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  1. Very glad it all fits well and without issues @billhinge! Those Berlebach seem to be worth their weight in gold
  2. @alacantsorry if i missed your post in the middle of the thread. I have just tried that and made no difference unfortunately.
  3. Hi @barkis of course it isnt a waste of time and thanks for the advice. I did however check it had the washer on the centre tripod stud bottoming against the tripod. Even tried without the washer in case the washer was erroneously there and maybe making the stud bottom too early but as I expected, it made no difference. Ta!
  4. Thanks for your answer Steve. I have just replied to your email. As said on the email, I am only unsatisfied with the mount's quality but not with FLO's service, which was exceptional as usual. Cheers
  5. @MarkAR I understand what you mean, you never know. But given the difficulty I had to find information of other people with a similar issue on other SW mounts, I would say yes, this is a very poor one and hopefully a one-off. Unless, as @knobbymentioned, they have recently lowered their quality checks... If the replacement is nearly as bad as this, thats my relationship with SkyWatcher finished. Either that or I would get a cheaper one second hand that I dont mind botching with. @billhinge thanks for the feedback. Glad yours is good, as a high quality mount should be
  6. You read what went through my mind this morning... all the rush of adjusting to the high demand. I bought it three weeks ago and received it a couple of days ago. So essentially brand new.
  7. I think thats exactly it @MarkAR! That is what i was exactly trying but it was too tight and as he says you need to keep cutting it... Many thanks for the link. If the mount was out of warranty or if it were cheapish, I could live with the tape solution, but I dont think is acceptable. Sadly because otherwise its a great mount.
  8. I tried something similar to plastic but the mount didnt fit well and didnt want to force it in order not to damage it. Regading the ink, its a good idea but not sure it will tell me something different than the skids apart from the scenario that the dowel is too long, which i dont think it can happen as the pocket in the mount is very deep. I put everything inside the box and sent an email to the seller. Even if it could be solved crudely with some tape, plaster or similar... its not what I expect from a £1,200 mount and it should be either repair, replaced or returned in my opinion.
  9. This morning I realised that there are fretting marks at the location where the mount should purely rotate around the tripod (due to the AZ bolts exerting a torque). If thats the location that constrains the mount's translations... my feeling is that either the mount or tripod are dimensionally wrong. I measured 0.3mm difference between internal diameter of the tripod and outter diameter on the mount.
  10. Just found this. Seems like a similar issue.
  11. Same here! Got it two days ago... weather was splendid until then
  12. Yes, thats my feeling too. Thinking on swapping the pin to the other end to see if that helps, but definitely isnt great...
  13. @Scoobs767 @Peter Drew I was thinking that, but apart from potential manufacturing tolerances, nothing appears obvious and both surfaces seem flat and in contact. Dont have gauges to measure if there is any clearance, unfortunately.
  14. Hi all - thanks for the quick responses. I have tried to upload a video but fails mid way (error -200, its 250mb so should be fine). I am uploading it to youtube right now. @parallaxerr the north pin or dowel is indeed fitted. Its in the configuration with the counterweight between the two legs when due north, though i can imagine that makes any difference. The mount doesnt rotate great amounts, we are talking of 2 or 3 degrees perhaps. I agree with your comment regarding too much friction. @Jiggy 67 I tightened it pretty well, it was slightly hard to undo it but still showed the same effect @knobby Im working on that Edit: Now with the video
  15. Hello all, I have recently adquired an EQ6-R Pro and though I feel the construction is in general really good and looks very sturdy, I have noticed something that is a bit disappointing to happen on a £1,200 mount. I am hoping it is something I havent looked into and can be corrected before I contact the seller. After finishing the assembly and tighten everything up, I see a considerable amount of rotation between the mount and the tripod when I try to rotate it around the vertical axis, if that makes sense. I dont need to do a lot of force, but a gentle push will do to see the mount moving... The process I follow is: - Mount the mount on top of the tripod with the spigot/dowel into the mount slot. - Tight the tripods upper bolt and afterwards the accessory tray bolt - Tighten both azimuth knobs - Tighten the altitude knobs I have tried to tighten the knobs snug but not too much to avoid damage on the mount. I have also tried to tighten a bit furthert he nut that holds the spigot/dowel to the tripod but it was very tight already. Not sure if there is a lack of friction between tripod or mount, or if I should crank further the tripods fasteners. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much
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