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  1. Hi, thank you but I don't do Facebook, I'll keep following any az gti content on here though, clear skies
  2. Love this summary and description, as a new az gti owner I'm following this thread with much interest, thank you for this. Clear skies
  3. I have the Skymax 127 on an az gti mount, though the mount and tripod only arrived this week so not used it in anger yet due to lots of cloud formation, but looking at videos online and a rough try from my lounge the alignment process is quite simple, you can level the scope horizontally and pointing north then align with two stars and good to go. Via a wedge, counterweight bar and weights with a firmware upgrade the mount can be used in equatorial mode. The Skymax isn't really a 127 aperture it's more like a 119mm aperture but when I've used mine it has cracking views and so sharp on planets, double stars and also some dso are possible, I'm delighted with my Skymax 127 beautiful scope, just want the clouds to clear to try my setup out. Clear skies
  4. I love what you've done with the image Nigella, did you alter the saturation to bring out the mineral colours.
  5. They are great shots with your smartphone down the stock ep, the second one I especially like. You'll definitely excell with your new set up and achieve sdone great images, keep it up and look forward to seeing more. Clear skies
  6. Nnice start, be good to see what results you get from first light with your dslr. Clear skies
  7. This beautiful thing arrived from RVO by the nice dpd driver, I ordered it during clouds so hoping it'll have the reverse affect and bring on the clear nights now. Its a much more portable setup for me with my skymax 127 and can get everything down the 2 flights of stairs in one trip. It'll be so brilliant to finally get a scope outside as I haven't managed before with my previous set up, I'm looking forward to viewing the early phases of the moon and more westerly and northerly parts of the sky, once 'm outside. On the quick test of setting up in my lounge it certainly works well and a breeze to control via the synscan app on my phone. I'll eventually upgrade it with a wedge, counterweight bar and weights for the eq mode but happy to see what very basic astrophotography I can do with this and the no eq challenge thread. Clear skies.
  8. Will consider sending by tnt or parcel force, it seems I can get it picked up from my address and send it to the buyers address, It's looking as though a £20 delivery charge will apply and to fully insure it I'll pay that which is around £15. Bank transfer accepted.
  9. Hi On my skywatcher explorer 150p eq3-2 i have achieved ficus with my dslr by unscrewing the 1.25inch focuser which is around 1.5 inches long and then screwed my t ring to the draw tube on the scope then attach my dslr and achieved many good images.
  10. For sale is my skywatcher explorer 150p (Flo) on eq3-2 mount and tripod (RVO) In excellent condition. Comes with an RA motor and willing to add a 9x50 straight through finderscope, I've also added a new green dovetail to the scope so no marks on the dovetail. Bought brand new from Flo and RVO July 2020, but as I live in a first floor flat I've been unable to get it down and up the stairs as its to much for me, so this setup has never been outside and only been used through my bedroom window (as has been said in many of my threads in other sections of this forum) I didn't realise how big and heavy it would be when I bought it, so I'm selling this to fund my more portable equipment set up,to actually use a scope outside as intended. It comes with all the stock ep of 25mm, 10mm and x2 Barlow. All in original boxes and packaging with the manuals. Secondary grub screws replaced with thumb bolts (like bob's knobs) for easier collimation of secondary mirror. The original grubs screws are included. I've included some of my images taken with my dslr which you can attach via t ring with this scope and these are through a window. Going on the 2/3rds price I paid for this for used equipment in great condition I'm asking for £280, pick up only, I'm afraid from North Cornwall. I will consider sending by tnt or force There will be a £20 delivery cost to the buyer and I'll pay the insurance of item which will be £15, Covid safety assured and respected, also posted on local gumtree network and astro buy and sell website.
  11. Yes I came across his videos test whilst searching about the sw az gti. He seems entertaining enough, it seems the az gti is quite a popular mount nowadays.
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