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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all I purchased a skywatcher 200p dobsonion from first light optics a few weeks back. During assembly I found that the package containing side handle and the tension control handle is missing. I have contacted the first light optics but they are not sure when and how they are going to make it available for me. Does anyone of you have these to spare??
  2. I’ve been starting to think about my next scope, and knowing that order lead times are quite long at the moment, I’ve been spurred into writing by the pre-midnight appearance of Jupiter and Saturn. I’m hoping for some wise input to break me out of analysis paralysis. Here are my thoughts so far. Please feel free to rebut/add anything at all (but you might want to note my PS). Thanks in advance. Context: I’ve had a "budget" (but quite decent) 70mm F/10 refractor on a GEM for a while now, and recently have started to take observing more seriously, learned my way around a bit, and started to run up against aperture limits. My partner is also interested, but not so keen on spending long hours in the cold watching me failing to find stuff. We already have Telrad, barlow and a few extra EPs. Location: most observation is likely to be from the back garden, which ClearOutside declares to be Bortle 4 (I would say slightly generous, some nearby lighting) but we have darker skies within a 15 minute drive that we would like to take advantage of with the next scope. Likely Targets: equally interested in solar system, DSOs and doubles, so not much help on the decision there I'm afraid. Might be interested in spectroscopy at some point, but not a deal breaker. Not really keen on solar. Imaging: we are both interested to get into this “at some point” but I have taken on board the message that visual and imaging often send you down different paths, and we have agreed that we will prioritize visual for a few seasons, and consider buying further kit later if we do decide to do imaging. It might be a bit nuanced now with decisions like mounts, but ideally we would prefer to spend only what we need for visual work now, rather than going for a higher spec that would also support photography at some unknown point in the future. Budget: not particularly constrained, but ideally looking to spend no more than £600. Aperture: I know some have said good things about some 130mm scopes elsewhere, but I feel anything less than 150mm doesn’t seem enough of a step up from the current scope (and also possibly because Patrick Moore always said six inches was the minimum size for a beginner! ). I even considered a 200mm but decided against on portability (and on the heights of some of the prospective observers! ). OTA: looking to a Newt for bang/buck. There is so much choice that I’ve only been looking at Skywatcher models so far – not because I’ve already decided they’re best, but they seem to be a decent quality/price point for us and then I’ll have something to compare with if people suggest alternative ranges. So in the 150mm arena I've been looking at the Explorer 150P (F/5) and 150PL (F/8). Obviously if we were going to do imaging we’d opt for the shorter model, but for visual the F/8 is quite appealing to me with its 1200mm focal length – better contrast and magnification, more forgiving in various respects (eyepiece design, collimation, …) We’re probably not looking to spend more than £50ish per eyepiece, and may need two or three more yet, so that favours the PL. On the con side, we are obviously sacrificing some TFOV compared with the F/5, and it’s physically longer. I'm thinking a wide-field 32mm will span most DSOs with the PL. The 150P comes with a 2” Crayford focuser, the PL has a rack-and-pinion, I’ve read pros and cons for both? We’re unlikely to make use of 2” ultra-wide field EPs. Both scopes have parabolic mirrors, which I like, and I've read good things about the durability of the coatings. The PL seems to have attracted some good feedback in these pages. Mount: Getting tricky now. But GoTo (or at least PushTo) is an absolute must, because there will be one or more observers who will be wanting fast location (and even I will probably lose the will to live if I have to star hop too much). I have seen good things written about the Skywatcher AZ GTi (and it’s a keen price), but I’m advised that it’s not too stable with anything larger than a 130mm instrument. So if I went for the F/8 150 Newt, then in the Skywatcher range we’re looking at, minimum an EQ3 pro, possibly an EQ5 pro (I’m quite comfortable with equatorials). Is it worth the extra £160 for the EQ5? Would we only see any benefit in the future for imaging, or will a 1200mm tube behave better now on an EQ5 anyway? One other factor: noise. Small back garden, so motors must be quiet, and need to be able to slip and slew by hand without the GoTo losing its fix. So, where I am at the moment: For the sake of convenience, I’m still framing this in terms of the Skywatcher range (in the absence of some revelation of a better value offering elsewhere). I seem to have convinced myself of the following: - Newtonian - 150mm - GoTo (probably on an EQ mount ) - Skywatcher are a brand to beat But still undecided on the focal length. I’ve found one or two “150P vs 150PL” discussions on these forums that are interesting but haven’t been conclusive for me, mainly because I have no preference on planetary vs DSO. I think more of a factor for me on the longer focal length is just the effect on stability, and the impact of that on the mount decision. We could live with the PL on an EQ3 if it were steady enough for regular visual, even knowing that we wouldn't use the mount subsequently for photography, or even for upgrading to a 200mm for visual only. Is it just a question of living with a bit longer wait for the image to settle after focusing, for example? That wouldn't be a problem. But if an EQ3 is only marginally capable handling the 150PL, that would push us into considering either the 150P on EQ3 or 150PL on EQ5. So as I said, a bit deadlocked at the moment. If anyone can chip in with any thoughts that sway it one way or another (or unpick it and take it in some other direction), I’d be very grateful! (PS Yes, I know I’ve not mentioned Dobs. Yes, I have considered them, but as I mentioned, it’s important to me that we have a scope that finds and tracks objects. While I’m sure you can make a Dob do that, I don’t think that’s its raison d’être. Please don’t be offended, Dob lovers).
  3. Quick view of the moon at 7am this morning, as it’s been too cloudy since my 150p arrived earlier this week. Getting happier with my setup now, more of what I envisaged a few months ago when I purchased the mount & Mak. There is quite a lot of overlap with the two scopes, but using the Mak a lot for Bino viewing & enjoying it. A few bits of tweaking with the 150p ( flocking, RACI, RDF, motor focuser & cooling fan) over the coming months are planned. Looking forward to the darker nights, but not the cold
  4. I have been reading that my 25mm 8SE Celestron eyepeice may not be very good in a Skywatcher 150P, and the supplied 10mm and 25mm are going to be average at best. I've also been reading that 4mm or 5mm is usable in the 150P, BST or TMB Planetary are names that seem to crop up a lot, but then someone mentioned Celestron X-Cel LX. I have not upgraded my standard 8SE 25mm yet so could certainly consider doing that, but would mostly like to get a nice high magnification eyepiece to go with the 150P which should be arriving at my door any minute now. Would the 5mm X-Cel LX be a good choice? What would be a good matching barlow to use with the 150P (and 8SE, if possible)? The only barlow I own is the one that came with the ST80, so, yeah.. Thank you.
  5. Pappy Nick

    It's ma Dob

    From the album: Pappy Nick

    It's finally been done !!!!!
  6. Hi All I am new to astronomy. I bought a skywatcher 150P with some different eye pieces as well as a barlow X2 lens and a QHY5 II the info I am struggling to find is how the QHY5 II connects to the telescope. The magnification is achieved using the eye pieces however it seems that the QHY5 II only connects direct to the barlow lens am I missing something here? The QHY5 II has a bare cmos sensor so surely it needs a lens in front of it? I tried to hook it up to the barlow lens only and tried to use the software EXplanetory (came with the camera) Any tips on what I need to do? I plan on making short videos to utilize the stacking software thats out there thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I hope this is the best place to post this... I recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS and an HEQ5 Pro to go with it and couldn't find that much information regarding what was actually in the boxes, to know if I needed to buy anything else, etc.. So I made this unboxing video so that people can actually see what the boxes contain and get a bit more information regarding the kit. Bear in mind that this is my frist unboxing video and that I don't have any intention of being a know-it-all... I just want to share information with people out there... If you find these helpful I'll continue to do these (since I'm waiting for the arrival of an eyepiece and a Barlow, otherwise I'll just stop... Cheers
  8. Hi Thought as most to have another go at some lights taken a few weeks back as the clouds are well & truly back! Both pictures are taken from the same lights 30x180 lights at iso800 with a Canon 1100d (unmodded) through 150p with separate 10x30 lights for the core, the first without any calibration files & run through adobe raw as recommend by Gorann (many thanks for the info) 2nd one is also with 20x bias, 10 darks, 20 flats. Both are a little over processed (still learning) Any advice on achieving better results would be much appreciated thanks for looking
  9. After re-entering this hobby about four years ago, I've successfully acquired more gear than I have sold on whilst I worked out what I liked. I've now worked out that my Fracs get used most often and so I have a couple of Newts and a Mak to get rid of. 1) - Skywatcher 150P / 750mm - £90 + P&P - SOLD In good condition, some minor scratching to the external paintwork which was on it when I got it used, and normal marks to the dovetail but nothing that affects the views. Optically the mirrors are excellent and the primary was cleaned and centre spotted with a CatsEye reflective Hotspot to make collimation easier last year. OTA and focuser draw tube have been fully flocked and the secondary mirror adjusters have been replaced with thumbscrews to make adjustment easier. Comes complete with tube rings, vixen dovetail, 1.25" and 2" adaptors for the focuser. I need to get some packaging together as I don't have the original packaging but it will be securely packed for sending via courier, or alternatively can be collected from Poole in Dorset. P&P will be £15 for Parcelforce 48hr or £20 via Parcelforce 24hr. Payment via PayPal Friends or add 4% to normal PayPal to cover fees please. Photos of the items below. I've tried to upload these in the same order as above. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. PM me if you are interested. Ade
  10. Hey SGL, So i have just got out my telescope for the first time and was able to locate Mars so thought i would take a look. So i have set up my Skywatcher 150p and am unable to see anything worthwhile... All i see is a slightly red looking sphere with absolutely no detail whatsoever... I googled to see what Mars should look like through a telescope and it is nothing like what i can see! Here are the eyepieces i have been using: (all came with the telescope) 10mm 25mm Wide Angle 2x Barlow So i am able to achieve on my 750mm scope a max of 150x magnification i think (2x Barlow with the 10mm eyepiece), is this not enough to see a clear picture or is there something else wrong with my telescope? According to the seller of the telescope it was ready to go with no need to calibrate so i am a little confused... Any help would be great! Thanks
  11. Hello good people! After using EQ2 mounts and imaging planets for almost a year, I think it's about time for me to start imaging DSO's! I think I can just about afford to get the skywatcher 150p on EQ3-2 mount. Will the mount be ok with a dslr or should I wait a while and get the 200p EQ5? The HEQ5 mount is just too expensive for me, unfortunately. I would just like to know if the EQ3-2 or EQ5 is capable of imaging DSO's Thanks!
  12. Reprocessed an image from March. (What else can you do with this weather? ) 43 x 45 seconds (32 minutes total time on target) at ISO 1600 Pentax K20D & SW 150P on EQ3 Pro (although exif says that FL was 135 mm, clearly an old entry) No guiding, so slightly elongated stars bias & flats but no darks As usual, processed in PixInsight I think that stars are a little too blue, but I'll leave that for a re-reprocess
  13. Hey SGL, I have been wanting to get into imaging and have recently purchased a used converted webcam to use with the scope, at the moment i don't have GoTo but i am going to look at getting the upgrade kit for around £300 but naturally i am a little hesitant as i don't think I have taken everything into account! Currently i have: Current Kit - SW 150p w/ EQ3-2 - 2x Barlow - Various EP's - Webcam (arriving soon) Looking to Purchase - EQ3-2 GoTo Upgrade Kit - Some sort of power supply to work with the GoTo Other than a laptop are there any other bits of kit i will need for a basic imaging rig that i haven't thought of? Thanks
  14. Hi Thanks to all for the tips & advice Had another go at the awesome M42 so much to tinker with, this is about 1 hour 20 minutes taken through 150p with calibration files added. Chuffed with how this one turned out. Quite amazed how much nebuosity you get see without a modded camera, the 2nd picture is extremely overdone but you can really see the nebuosity As before any further advice much appreciated
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