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  1. Sorry, I don't know enough about DSLRs to advise you, take your best shot / guess and hopefully it will turn out fine - if not 'sell on' and you won't lose too much!
  2. I got my 450d secondhand (in poor condition) it was a great starter DSLR and fine for daylight, but very noisy for astro! Can recommend www.mpb.com if your e in the secondhand market
  3. no idea if this is more accurate (But its what I used for upgrading from 450d) https://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Canon-EOS-600D-versus-Canon-EOS-1200D___692_940 BTW my 600d is a 'Kiss x5' same camera different name usually sold at cheaper prices
  4. Read the notes :- Notes: These raw values are not appropriate for comparing camera models because they are not adjusted for gain or area. The shape of the curve can tell you something about the amplifier circuitry of the camera.
  5. Update Think I've found it! Some kind of fibre on the nearest baffle to the focuser (had to take off the focuser to get to it) Thanks all ! - waiting for clear sky to test!
  6. Thanks all, I really can't see any obstructions, I'll take apart and clean everything later, maybe a dog hair or something has crept into the imaging path
  7. also shot video of the moon (to get focus as I couldn't find my Bhatinov) and Jupiter Saturn conjunction (No setup changes) and saw no sign of the effect on short frames.
  8. Hi Olly, No washing line, cant see any spider webs, single frame was FITs, I've converted it to tiff using DSS and moved it to photoshop and converted to jpg (did a RGB levels edit to make it visible) Done a little more thinking , I was using a pier extension on my HEQ5, it's possible didn't tighten it well enough to the tripod - maybe the wind was twisting the mount ?
  9. Probably should add, was quite breezy and polar alignment was guesstimate as I setup before sunset to capture Jupiter Saturn conjunction.
  10. Hi All, recently moved from Canon DSLR to Altair 183 Pro Tec Also moved from Backyard EOS to NINA I seem to have what looks like diffraction spikes on my test images, (I'm using a 110mm refractor with a filter drawer and 0.8 reducer) thinking it may be lack of settling time between dithering. This is a stack of 26 x 30 sec exposures on the Pleiades Would welcome more experienced opinions Pleades-30sec-small.tif
  11. No expert here, but would guess at vibration through the mount or wind ?
  12. Yes, observatory is sadly no more but the group is till strong, I think there were ideas about a new observatory location before covid, but out of the loop at the moment
  13. Hi Lee, Welcome, I'm near also near Holmfirth, we have the Huddersfield Astronomical Society nearby (now based in Lockwood,) some great people there to learn from and get advise. https://huddersfieldastronomy.org/ We Just need the local lockdown to pass All the Best Eddie
  14. Hi All, I like to keep my imaging rig setup and ready for action. At the moment it sits on a piece of foam on the scope box. I'm thinking about buying and fixing a dovetail clamp onto my wall and clamping the whole rig on the wall when not in use. Anyone tried this before ? silly idea ? How do you store a ready-to-go imaging rig ?
  15. HEQ5 is well respected and often considered the baseline for Astrophotography The EQ6-R is the next step up (more payload capacity and belt drive - less backlash) so would be good choice and would allow you to upgrade to larger scopes.
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