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  1. WOW! that's a great image as the stars are not overexposed, and the trapezium shows up as it should. well done!
  2. lots of ways to do it now, I have a lacerta flatfield panel but also use a cheap ceiling LED panel with dimmer which was cheap to buy. once you get the right settings flats are not that difficult to do.
  3. Hey that's not too bad really?, a bit overprocessed but it's ok considering the conditions.
  4. I have my Powered usb3 hub on the pier/tripod as then 3m leads should be long enough depending on your scope and cam position etc. and I do mix usb2 and 3 with issues but it helps to have a powered usb3 hub on the pc as a backup for all the other stuff we connect.
  5. Yes swapped most of mine for lindy and they are very reliable, but there are others, and some have gold plated connectors and I don't know if that makes much difference?
  6. ok keep us updated, the only cam I used heat on was an old QHY which had some sealer on the front glass like you show, and the heat softened it a bit to be able to remove the glass. if the old glass is now useless you can be a bit more "physical" with it? even if it breaks as long as you can get the sealer off etc.
  7. Hi, I have warmed the glass area (not the glass directly) with a hair dryer and it may come out with a suction tool? is the original that damaged?
  8. I have just bought a TS/GSO F4 10" to go with my 8" F4 and they are really good value, the tube needs a few mods like a better focuser and a Losmandy bar fitted, but optics are very good. and a good mount to carry them, just my opinion and other folks will have another view on them. Ton
  9. depends on what you want to image? I have both but 290c and the 224c I have is the altair hypercam version with fan cooling and not TEC cooling, the heatsink on the hypercam is described as mounted directly onto the back of the 224c sensor, but I had a look inside and the heatsink is just attached to the inner case near the sensor so a bit of a "fib". the 224c and 290 can be cooled ok with a peltier system but both cams have limits as to how long the exposure length can be used. tony
  10. just an update as a closer inspection has revealed water or liquid on the top and bottom longtitude sides of the sensor with some fine patterning which is where the pattern on the images come from, can't clear it with flats or bias or darks, maybe the sensor is knackered as it's lost some sensitivity as well. someone on here must know if this sensor is leaking or knackered? hopefully opticstar will come up with something? thanks for your attention
  11. Hi after checking the surface of the sensor there seems to be very fine structure in a grid pattern, is this normal for this sensor or is this the sensor top cover "delaminating"? I could open it up and clean the surface of the sensor but that would be a risk? this inside image still has the grid pattern but not on the whole image just parts of it. not sure if flats will get rid of the pattern but darks had no effect.
  12. Hi, not sure if this should be in the cameras section, but I have an issue with this cam after a P/S failure, I have bought a new P/S but there is now less sensitivity and after stretching the image there is a grid pattern on the image, not seen this before on this cam, just seeing if this is a sensor fault or something else before I contact george at opticstar, cam was bought last year but is beyond the 12 months guarantee. i will continue to investigate but hope you can help. ist pic is with fault and the second if what this cam did a few months ago. Tony
  13. Looks like I have a long way to go, impressed with detail you can get. amazing clarity of all these images. well done all! tony
  14. 224c for me, I have both and the 224 just edges it, both can do some DSO stuff, so opinion will always differ between these cams?
  15. The 224c is better in my opinion, the same sensor as the neximage 5 is on ebay as a medical cam for £30 so I think the neximage 5 is overpriced for an "old" sensor I have both sensors and the 224c is just better usb3 v usb2 does mean something? . other folks may differ tho. zwo120mc/mm usb3 cam is also pretty good as well. tony
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