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  1. Darn - now you're making me regret not getting out last night - it was a beautifully clear night, and I should've taken the AD10 out - but life got in the way. The next few nights are not looking good.
  2. In your shoes, I would troubleshoot the main telescope issue first - which means getting that diagonal. Did you buy it new or used?
  3. This is similar to the setup I am working with currently on my AD10 - I have circles on the base, but I am going to be using my iPhone 7+ as an inclinometer - using the level app - because I can turn the screen very dim red - the wixey I bought was WAY too bright. And I have either an iPad Pro or my laptop with SkySafari for locations (depending on if my wife wants to use the iPad while I am out )
  4. Have you tried using it during the day? That may help to try and sort out some of the issues - and you'd have light to be able to see by.
  5. Wow - very nice Ruud - brings back some memories for me as this was really the first area of the moon that I really dug into and observed for a length of time. Thank you!
  6. This is what I do with the eyepatch - it makes for a much more relaxing observing experience for me.
  7. Instead of a hood, you can also use a bath towel.
  8. Sounds like a really cool couple of nights - Hopefully the young one stays with it - maybe with some guidance from you to help along! I was in Cincinnati a year ago (went to the Zoo to see Fiona) but did not know about the observatory - if I ever make there again, I'll have to keep that in mind!
  9. Very nice! But it does look like a TIE Fighter.
  10. So many twists and turns in this thread! As many have said other places, uses what works best for you! I love my Apertura (GSO) AD10 - I have setting circles on the base, and inclinometer (going to use the level app on iPhone see if it works better) and SkySafari. I do have a feeling that my next scope (Probably a larger Dob, down the road) will have goto - or at least built in digital circles.
  11. I do have to say - most of the OC's I have observed seemed fairly obvious what they are - but having said that, I know I have really only gone after the "obvious" ones, and I have not really dug into any of the more 'open' (for lack of a better term) ones. I can definitely see the SkySafari advice being of use - I do that all of the time when I am sitting on my couch - but rarely think of it at the EP! I need to adjust my thinking some.
  12. Wow - very cool image - thanks for sharing that with us. I too like the red-dot indicator!
  13. Even with the little metal dude using it very wrong - it's adorable!
  14. Definitely would need photos to help - I suspect the group around here can help within minutes if you supply photos.
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