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  1. So i have confirmed that I am the first amateur in the world to image flux tubes in calcium light. accurate pointers added to the first image, this was not the first time I have captured these; But it is the first time I have looked into this indepth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flux_tube here are my previous images recorded on November 5th 2020, this was the first time i ever captured flux tube's, and I had no idea I was the first amateur to image these in calcium light. Captured with an explore scie
  2. accurate arrows pointing near the tubes. (there are more areas, but not a whole lot of room for arrows.)
  3. I have just confirmed that i have captured Flux tubes, and I am the first amateur to record them on images with a calcium filter! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flux_tube The first time i ever imaged flux tube's was on November 5th 2020, without knowing I was the first amateur to ever image these in calcium light. The first was very high resolution , and this example is very remarkable.
  4. Something i pulled out of NAFE.
  5. Most definitly; Not really sure if it has any programable options to enahnce it furtherl i tried tons of combinations in the .ini file but could not find anything useable outside of all zeros on the kerf just to enhance brightness. Gpu processing would be great to increase the speed , but if the software is a lame duck for overall enhancement without some slider buttons (similar to the wavelet sliders in registax) i think it may not be worth the effort. It seems to function with very specific settings for the SDO images depending on wavelength. Well right now i
  6. I have tons more frames but the file sizes get very large after 50 frames. enjoy this sample Lighter Darker all the frames + image cropped.
  7. So there is an interesting bit of software called NAFE that offer's alternative means to image processing. It is supposed to be very good for hydrogen alpha images and was made for the SDO AIA assembly images. Tried it out on one of my old calcium timelapse to see waht happens and it turned out a bit wonkey. Surface looks like foam, which is not right. But the limb looks "normal". Overall it was interesting to see, and affects on the gamma is a positive manner. takes NAFE download link, http://www.zam.fme.vutbr.cz/~druck/Nafe/System/0-info.htm
  8. I would say that 70% of calcium filter owners cannot catch a prominence with a useable brightness, and 98% cannot catch the spicule layer. Alot of people talk about bandwidth and spectrometers / double stacking etc; but the images captured are the real measurement tool. No spicule layer, = way off band or very wide band. Lunt filters are typically centered at 393.4nm; and the prominences really only pop out at 393.38nm. The K-line core is 393.37nm, and your filter is very close to the desired performance. Calcium. Vs H-alpha
  9. Your calcium filter captures the proms very well, this is a sign you were shipped a very good filter! In comparison to my filter; you should never consider selling it; as your center wavelength is very close to the core line.
  10. Today there are two very nice prominences with great motion. I captured them both in the calcium light. Would have liked to get more of this one, but it was a battle with clouds I had lost.
  11. oh man would i love to get some optical wonder fluid here in the united states. It is illegal to import it here!!
  12. Glad to see you got a replacement. It is sad that Lunt does not take the 2 hours worth of time coating these things with protection. The most basic magnetron sputtered antireflective coating would prevent this from ever happening again. They have the capability of coating a dozen of these at one time, so its not like an issue of effort. Infact, id say its pure lazyness! Even a $1.00 pair of reading glasses have a nice AR coating on them.
  13. I was surprised to see this nice prominence that i did not notice during capture. I was focused on that little hotspot in top center close to the limb, was hoping it was going to shoot off a jet but no luck with that today. 48 frames and here are 60 frames of the active region.
  14. Nice little calcium bubble puff eruption from the solar limb. Narrowly missed it!
  15. Had some great seeing this morning so i was able to use my basler 3088-57um camera for about 300 gigs, then swtiched to my basler 1920-155um for another 300 gigs. (basler 3088-57um 21 frames gamma/stretched) (basler 3088-57um 21 frames neutral)
  16. This sunspot group put on an interesting show for me today, I saw an umbral umbilical cord for the first time.
  17. I think they are balloons, my videos were littered with transits like these ; and it was good friday. I guess parents were buying easter balloons for their kids and they just kept letting them go to feed the sea turtles.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chitosan
  19. Cut down the file real small so it could be displayed here, this is 700 frames.
  20. It is amazing how much clearer one day is from the next. I captured 188 more frames, you are looking at just twenty. That active region looks pretty gnarly, with that spiral shape to it ( on the center right about 2 inches inward ) There is so much to look at in this it is difficult to just stare in one location
  21. Seemingly, it was a nice clear day until I looked the sky with a telescope. Then i saw how gross it really was with a 2x barlow, i could only capture a few frames due. No barlow @1200mm 2x barlow @ 2400mm
  22. Looks like you were shipped a good one ! Looking forward to the results from a clear day. One thing I have noticed in all my calcium experience over the last 10 years is that it almost always works best in the "worst" quality of telescopes. Name brand doesnt mean much to a calcium filter, so stellarvue , APM and astrophysics are just bumper stickers. In fact, a scope with the most violet fringe you see on the moon is the best choice. Typically a generic; $100.00 meade 90mm x 800mm standard plastic cell achromat will outperform just about any $1000.00 telescope out there at this w
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