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  1. I really don't know their thinking or reasons for wanting to keep the extended manual in print form. Probably, it is because they claim that the printed manual also serves as an astrophotography primer but there is nothing special about the astrophotography tips I saw in the printed manual. Instead , there are several functions of the device that are explained only in the printed manual. As if they want to make it a secret, only to be seen by those who have bought the device. I don't know how that makes sense. The world has since moved past instructional manuals only in printed form.
  2. Thanks for your Insight. I hope a piece of plastic won't cause some flexure. Thanks.
  3. How can I make this plate face the correct direction (orientation) ? I am trying to use it to mount as Small guidescope. I am threading it into the Eagle core 1/4 screw but it wouldn't face forward before getting tight. How do it get the right orientation? Thanks
  4. There was actually an update to ver 2.9 a week ago but it only added 2 cameras. At this point, I don't think they are really interested in any major update.
  5. This thread is for Eagle Core and not the Eagle. They are different - Eagle Core runs a proprietary OS and not Windows. There is absolutely no way to implement platesolving on Eagle Core.
  6. Did you still find out if they fit? Thanks
  7. I communicated with Primalucelab about the need for polar alignment feature. They said well, I could use a laptop to polar align with PHD, then guide and capture with Eagle Core. I found this very ridiculous. It defeats the whole purpose of not wanting to have a computer on the field in the first place . That was almost three years ago. Since then, there have been no major improvements in the device, apart from adding the delay which should have been there in the first place and compatibility with more cameras and Primalucelab focusers. I have to admit that the Eagle Core works very well for what it is being marketed for, but the hardware is being grossly underutilized . Hence, there are better options out there. The hardware is well capable of a polar alignment feature, platesolving and even capturing with CMOS/CCD cameras but it requires a major overhaul of the operating system. Primalucelab doesn't want to do this , despite the fact that market forces are not on their side. There is Lacerta MGEN, AsiAir Pro, Atik Base and even Pegasus Power Power Box which could be coupled with a mini PC. All these do much more at lower prices. Lacerta MGEN almost twice more expensive but comes with its own guide camera a handheld device with an inbuilt screen. I understand their business model of trying to keep it less complex and less complicated to attract newbies but it does not amount to a lot more sales. You can still keep it simple but give users more options for them to ignore if they don't need It. With the form factor and aesthetics of Eagle Core, the device should have been very common in the market now but only a few people use it because the company has refused to invest in software development. You can count the number of threads where Eagle Core has been discussed. There is only one independent review on YouTube and on the internet. And those guys admitted that it was a complimentary copy for review from Primalucelab. People were even asking of polar alignment and platesolving in that comment section of that review . And that was more than three years ago. Another problem is that they prize themselves out of the market. Their cables and accessories are the most expensive in the industry. Who sales a simple cable for $50 or a DSLR coupler for $80? Pegasus Astro sells its own DSLR coupler for $18 .I have been making my own cables for under $10. I made DSLR coupler for under $20. I just couldn't bring myself to buying those expensive accessories. That alone discourages prospective users. I have suggested features to them for almost three years and I don't didn't there is anything anyone will suggest to them today that has been suggested before. Perhaps they are fearful that they may not get a return on investment if they pay software developers because for them to integrate polar alignment and platesolving, they will need partnership from PHD and the astrometry people. This means licenses. You get the idea? The only features that you may suggest are minor ones like that delay timer . Atleast It does deliver on its promises but to be honest, the gadget is lagging behind and almost outdated. Go to a star party and you are the only one using it . They look at it like something inferior. I can bet you that if Primalucelab adds polar alignment and platesolving, the Eagle Core will start selling like hot cake and beat the competition as it has such a beautiful form factor and design, as well as its cable management abilities . However , like I noted, it is not a disappointing device as it delivers on promises. It can only get better as it has futuristic capabilities. That's if the manufacturer allows it to reach its potential.
  8. Look at what they said at about further upgrade Development: With firmware version 1.00 the MGEN-3 has about the same functionality as the MGEN-2, but has some important improvements. Numerous other features are in planning, such as platesolving and related features (micro GoTo via ST4, polar alignment, etc). There is an onboard WiFi module that will allow wireless connection to PCs or mobile phones and apps, adaptive optics, measuring of field rotation and derotator, and more. Please send us your ideas. Suggestions are always welcome.
  9. Maybe 1 GB of RAM Is not that limiting after all. I just checked Lacerta MGEN 3 and it has only 64 MB of RAM and 4 GB SD. Yet, it packs a lot of features and has inbuilt colour screen.
  10. I think the RAM is indeed limiting. The SSD is generous enough for a basic gadget. If only the RAM is user replaceable.
  11. There may be hardware limitations but I think there are features that can fly. Maybe, they just want to keep the development cost low. For instance, what processing power is "time elapsed" feature going to eat up. You don't see a lot of discussions about it becuase the features are almost too basic to the point of being outdated and it shouldn't be so. The competitors are way ahead. People prefer ASIair pro , Lacerta Mgen and AtikBase. They can still keep it simple and basic but give users more options. There is no doubt that people like simple solutions and that's why they prefer Asiair and Lacerta Mgen to Stellarmate but both of those gadgets still gives users various options. I don't know what the processing powers and RAM of Eagle Core are and I don't know why Primalucelab doesn't include this in the specifications but I doubt that the Larceta Mgen will have more processing power but look at what you can do with that. Basic but very useful. So, I think it is really development cost that is keeping Eagle Core from getting a major update. They don't want to spend money. They forget that it will enable them sell more devices. An update can even turn one of the USB ports to an external storage port. Also, Primalucelab should tell us what processor is used and the size of RAM. I hate to say these but the Eagle Core doesn't really have unique features anymore. The competition is doing better.
  12. Eagle Core needs a major update. I don't know what makes it impossible.
  13. They translated the focusers to English from the Italian products names. Sixth Sense 2 is the Sesto Sensor 2 electronic auto focuser while Exact is the Exacto precision focuser. It doesn't make sense that they felt the need to translate it to English. A product name is a product name.
  14. I think Eagle Core v2.7 firmware is out. However, I doubt that there are significant new features. Probably just support for their focusers and more cameras .
  15. Do you have any cheap solution for powering DSLR from Eagle Core?
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