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  1. 04Stefan07

    Apollo 13; Haynes Workshop Manual

    I will need to grab a copy of this. Looks pretty good and Haynes always produces good manuals.
  2. 04Stefan07

    My Mars 2018 Collection

    That's a great set of images, great to see the differences over time.
  3. 04Stefan07

    SUN 15/11/2018

    Great photo!
  4. 04Stefan07

    An old pic of Jupiter

    Very crisp, great shot.
  5. 04Stefan07

    Still Chasing Mars!

    Great detail. I found it difficult capturing Mars with my SCT. I might give it a crack with my refractor!
  6. 04Stefan07


    Excellent shot!
  7. 04Stefan07

    LRGB Processing Help

    I purchased an electronic focuser for the scope but didn't have time to install it as I need to design a custom bracket for it. It will be controlled from the computer too. I think once I put that on and get a finer focus it will look more sharp!
  8. 04Stefan07

    LRGB Processing Help

    @ollypenrice thank you! @wimvb I totally forgot about the dark, bias and flat frames! That should make a difference. I was thinking maybe the GradientXTerminator might fix the bright corners (did crop them a bit). I am using a ZWO ASI178MM-Cooled with an Explore Scientific 102mm APO Triplet.
  9. 04Stefan07

    LRGB Processing Help

    Hey Olly. I just had a play around and got a much better result. The only thing I am confused about are the red dots. Possibly they are hot pixels??
  10. Been imaging for a number of years but I am new to LRGB with a monochrome camera! This is my shot of NGC2070. I think I know why it hasn't come out the best but I was hoping to get some peoples opinions too. - My exposure was only 2 mins and made up of 5 images per LRGB channel. As I was experimenting and wanted to get some images before the night was up I only had time for 40 minutes. I think this nebula needs a lot longer than 2 mins - I completely forgot to take Darks and Flats which is probably why I have a bit of noise - My focus wasn't 100% as I didn't have the electric focuser attached. Recently got one and need to attach it so my next images should turn out sharper I am puzzled why my image is lacking colour. There is no L channel on it, Is this due to exposure maybe or something else? Also there are some red dots, hot pixels maybe? I have attached an image of the result. Thanks, Stefan,
  11. 04Stefan07

    NGC 1491 SHO

    Ah, found info on it and it doesn't support our focal length. Found your one from a UK company which I can purchase from. Altair also make a 0.6x version which I found, as you said guessing there would be too much vignetting.
  12. Does anyone have any experience or know if this reducer works well with the scope? https://www.bintel.com.au/product/orion-focal-reducer-0-8x-refractor/
  13. 04Stefan07

    NGC 1491 SHO

    Ah ha! Bit hard to get the reducer in Australia. Found this other one but not sure if it will work or not. https://www.bintel.com.au/product/orion-focal-reducer-0-8x-refractor/

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