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  1. ebdons

    Filter wheel stuck?

    Yes had this stuck wheel with SX types and it was the centre nylon bush sticking (yes this post is for atik) clean up and light lube with silicone spray or dry lube did the trick, as carole says about noise of wheel or motor noise and slight vibration thru the wheel or take off and test? Ton
  2. ebdons


    Yes! really rather good! looks much better than what I've seen in the photo-books? colour is variable but that's a preference for you. Great Image sir!
  3. ebdons

    ngc 869

    WOW! that many stars in the image, but not seen better images of 869. well done Sir!
  4. ebdons

    IR CUT filter issue?

    Hi yes I should have mentioned that my astronomic UHC and CLS are specified for visual but can be used for imaging if you use a separate ir cut? so I have the non CCD versions, as I was using them for some visual as well but I think I might try the qhy10 without any filter on the F4 newt as it may produce the result that I want? although I will probably move into narrowband esp with the weather lately, h-beta objects are an interest but not many to image? I would reckon on the UHC being better for my Trius 825M than the OSC just need some clear skies to test? Thanks, Clear skies! Tony
  5. ebdons

    IR CUT filter issue?

    Hi, thank you for the replies and the great explanations, I have the L2 filter which I will also use with the F4 newt, and I tried to image ngc2175 with the UHC and ir cut but it was really faint even after 3 hours of subs so after using the CLS and ir cut it was much better even with a 1/3 of the subs taken, this has more to do with the way the QHY10 has some low sensitivity with some nebulas I think, although the UHC is perfect for M42 etc? I could always use the L2 filter in place of the ir cut but the wavelengths are very similar? and if you're doing near IR imaging than you could do without the ir cut or maybe have an H-beta in it's place if looking for nebulas with a strong beta transmission? clear skies! Tony
  6. Hi, looking at the Astronomic website it states that their IR CUT filter it is advised to use scopes with refracting elements which means newts are a no-no? and for cams having a low sensitivity webcams etc, at the moment I'm using the QHY10 with clear window mod on a F4 newt and are having issues with sensitivity when using an ir-cut and uhc combo, if I use a coma corrector will that in turn make the ir cut filter usable on a newt, I don't find much of a use for a separate ir cut but before I sell it is there something I should know if that is the case? Tony
  7. ebdons

    Next steps...

    Hi good images by the way, F5 you may not need a CC, everything else looks ok but there is a competitive market for the ultimate ccd imager now and CMOS are really coming up with some good stuff QHY and others, I have the SX825m and it is pretty expensive but the service backup is second to none, a qhy10 is pretty good and some of the newer qhy cmos etc choose wisely whether Mono or OSC maybe go for both if budget allows? Ton
  8. ebdons

    Orion smash and grab

    Yes well done! the lower shot is just great with the yellow/golden colours coming out and you even got the running man as well! I envy you where you live as I've not even seen the moon since last wed in south wales.
  9. ebdons

    M45 Around 3 hours

    Yes well done sir, really just a great image not overdone and framed nicely, a beaut!
  10. ebdons

    My first ever picture...

    Well Done! AP is a "hard mistress" as some would say but taking you first image will propel you into a world of agony and ectasy improving as you go, I've been imaging for 2 years and my AP is getting better but still way behind were I want to be? keep up the work! Ton
  11. ebdons

    Fuzzy Thing near Aldebaran

    Hi not sure at all, but it's in line with left hand spider line, which also has a defect on the left edge, although don't know what is going on with a fuzzy blob, if it was more rounded it might be a moisture droplet on the primary or secondary mirror, somebody on here will know maybe. Ton
  12. Thanks for the reply, really not tested them yet as BA weather etc, will test with the 825M and see how I like them, astronomic usually good for quality. clear skies.Ton
  13. Hi thanks, I have the astronomic RGB deep sky set, from 2015 so if these newer filters I presume are better for the new type cameras? Ton
  14. I can't remember if all starlight cams mono and colour have the same clear window, ie without an ir cut but with AR coating? does anybody know on here? before I contact SE directly. thanks Ton
  15. Hi not sure if this has been discussed, not is search anyway, apart from the type 2 have a slightly wider spectrum, is there any reason why the type 2 set is better than the standard RGB set? Ton

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