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  1. The Perfect Telescope??

    If it's a vintage one it will have an RAS Thread then sacre bleu can't be vintage it dosen't have a cork ! but as a scope the cork gasket in the lens cell fits the bill ! has a modern innovation a liquid lens which if you pour it out of the scope and consume it .The view through it gets better and better from alco- chromatic to alpochromatic hic ! And once poured into a glass said liquid lens if spun at the correct rate will form a parabolic reflective surface so two scopes in one happy days !
  2. Lovely looking old scope on ebay

    The tube assembly and mount are AE OPTICS jim and rob hysom the pedestal and alloy legs are fullerscopes ? !! old school but nice !
  3. I have a nagler 11 mm type 1 rare ish ?
  4. the proof of system performance is clear when you talk to observers who have had the opportunity of using a refractor of even moderatley good figure this has been discussed with many visual observers including professional astronomers The views of the late david sinden former grubb parsons cheif optician are appropriate .David said that the cleanest most detailed and highest contrast images he had ever seen were through two optical systems an astrophysics 7 inch starfire refractor and a macksutov of his own design with a 14% obstruction david had of course made and used some of the worlds largest telescopes . supplied nasa and professional observatories high accuracy optics for decades.
  5. You don't have an eyepiece obsession until you have every eyepiece brand from 2.5mm to 55mm ie the whole range in between on all of the high end brands of eyepieces .I would say you have a mild interest in eyepieces
  6. so To go with the astrophysics 180 EDT Eyepieces televue radian 3.5mm nagler 4.8mm type 1 7mm nagler type 1 9mm nagler type 1 11mm nagler type 1 13mm nagler type 1 15 mm panoptic 20 mm nagler type 2 22 mm panoptic 35 mm panoptic also circle t japan orthoscoptics 4 mm 5mm 7 mm 9 mm 12.5 mm 18 mm 25 mm 40 mm televue nj japan diagonal astrophysics did not supply one at this time some of these are doubled up to go with a denkmier 2 binoviewer i will post up some pics in due course
  7. mine cost £ 3850 gbp ota mount £ 2650 gbp in 1994
  8. Hi stu i'll post up some pics eventually weather work etc !
  9. Hi I have an astrophysics 180 EDT F9 refractor Delivered in june 1994 with an astrophysics 1200 Qmd equatorial mount see the company seven page link it gives you an idea of the potential and performance of this instrument . http://www.company7.com/astrophy/refractors/180sf.html At the time it was the best triplet apochromatic refractor fast forward 23 years ! obviously it has competition .I would still put it up against the best modern eqivalent mr r christian can figure an objective to near perfection ! like no other, it's only a seven inch but it's outperformed many a larger scope on many nights ,though my view is apeture wins ,i think that sometimes you get a more asthetically more pleasing view on most observing nights with the astrophysics ,and i have some reflectors with highly accurate optics and large apeture,seeing often defeats the bigger apeture asthetically larger can offer more detail and a brighter image .Not logical largely subjective but the view is that the astrophysics often outperforms my larger scopes a lot of the time to my eyes at least .It bears high magnification well and the views in good seeing are razor sharp ,the moons terminator is a good and often breath taking experience as are planetary views. They are however not magic telescopes ,even roland christian tells prospective customers ,don't wait for me it's likely that i won't be able to make a telescope for you ever ,but there are a few manufacturers out there that make telescopes that are as good ? they don't have the qudos or mistique of an astrophysics or the secondhand resale value !! for the record i would not pay secondhand what my telescope is allegedly worth these days !! I think it's a great telescope hence why i still have it after 23 years still looks and performs like new ,i look after it ! tec takahashi apm /losz and even some chinese manufacturers make some good apochromatic triplet refractors . would i trade mine for one er no !!
  10. Hi I have a 12 inch ae optics mirror with a hilux coating 12 years old still looks ok ! That said i have a fullerscopes 10 inch david hinds mirror from 1976 that hasn't been re -coated looks good probably not as reflective as new but looks new and works well to date !! respect
  11. SUPERSCOPES domes

    Hi peter If you pm me I can give you some information ,I used to work for them for a time instralling observatories ,them in the singular sense ,in that superscopes was phillip stone from Bedfordshire, I also have a superscopes observatory which I assembled in 1999 still works perfectly after all this time very well engineered ,phil stone was /is a clever and talented engineer. regards clive
  12. An Amateur Astronomer's Life

    agree with this more warts and all stories from the amatuer astronomer as he/she walks this rather stony path.
  13. Wanted tele vue 18mm radian in exellent condition with box and end caps if possible
  14. The refractor Would appear to tick all of the right boxes ,so seems the obvious choice .Better to look at the night sky ,than a reflection of it ?
  15. glueing The collimation screws won't stop the mirrors moving and losing collimation over time .