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  1. Thanks everyone, greatly appreciate all of the replies. Guiding it is!
  2. I don't mind spending some money on filters I'll get use out of later, I'd just like them to be compatible with a more sensitive astro camera at a later date. From what I can tell though 1.25" filters aren't great for a SLR.
  3. Hi All, I'm fairly new to imaging and enjoying the journey, however I'm on a budget in a fairly light polluted area and have a dilema as to what upgrade path to persue. Currently using a Skywatcher 250PDS on a HEQ5 mount with a (unmodified) Canon 650D SLR and would like to move to narrowband imaging, however I'm not sure if I should get autoguiding working by buying a tracking camera and some narrow band filters that I can use with my SLR, or if I should get a new imaging sensor and filters but have it unguided? I'm fairly confident I've got polar alignment working well and can get e
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