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  1. Another point (particularly with more fragile connectors such as RJ45s or RJ12s) is to remember that these are designed as slide contacts. They do not tolerate much sideways movement, so remember when cleaning these plugs and sockets to ONLY clean in and out of the connector - and NOT side to side across the connectors.
  2. Any stubborn deposits can be removed with a fibreglass pencil - then a rub down with contact cleaner / IPA on a cotton bud. Wooden stirring sticks are another good choice to help in the cleaning process. Afterwards (and after any cleaning producs have dried off) a little dielectric grease or contact grease will help protect against the elements too. Try not to touch any bare, exposed contacts with your skin, either. One of the other tips to remember is that when you finish a session and bring the equipment in, it is allowed to dry thoroughly before being packed away in (say) an air
  3. Focusser now received. Thanks. Looking forward with continuing my 'frac refurbishment when the workshop warms up a little.
  4. There's a couple of very nice targets for me here - thanks everyone. Let's hope we get some clear skies soon!!
  5. My Toucam has died, unfortunately - and that's why I went for a C270.
  6. I have a mixture here. There's a lot of Sodium lights in the eastern distance, a logistics centre on the industrial centre to the north east - but pretty much no stray light and no street lamps near my garden until the local football club practice. These latter are Mercury Arc lights: about to be upgraded to LED, so I will have to stamp my foot to make sure they're adequately baffled.
  7. You'd made the point that the 'Former can be very hard to deal with'. I was replying to that point. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. I've heard that it's possible to discus with some councils about the addition of baffles on the lights to minimise spillage of light into (say) your property. It's worth maybe asking your council if this is possible.
  9. Bad luck about the possible TIA - hope that gets resolved for you as quickly as possible. Sorry, I didn't mean to hassle you, but I also have a C270 webcam and I'd seen the same video as you about using the 7/16 drill. I was going to do something very similar to you and possibly couple it to an old Jessops Newt I have. My thought is for EEVA. Might be worth keeping tabs on each other to see how we get on. Martin
  10. How have you got on with the images? Any joy with these yet? What are you planning for gathering images? / what targets? What scope are you running it on?
  11. Don't forget - Pentax are now Ricoh Imaging. There's a contact form here that may help you if you're UK/Europe-based: https://www.ricoh-imaging.eu/uk_en/contact/ Good luck
  12. I've seen one come up for sale, but the seller obviously didn't see this, so I'll bump it in case other people are looking to sell or upgrade their R&P focuser for a Skywatcher refractor
  13. Thanks everyone. It wasn't what I expected first time out and that's for sure! I had intended to take some more of just the core to allow more leeway with processing these pics but, as I said, the battery died in the camera. I do have a flattener fiitted to the scope but the spacing isn't right yet (I'm mounting the camera with a 1.25" eyepiece adapter, not a proper T2 mount). The T2 mount is expected to arrive this week so I'll measure the distances up properly afterwards. Still chuffed to bits - and Running Man came out quite well too.
  14. Ooh! Thank you very much! I foolishly didn't set the 'follow topic' on this so I didn't see your reply. I'll drop you a PM right now. Martin
  15. I'll take a look. Where did you post it? Was the guide I did helpful? It's helped me remember what order to do things in if nothing else. My first light for my Altair 72EDF refractor was processed using Siril and finished in GIMP (it was stacked in DSS, however) I posted it here
  16. Hi. I've used the video you linked to and it is well presented. I have scripted the steps that Scott made in the clip. I've attached these as a PDF document. SirilWorkflow.pdf
  17. I'm not sure that the modification works. I've got one on a modified TL-702 which is connected to an Omni aerial outside. Monitoring the signal in the garden I find it is no more powerful than a similar unmodified unit placed in a window.. It may work better if I try a directional aerial though. Not tried that yet.
  18. I tried my new Altair 72 EDF Refractor out last night, mounted on an EQ5, in the cold - and this is what I got. All I had hoped was to prove Stellarium could control the mount and I could master Stellarium. Only 30x 90s lights, processed in DSS, Siril and GIMP. I'd been using the camera (Pentax K3) elsewhere and hadn't recharged the battery, so the battery died half way through. No Darks or Bias taken. Schoolboy error on my part, sorry. But well pleased with the result! The Orion Nebula. Hope it passes muster. After the battery died, I did try some observing too.
  19. Thanks - but I have said I have no access to a 3D printer. I could try a supplier and see if they can souirce an original part. Hadn't considered that.
  20. (I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Wanted Classified section, but I'll try here first). I'm getting paranoid about dropping my handset and it hitting my patio, so I was wondering if anyone can point me at a holder for the handset that attaches to the mount or tripod. I'm looking at smartphone mounts for cars or tripods as a possibility, but again, it's fixing these to the mount in a sensible way. I've also seen this thread about a DIY version but I've no access to a 3D printer to get one made. Does anyone have any suggestions - apart from the Velcro option which I don't
  21. Well - they were harder targets. I'd have rather found the DSOs myself, though, by star-hopping, but the moonlight was pretty bright. As a beginner, I'm also getting my head around how the heavens move around us as the seasons change.
  22. I tried binocular observing while my scope and mount were being used for photographing M42. I managed Mars and Uranus and Andromeda, but gthey were all close to the moon and suffering from moon-glow. The Pleaides were even worse! I therefore turned round and looked east and found it was easier to find targets there, where the moon glow was less. I managed M35 in Gemini and M44 in Cancer. After the photographs were done I used the GoTo on my EQ5 to find some other fainter items but those were 'cheating' as the mount did all the work. NGC2264 - Christmas tree cluster NGC23
  23. I'm starting the refurbishment of my old, blue Skywatcher Startravel 150/750 refractor and wondered if anyone has bought the newer (white/black) version and has since upgraded the focuser. If so, do you still have the original focuser and would you be prepared to sell it? I will try and refurbish what I have got, but I fear there may be just too much play in the unit I have - plus I believe the newer focusers have the 'camera ready' fitting, which mine sadly lacks. Thanks everyone.
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