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  1. Snap... Along with a piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite... I couldn't resist
  2. Very nice... How heavy is the Paracorr?
  3. Honestly I felt like a 6 year old on their birthday... Just through a spotting scope atm, but I saw the pleiades cluster like never before... (P.S I hope it isn't illegal to put a 1.25" EP into a bayonet fitting... Only slightly wobbly)
  4. I've been wondering about the telrad tape and what happens when you remove it... Does it leave a sticky residue?
  5. Delos 14mm no longer required
  6. If you are thinking of selling any of the following eyepieces (or very similar), please let me know as I am looking to establish a workhorse set of TeleVue ep's. Nagler 22mm Delos 14mm Delos 8mm Delos 6mm Ethos 13mm Ethos 8mm Ethos 6mm Many thanks Matt
  7. Hello Louis I am lucky enough to still have 20 20 vision So unless they do correctors for perfect eyesight...
  8. Thanks ALL for the helpful replies. On the topic of whether to go with something cheaper. I'm afraid I have let myself fall too deep into the 'set you heart on something expensive' trap. TeleVue have really hit the spot as far as the desirability of their brand goes. I will now commence the daily slog of checking the classifieds for someone selling one of these beauties. I will also put out a wanted post in the hope that someone is already thinking of selling up. The general consensus seems to be to go with a 22 Nagler, a 13 Ethos/14 Delos and an 8/6 Delos/Ethos. Based on the regularity that these have been sold on here, I estimate that it will take a rather long time to get there. Here's to hoping someone is randomly just about to sell just what I want... Any tips from those with experience buying TV's second hand? Thanks again Matt
  9. Hello SGL, I am soon to take delivery of my 10" f5 dob. It comes with a basic 25mm plossl and I have bought another very basic 10mm plossl to help me get off the ground. However in the long term, I would ideally like to have a small collection of green and black beauties. (By small I mean 4 or 5) Themain reason for this is that I have got used to very good optics with my EL 42's. As I am new to the equipment side of visual astronomy, I really am not sure which focal lengths and which lines to choose from. My initial thoughts were a mixture of DeLite, Delos and Plossl. My budget is £1000 spread over the course of the next 6-8 months. If anyone thinks I could bump my budget up slightly to be able to include anything better then feel free to say. To add, my targets of choice are pretty much anything in the sky that isn't the sun. (I'm not limited to planets or dso's.) Another point is that I hope to observe mars at opposition so a shorter focal length eyepiece is first on my list. Many thanks in advance Matt
  10. Matt01


    You are in the right place
  11. Can we have more pictures? (Mirrors/internals and the back end of the tube)
  12. sorry, the conversion of the 250pds... (I am hilariously impractical when it comes to woodwork so home built would most likely not end well)
  13. @johninderby Would you consider it to be worth it?
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