it in krect brizzle
  8. It Could be worse imagine if your neibours acted like robson green and his neighbour in the fictional programme CHRISTMAS LIGHTS where it became a mine's bigger than your's arm's race ! so cheer up you lot ,and seasons greetings . Now where's my EMP Pulse device
  9. Hi dave Yes AE mounts have enough weight and mass to embarass a neutron star But old school british telescope making !!
  10. Hi Below are a couple of u-tube links showing the construction and installation of martin mobberley's 19.5 inch newtonian on an AE Optics mount .
  11. so If you put a gso eyepiece into the propagator long enough ,would it grow into a televue ! Seriously though a good idea.
  12. I find That the longer you hang onto a good scope ,the issue of letting it go becomes a non issue ,given the fact the most scopes suffer from vertical depreciation ,havng to pay 3-4 times plus what you sold said scope for is a great preventer of rash decissions . If a scope came along with better optics /mechanics same apeture f/ratio and i proved it to be better . Then i might then sell one on .Sometimes you find that as your scope gets older it apprciates /increases in value ,rare but has happened with one of mine ,if i sold it i couldn' t replace it ,not that i would want to anyway. I have sold a couple of scopes regretted it and bought them back only to find that they have been modified and or not looked after as well as i would have liked ,note to self don't do it again. Anyway i'm sure none of this rambling has helped as i have't answered any questions . But i think when in doubt don't sell. Buy another one then you can't regret selling it and the new scope is bound to have some justifiable to keep feature/s that your current ones don't
  13. Yes These lovely transparent clear skies we have here in the uk ,NOT . Render our astro gear / reduce it to astro sculpture ,i.e. something to look at ,rather than through . If one scope and 3 eyepieces could do everything and show you all you wanted ,you'd be well through that looking glass alice . Thus my collection of scopes and eyepieces and accessories is eccletic ,and expanding and contracting and ever changing ,much like the universe we observe and image . The universe can be a harsh mistress that dosen't give up or reveal her secret's and beauty easily but when she does ,WOW !! So when you have become endlessly frustrated ,and given up and sold all of your astro kit at a knock down price to the rest of us that stuck with it ,you will walk outside to the clearest darkest night you have ever seen . Hold that thought ,when your thinking of selling your astro gear ,then wishing you hadn't ,when you did
  14. Nice eyepieces Where's the scope
  15. WIRE I.e. why are you still on here posting ,instead of out observing/imaging .Doh why am i here posting not observing