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  1. yep dew is also dependent on what ground surface you have, chalk base is better than my heavy clay as the clay traps the moisture and releases it in the night? anyway get the EQ6 pro and that will do you for years, it has it's limitations but it's not silly money and a few mods can be done like belt drive and better bearings and grease etc. I have one for a few years and it could even take a 12" short tube newt if it's balanced right. mainly galaxies and nebs for me so a newt is good for the HD small scale stuff and a 80 or 120 mm frac for the widefield nebs or galaxy groups. just need clear skies now haven't seen the moon for either for a week or more! Ton
  2. Dew can occur quite quickly even on the primary and more on the secondary, fit a brushless pc fan on the rear end to either blow air up the tube or a fan to draw air down and have a secondary mirror heater, as I find that dew forms quickly on even my primary without the fan running and normally any dew% above 95% on the scale has a massive effect in ruining any images I get. but it's part of the newt learning process. my sct suffers even more than that tho. Ton
  3. Hi could be some condensation trapped somewhere it just needs a bit even difficult to see on a newt and M45 is very bright on the main stars? don't think the CC is quite right yet needs a bit of fine tuning, I have a f3,9 newt and I found it a hard learning curve to get everything adjusted right. could be something in the cam or just some issue with the sensor cleanliness. check it out and see? ton
  4. Hi, give SX a shout as to see if they can fix it as the original LS is still a capable guidecam, I have the LS2 and that is very similar in spec to the earlier one, but the qhy5-ii mono has a good rep and I have used on before. any help ton
  5. Yep slightly oversaturated as has been said, and M45 is the best image you even caught the nebula on the lower right as well so that bodes well for your AP future. I would be pretty happy with M45 and using a DSLR. well done! Ton
  6. Hi orion telescops has some very similar as well, must be a load coming out of china now.
  7. Hi, this is from ABS link about some new cams from ES, I think these are the same or very similar to touptek science cams and meade dsi mk4 which has a Panasonic and not a sony sensor? https://www.telescopehouse.com/
  8. Hi well done sir! one of the best images of m33 I have seen, hope I get my attempt like this. Ton
  9. Hi, just this from the other night and had to wait until about 4am and dodge the early morning jets/dew near the horizon etc, dew was 94% just about manageable so not bad just needs some more subs and will try the idas NB1 filter next which should give a better contrast? enjoy, when converting from tiff to png or jpeg I lose the colour balance just have to make the tiff's more rich in colour I guess. any comments welcome and heeded. Ton
  10. Hi very nice image and depth, I really like the spikes even tho we know that it is false effect, keep posting your lovely images, well done sir!
  11. Hi, have you found a cam yet as I have a 174m hypercam for sale little used and is on ebay now. let me know or contact me thru ebay thanks Tony
  12. Yes of course, my setup is not perfect, QHY10 with TS drawer system then SX OAG/ lodestar x2 mono (binned) x2 in use and ES CC on a F3.9 carbon newt with custom spider as the original spider is rubbish. here is some pics of my setup and that it helps to bin the guidecam if possible, not all can do that so best get one that can be binned, means more stars are available to choose and just needs to be setup to focus in union and it calibrates in 1/10th of the time it took me with a separate guidescope. it helps a lot if the OAG is put before any filters esp anything other than a LP type filter. some images of my setup which are a bit dark.
  13. Hi, yes I knew as soon as I wrote that it would be open to all sorts of misunderstandings lol! but AP for me is still a difficult exercise, but unless you're endowed with vast amounts of money, part of the fun is to make what ever gear you have work for you, my main imaging boost came with getting an OAG, although that won't work for everybody, keep posting stuff that we can comment on.ton
  14. Hi it's not that bad, you might had some haze come over just for a time, check your frames. just wait for the winter nights with their clarity.
  15. Hi very nice definition, I would be pleased with that considering that you might have had some wind that night. well done sir!
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