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  1. dont focus so much on "good or bad", just keep the camera rolling!! Get some of those ellerman bombs animated. You are ready for this. Just 10 minutes of capture time is all you need. Set fire capture in autorun mode, enable to 2 second delay, and adjust your file capture size to 3000 frames.
  2. Great images and i agree with nigella, dont rely on topaz for the ai deconvoltuion- it does not have the required image data to support our field currently. Topaz is amazing for converting .TIF raw processed data into .mkv and .mp4 file upscaling to 4k and 8k. Other than that instance I would always use Imppg to process before using anything in topaz labs suite.
  3. All I can do now is give everyone the raw files to process for themselves. So here is the raw folder from autostakkert. 11-7-2020 umbral ring data.zip
  4. The problem is very few people on earth are making these animations like i do, and even fewer people own a calcium filter My filter is very unique, in that is 100% customized. only one other person on earth owns anything similar. He lives in Singapore and has had monsoon season, so very few images are coming from him at this time. I am not aware of any online timelapsed daily calcium images at this resolution outside of the dutch open telescope, and that does not seem open for my access.. You can sort of see where the rings are in most of the recent images however. They are ar
  5. Observed on 11/7/2020 , a rare double umbral annulus ridge was captured in calcium light just outside the umbra core pulse. (the newton ring perimeter pattern seen along the umbra edgel
  6. A rare sight Captured in calcium light, observed on 11/05/2020
  7. well now i am perplexed. I processed the images several different times and stacked several different methods. Those contrasty, artifact like rings inside the sunspot are real, it is some kind of double anulus ring at the edge of the inner penumbral perimeter. (it looks like a pair of newton rings inside the sunspot core) I have never seen this before in all my 10 years of imaging, and 15 years of watching the sun. I would like to still believe these are artifacts from my camera setting or processing; however they are in the raw file and have an a
  8. Could you post a raw file of what you captured?
  9. I have sorted out some of the issues, and the attached data is on the comment below.
  10. This current configuration is an explore scientific "firstlight 127mm x 1200mm achromat" https://explorescientificusa.com/products/fl-ar1271200maz01?_pos=4&_sid=04fde915d&_ss=r There is a meade 2x triplet barlow in the focuser, before all of my filters; threaded directly onto the nosepiece of my 2" skybender. The camera is placed 165mm after the barlow, which brings the system magnification to exactly 3.3x. this is very close to critical sample on the IMX174 sensor 127 x 3960mm basler usb3.; aca1920-155um , and a aca720-540um h
  11. Frames captured=7000 capture Duration=13.419s Total animation frames = 60 FPS (avg.)=521 Shutter=1.802ms First frame start time = 201938.537 - First video capture at ‏‎2:19:38pm last frame start time = 203450.293 - Last video captured at 2:34:36pm Total stacked images per animation frame = 1000 Total video capture duration time 900 seconds . 60 videos x 1000 stacked = 60,000 total video frames extracted from 420,000 total frames captured (best 7% in autostakkert) This should be en
  12. I am thankful for the unseasonable weather and imaging i have getting. This is shot with my super high speed camera. If you pay attention to the sunspot penumbra you will see a little worm like appendage retreating into its core. Also notice the pulsating center. Captured at 500fps. and the rest of the film captures that larger fibril get sucked back down the drain. .
  13. A very highresolution capture i made on 11/3 .
  14. Changed up my setup to a meade 2x apochromatic triplet barlow today. I also changed some distances up and tilted some things. While i am happy with this magnification, my moving of things has caused a drastic change in my bandwidth or wavelength. Not sure yet. interesting barlow, and i am operating this new triplet barlow at 3.3x. which is about 165mm away from its last lens element. I was lucky to get a great captures today! This ribbon prominence was pretty much invisible, and hanging out with the new sunspot. i did not know it was there until after i ran out of di
  15. These are Canadian geese; and are migrating for the winter. They are common around the area after corn harvests before flying further south. First time ive had such a close encounter like this however, when i saw it on screen it went by so fast my first thought was space ships for sure. CApturing at 150 frames per second thought made a great sillouette play however. I sware one of them moves its head and looks at the active region?
  16. Horrible imaging conditions today, but after looking at how explosive the gong limb was i thought id try to see through the phlegm.
  17. very windy today, but sunny when i got home. I caught 30 minutes of field play before tree leader kicked me off the team. 1 second delay intervals on this obe, lower west limb ; whats left @Ar2777- operating at 3x here. colorized. upper east preview while processing, unanmed region but is visble on sdo.
  18. I hope you dont mind i squuzed the resolution by 65% to crunch the pixels down. I dont know if it is my monitor or resolution its set to but i see some digital zoom affect on the original. Did you drizzle these? Amazing capture regardless, That magnetic blossom in the upper left., very remarkable.
  19. my approachis to use an old garbage computer with usb3 for capturing and storing, then use my nice desktop for processing. makes a world of a difference with an nvidia gpu on a desktop with more than 3.5ghz on a wall outlet ssd is a must, but not a requirement. You can always pickup a drill battery and a voltage regulator for the external harddrives. my capture computer is actually an HP allin one desktop with touch screen, and i just mounted it to a cart with wheels. Its basically a giant laptop but with a screen i dont have to squint on Can stil
  20. here is an mkv 1080p video file which was created using "AI", and the software "topaz video enhance". . i tired to upload on youtube but their compression ruins the video. Great app and probably worth purchasing if they could be uploaded to youtube without the digtal blockie compresion thing. 022 promtest.mkv
  21. https://sdowww.lmsal.com/sdomedia/ssw/ssw_client/data/swap_els/proba_swap_east_limb_survey/proba_swap_east_limb_j.html
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