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  1. The shape is definitely interesting, not quite a sphere as expected. . Could be a bundle of them, but it was pretty window so i would expected them to have separated a bit (maybe wrapped ina bag?). I can clearly see a very long string much longer than you would see on a children's balloon, however there is no payload attached so it maybe is just a party balloon because it was mothers day? <edit> a google search for square mylar balloon comes back with some similar results. It is almost certainly a square party balloon. Perhaps it had a payload that was dropped off?
  2. Fighting some clouds right now, and trying to get another capture with consistent exposure.
  3. i would not bother with double stacking such a small telescope with a second etalon, you are best to hold off and just save for a bigger scope. More aperture is more valuable than a double stack these days, because the double stack filters just are not made to the same standards they were 8 years ago when everyone was super buzzed about the h-alpha scopes. Double stack filters are more or less, "rejected" filters that are always off band.
  4. very cool, as long as it works and you get pictures out of it ; mission accomplished.
  5. still processing the high rez stuff, so until then enjoy this preview!
  6. I would like to opt a new classification, called "plage region" This area appears dull in h-alpha and a calcium filter is essential to see it resolved. Thus a new classification of surface detail should be encouraged for these plage areas.
  7. darker setting captured about 40 mins after the above image.
  8. very nice; calcium processing is interesting. Depending on exposure time and gamma settings you can capture three distinct; separate layers of the surface. I think its a bit different than offband tuning with h-alpha, because you dont actually have to detune your filter, and if you hit the right capture setting you start seeing flux tubes and islands of spicules. Same filter, vastly different appearance. Entirely based on capture settings. The entire surface has spicule islands on the right. The left it just looks like granulation.
  9. balloon.. way too big to be anything else, which makes it pretty close.
  10. good active region, bad atmosphere.
  11. Very nice, those flux tubes are wonderful!
  12. Right now there are new generation 3 sony sensors ready to be incorporated ; they are super speed with excess of 200 frames per second , with greater than 20megapixel high resolution . Most computer owners could not fit the bandwidth load of the data coming out that fast.
  13. If you hold the shift button on your keyboard; and press print screen button on your keyboard; You can then open up a paint app and paste a screen shot from the clip board (ctrl+V)
  14. Very nice; and do not give up. Just keep the camera ready for rolling! I think i will dig out my pst mod and see how that looks This region is very good at making puppies;
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