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Found 17 results

  1. From the album: Hyperstar and QHY8L

    Taken on 15-Dec-2017 (no moon) Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity and PHD2 20 x 60 seconds Processed in PI
  2. Hello All, I am currently looking at buying either a Hyperstar or 0.7 reducer for my Edge C11. I have been advised and I've read that the Hyperstar is not easy to work with and that it takes quite an effort to use. The main difficulties being, chip distance, collimation, focus etc. So I thought I'd take a look with a FOV calculator to see how the .7 would stack up using the Atik Infinity but there were very few targets that actually fit in! So my questions are, how tough is it with the Hyperstar and or could I use a better reducer not specifically made for the edge? Regards Karl
  3. Hi all, I just had first light with a Hyperstar system on an alt/az Celestron CPC 800 HD and wanted to share the results. Conditions were definitely sub-optimal - Full Moon and poor seeing/light pollution (a lot of the targets were low in the sky) but I wanted to see what the system could do. Exposures were all 20-30 sec, with 4-6 images stacked. Histogram/colour balance/contrast was adjusted, but otherwise no other processing. An IDAS light pollution filter was used throughout. I've noticed vignetting, more noticeable on some shots than others, especially when contrast is really stretched. Not sure about the reason (I know Hyperstars can vignette with larger sensors, but the Lodestar sensor is pretty small; perhaps the T-to-C adapter causes some mechanical vignetting?) If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it! Enjoy, - Greg A
  4. From the album: Hyperstar and QHY8L

    Taken on 15-Dec-2017 (no moon) Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 10 x 120 seconds (for a total of 20 minutes) Lightly processed in PI
  5. Another quick snap from last night (15-Dec-2017), and the first time I've imaged the Christmas Tree cluster / Cone nebula. Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 15 x 120 seconds (30 minutes total) Lightly (and, no doubt, incorrectly, processed in PI) Help for improvement much needed.
  6. Will show working demonstration in my observatory. A full hyperstar imaging setup: 1) Celestron 8 OTA (New retail price: £950) 2) Hyperstar V3 lens (New retail price: £990) 3) Starizona micro focusser with electronic control (New retail price: £600) 4) Starlight Xpress H9C one shot colour CCD camera (New retail price: £1700) Used, but in 100% working condition. New kit will cost upwards of £4240. I am offering at £2000. Please see astro images taken using this setup. Collection only please from South London, postcode BR3. Please contact via email so that we can exchange contact numbers and arrange a demo before purchase. Will show working demonstration in my observatory.
  7. Guys, I have an order in for a Starizona Hyperstar for my 8” EdgeHD. What sub-1k camera would you pair with this kit? Also what is the learning curve involved, bear in mind I have no imaging experience? I have been looking at the Altair Astro Hypercam Pro TEC 183c, which seems to be getting some favourable comments. My intention is to use an INDI based platform, probably a StellarMate for image and focuser control. Paul.
  8. Cracking night, last night (15-Dec-2017) although with temperatures a bit below freezing and gusty winds. Having discovered that the spacing for my QHY8L on the Hyperstar was incorrect by 3mm despite using the Starizona-supplied spacer, I'm now using the excellent Baader Universal Filter Cell to give me nearer to the correct spacing. Still not quite there yet, though. To check it all out I went for a number of targets for a relatively short time. Here's my go at the Horsehead. Hyperstar 9.25" with Baader UFC and IDAS P2 filter Avalon M-Uno guided and dithered with Nebulosity 20 x 60 seconds Processed in PI (shhh... I'm still learning) Haven't really got the hang of noise reduction, (and seems my bias or darks aren't handling a bad column) but really the answer is more data, and I suppose this isn't too bad for just 20 minutes... Advice more than welcome.
  9. AKB

    EAA with UHC

    Having, briefly, tried EAA with a 7nm Ha filter, I haven't been satisfied with the signal to noise ratio achieved within a reasonable time (say, 5 to 10 minutes) with 60 second subs. I'm sure I"ll go back to this, but in the meantime I have been trying out an Explore Scientific UHC filter (because I happen to have one already.) Another warm night last night, with little moon, was a chance to try this out: Hyperstar, SX Ultrastar, UHC filter, and, because I was also going for some longer stacks, I used guiding (which, I must say, works a treat with my Avalon M-Uno mount.) Three targets (only), all 10 x 1 minute: Cygnus Wall (well, some of it – terrible framing) Eastern Veil Crescent (poor focus here, I think: tried to re-focus without a Bahtinov mask – didn't work!) Once again, sadly, I forgot the L-R flip required to orient the Hyperstar images... Just by way of comparison, here's a post-processed image of the Eastern Veil (31 minutes, just stretching and a bit of star reduction, with L-R flip) which I'm quite liking: I still feel I'm not doing well enough to grapple with colour yet. It was a sort of resolution for this year to try and get things reasonably right in mono first.
  10. It was a lousy night to try this: full moon and cloudy, but various bits of kit had just come together so it had to be tried... I lost several subs due to cloud, and guiding kept losing the star as the mass kept changing. Nevertheless, here is the North America nebula: 7 x 300s subs (for a total of 35 min,) QHY8L (OSC) cooled to -15C Hyperstar C9.25 Avalon M-Uno mount Guided and dithered (sometimes less guided and more dithered!) basic processing in Nebulosity and MATLAB Because of the full moon, there were some horrendous backgrounds to deal with, and I don't think I've done that too well. Also, there's been absolutely no tweaking of the Hyperstar/QHY8L combination, but it's a start.
  11. New everything... observatory, mount, Hyperstar, ... it was also rather novel having a clear sky on the night of August 10, between about 11pm and 1am. On the down side, there was quite a bright moon. Still, you can't have everything. This was a shake-down session with all the new gear, so nothing really adjusted or tweaked to any great extent, and I wasn't expecting anything special. As usual, I just set the exposure to 60 seconds (except for M51 where I got it wrong) and pointed at a few things. Came to an end as the laptop ran out of power (mains power since connected!) Some findings from the session: Observatory: What a joy not to have to set everything up (or break it down again.) Mount: I'd done a rough PA on an earlier night, but checked it again with SharpCap (which says it got me to within ~45") My previous mount (HEQ-5 with belt mod) was OK, but this one (Avalon M-Uno) is spectacular in stability, pointing accuracy, and zero backlash. Didn't bother with guiding Hyperstar: I checked the collimation on Altair, and without any adjustment it looked fine focused with a Bahtinov mask - so easy to get spot on the with Avalon FOCS focuser drive controlled by the mount made no attempt to route the camera cable neatly (something for later) need to improve my fixing of a dew shield (think it led to some vignetting) Here's a few processed images from the night. Not very good - much room for improvement - I think I've remembered to do the left-right flip in each case. When I checked everything in the morning, I was appalled to see how much grime was on the corrector plate (there was a heavy dew by the end of the session - need to investigate options to remove this). All this with an Ultrastar mono camera and no filters (with bad pixel map, bias, but obviously no flats!) M51, 22x 30s. ... because I know what it looks like from previous equipment M101, 11x 60s. ... ditto M13, 5x 60s. ... lots of stars Pelican nebula, 11x 60s ... I had no idea what to expect here: quite pleased with the result. Ha filter next time! Anyway, it's a start. Stars are not great - especially the bright ones - but adjustments yet to be done.
  12. OK, it's not colour, it's not stunning, it's not, in fact, good at all. But it IS the first time I've ever imaged this, and it did only take 10 minutes. The mount wasn't aligned too well, it wasn't guided, the focus isn't great, there's no fancy processing (don't get me started, almost everything went wrong last night.) Enough excuses. C9.25 Hyperstar with SX Ultrastar camera, Explore Scientific UHC filter, 10 x 1 minute subs...
  13. I'm mulling over getting a Hyperstar lens for my 8" SCT... anyone here made the move? How did you find it? Any regrets? Did you dispense with autoguiding completely and just use PEC playback? Thanks.
  14. Selling my complete Hyperstar setup. Please see deep sky images captured using this setup. I will give you a full working demonstration before sale. I am in South London. Please contact me via private message. Thanks, Vincent. Celestron 8 SCT & Hyperstar Full Kit - £2500 ------------------------------------------------------- 1) Celestron 8 SCT 2) Hyperstar Lens 3) Starizona Focusser 4) Starizona Microtouch Controller & Software 5) Rigid Dew Shield for C8 6) Dust Cap for C8 7) Counterweight balance for C8 8) Visualback for C8 9) Viewfinder for C8 10) Filter holder for Hyperstar Lens 11) Original Pelican Case Starlight Xpress Cameras: H9C and M8C - £1500 ------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Starlight Xpress H9C - Cooled One Shot Color CCD Camera (Resolution: 1392x1040) https://www.sxccd.com/handbooks/SXV-H9C handbook.pdf 2) Starlight Xpress M8C - Cooled One Shot Color CCD Camera (Resolution: 2312x1720) http://www.sxccd.com/handbooks/SXV-M8C handbook.pdf 3) Power Supply Unit with cables 4) Box Images with this setup ---------------------------- https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/48334-m33-re-processed/ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/45614-witches-broom-problems/#comment-456824 https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/43257-hyperstar-first-light-dumbbell-nebula/#comment-434804
  15. From the album: DSO

    2017-Oct-12 Eastern Veil Hyperstar, QHY8L, 9x5m Processed with APP, Nebulosity, and MATLAB.
  16. Hi guys, I need a guide for a "long run" purchase plan. Long Story Short: I want to buy colour CCD or CMOS camera for DSO via my SW 130PDS, and cannot decide as here the Long Story kicks in!: I am almost sure, in few years distance, I will go for a Hyperstar Solution. I am only 2 years in Ap hobby and these clouds are KILLING ME! London is not the best place for such a hobby, - I am sure you all will agree on that. So, to get the best of that "one clear night a month", - Hyperstar is probably the only option... or, alternatively, simply emigrate to LaPalma... I am 99% sure I will go Hyperstar way sooner or later, and like everyone, I hit the budget wall. I look for cam in around £1k, Hyperstar will cost around £1k and plus the scope minimum £1k. I am not the lucky one who can afford it in one go, so I think to by cam which will be usable with Hyperstar in the future and here are some question I have googled and googled and could not found out: 1) of course, which cam, I think of ZWO ASI1600MC PRO or ASI294MC PRO. I am sure, both will perform OK on SW 130PDS, but what about Hyperstar??? And the next Q goes in relation; 2) My wallet will be able to afford something like EdgeHD 8" (+ Hyperstar), however, these ZWO cams are sooo big and I afraid 8" aperture will be too small as ZWO may place too much shadow while sitting on the Hyperstar - anyone tried them on EdgeHD 8" ?; 3) If HD 8" is too small, I am sure, EdgeHD 9.25 is too expensive for my wallet, is there any alternative for 9" CSC + Flattener + Hyperstar to make a setup cheaper than HD 9.25" price (insane price difference... insane!).. 4) Or maybe, - I had to start with the question, - which is the ideal colour cam for HedgeHD 8", but if there are any cheaper options with larger Aperture + Flattener, - why not? All goes on NEQ6 mount, - back garden in London, Woolwich.... with LP level which I call "the constant Polar Day". P.S. Why Colour cam? Filter prices! I want to avoid them till I will win a lottery.
  17. Hi need some expert advice, I have been looking at the celestron 800 edge hd cgx. is this kit any good and can someone clarify that this is a go to mount with a hand controller capable of slewing to any object in its database (the same as celestron nextstar), if so how does the handset work around doing a meridian flip? i have also been looking at the celestron cpc 1100 gps xlt, if I fit a hyperstar to this telescope would I be able to do astrophotography with this telescope without buying the hd wedge, as I know it will make it roughly a f2.3 and I would be able to take 20 second exposures. sorry for all the questions but I know you guys are the font of all knowledge!
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