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  1. Hey, will you be interested in selling the mount by itself? Can I arrange a visit to view the mount? Look forward to hearing from.
  2. Try the polynomial algorithm. I don't have the hitech dc motor controller, but I made my own arduino which runs the skywatcher focuser. Had issues with it as well, too many nights of tweeking, and this is what worked/works for me. I've attached my current settings below, plus if you don't have a coma correct then I used to select full field. Works like a charm, though these days I barely use it.
  3. Yup, last night I tried increasing it to 0.20 still the same!
  4. My ekos meridian flip has worked wonderfully all this while, until recently when I started noticing a strange problem. My meridian flip setting is 0.10 past HA It used to work flawlessly, and do a meridian flip as it should. Last few sessions I've noticed, that the first time EKOS attempts the flip, it fails Gives error as below Meridian flip completed Meridian flip failed - retry in 4 mins Meridian flip started Then the scheduler goes through the whole thing i.e. Re-align, refocus, guiding calibration and starting the first exposure (even though
  5. Ekos doesn't allow any priority changes, it depends on the score which it calculates by itself. Rebooted Rpi 5 times, solved the problem after the 5th boot.
  6. It's automatically sorting ngc6946 to the bottom today, even though its the first job in the list!
  7. I'm bit confused and bit sure why ekos is throwing me this error. I've always scheduled my sessions like this, including the same session yesterday. However ekos keep giving me error and not scheduling the first job. Job schedule is 1. Fireworks from 19/09 20:25 till 20/09 00:15 2. M74 from 20/09 00:25 till 20/09 04:15 3. M42 20/09 04:25 till 20/09 05:15 I've used this same schedule for the last 2 weeks, however today ekos is making fireworks as invalid, strange as it maybe it marks any target as error which should start before M74, I've attached a screenshot below.
  8. Excellent 2" light pollution filter, generic version of astronomik in my opinion. I've both, and honestly the only difference I notice, is that this filter casts a slight green hue to the pictures which are easily calibrated out in processing. Any questions, feel free to ask. Price £45 + postage
  9. I'm assuming your budget or something around a £1000 it might be very difficult to achieve a automated setup for that. I'd suggest getting a reflector with a long focal length, and a good quality Barlow. Planetary imaging automation is a myth, getting the focus right on planets is critical and most auto focus methods wouldn't get you anywhere close to required.
  10. Hi, Got two T rings - Cannon EOS £15 +shipping Sony alpha/minolta £15 +shipping
  11. You have a alt-az mount, I'm assuming as that's what the celestron SE comes with. Likely issue, the mount wasn't tracking. Eitherways, you'll be limited to max exposure of ~30 sec, before field rotation becomes an issue!
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