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  1. @velis dont be too disheartened by the bird-jones comments. I have the 130eq which is a slightly bigger version of what you have. It has a slightly better reputation I guess but not too far off I got mine collimated with help from a friend and its worked well for me. Do NOT expect to view with high magnifications but it should do a lovely job for viewing DSO and star clusters. As others have said the mount is its weakest point so I used to attach sandbags/milk bottles filled with water etc. to stablise it. I decided to take the plunge into astrophotography after I upgraded my mount and was pleasantly surprised with the results (see link in my signature). Good luck.
  2. I am thinking a dormer with an opening on the flat roof would work perhaps?
  3. I have acquired my first guide scope and managed to attach it to the screw thread provided for attaching camera to top of tube rings. Had a few discussions with FLO who were very helpful. Also my local astro society were equally helpful in choosing the right scope etc. Now to practice taking images with guiding. Fingers crossed.
  4. Its works perfectly if I connect both to the the USB3 ports on RPi. I cant use the ASCOM drivers as I am Linux based. And for completeness the ZWO CCD driver supports multiple cameras at same time. The ZWO Camera 1, 2, 3 are for users who have issues with that driver and these support only a single device each.
  5. Hi, I updated my RPi 4 to latest version of astroberry v2.0.4 today and been trying to connect my main ASI224mc and ASI120mm mini guide cameras in Ekos. When I connect both the cameras on the USB2 ports only one of them i.e. ASI120mm connects. If I connect the ASI224mc on the USB3 and ASI120mm to USB2 again its only the ASI120 that connects. But if I connect both on the USB3 ports on the RPi it connects successfully. I have tried with the ZWO CCD driver and using a combination of ZWO Camera 1, ZWO Camera 2 drivers. In both cases the behaviour is the same. It works fine on my Linux Mint laptop using direct connection to the cameras even though the USB ports are USB2 only. Both RPi and Linux are running Kstars 3.5.5 stable. Any ideas what is the cause of this?
  6. Find out the light pollution at your location using https://www.lightpollutionmap.info. Then in stellarium you can set the bortle level for your location and that should help give an idea of the kind of skies you can see. Its not always very accurate but you atleast get some idea. I am sure skysafari has similar feature.
  7. Its a pity that Jasem is not in this forum or is he??
  8. I came to know that they have introduced ASI drivers to handle separate cameras ZWO Camera 1, 2 & 3 which call indi_asi_single_ccd. This might do the trick.
  9. Lovely images. Cant imagine that such a small 'guidescope' can deliver such beautiful images.
  10. Good to hear this. If you have any more issues with ASI ccd driver, try using the ZWO Camera 1, 2 or 3. These I am told are meant for using with a single camera whilst the ZWO CCD driver is meant to be able to control multiple cameras.
  11. You can do that now I dont have a guide scope yet, but platesolving helps ease the process of aligning, capture etc. And my understanding is platesolving will be only done via main camera. Guide camera will be used to latch onto a star and make sure it stays as near as possible in same position.
  12. I found an easier way to get weather info into ekos. I am using the openweathermap driver and all it needs is the api-key which you can get by registering on openweathermap site. Couldnt find any documentation on this so here is a screenshot for others who are interested. You can set limits for several parameters like weather, temp, rain, cloud % in the Parameters tab. You can only see a part of my screen below showing the weather bit but the rest are below that.
  13. You will hear lots of comments out there that its not possible to do this and that. But if thats your passion just give it a try. You might not get hubble quality images but you will be amazed with what you can get. So go for it ! I was told that my scope was not suited for astrophotography as it has a spherical mirror and inferior focuser etc. But I continue to be amazed with what I can capture with it (see my signature). And the thing that helped me to get these images was my investment in a solid mount. Take a look at https://www.astrobiscuit.com/ He is a Londoner like you and images from his rooftop etc. Good luck in your journey.
  14. Same here. My laptop is inside the house and connected to the RPi outside that connects to the scope etc. I have to be outside to setup, PA, focus etc and then I can get inside to get the scheduler to capture my sequences. Its only on those dicey days when clouds come and go is the need for some warning so I dont have to keep watching the night skies As we get very few days without clouds in my part of the world (and a lot of the time the clear days are midweek when I need to get ready for work the next day), its critical to make full use of the available opportunities.
  15. How do you do that. I think some of the weather drivers can pick up from files as well.
  16. Most proper dark sites will be in open areas which would not be be easy to reach without car. You could look at using a bicycle as well
  17. How do I configure weather-meta to use data from this? Is it just a matter of putting the URL in?
  18. Then your best option as has been suggested by others is using a red dot finder. I use a Telrad on my scope in case my Go-to doesnt do a proper job The Rigel should do the trick. You will need to align it closely with the Evoguide so that what is in centre of Evoguide fov is also in centre of Rigel. Initial alignment can be done during daytime and then fine tune it at night.
  19. I know this is not the direct answer to the OPs question, but Platesolving after you have moved the mount manually should allow Cart du Ciel or other software to figure out what you have done.
  20. Are you using the Evoguide for guiding and continue image capture with your existing mechanism?
  21. Same here. Saved an old laptop and decided to go with Mint as that has an interface closer to Windows
  22. Didnt say missing...just that there isnt as much choice as compared to what is available in windows world.
  23. Where are the tutorials? My coding skills are quite outdated from 20+ years ago so will be uphill battle
  24. Absolutely agree. Choices are limited but growing....
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