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  1. ebdons

    NGC 891 Questions

    Yes the definition is coming along nicely, a bit of a halo on the brighter stars, but that can be common on newts, you use the CLS but I get them using the UHC so maybe my 825 mono is just very sensitive? and you got some background galaxies as well. good work.
  2. ebdons

    Star Halo(s)

    Hi it maybe a bad filter tho unlikely, f5.8 maybe but I don't always get them depending on the exp time and manual gain and offset, astronomic UHC used to have a issue with halos etc, but that was a few years ago now, and I don't get halos with any other filter bar the UHC, it could be the ZWO has an issue with sensitivity or has gone "hyper-sensitive" like my QHY10 and they are sending me a replacement as they failed to fix it. maybe an issue with the cooling temp? somebody on here will now hopefully?
  3. ebdons

    Star Halo(s)

    Hi, what cam are you using and gain etc or on auto, I get them on my sx825 mono which maybe sensitive when using with a F6 and shorter scope and only when using an astronomic UHC with or without a ir cut addon. maybe help?
  4. ebdons

    NGC 891 Questions

    Yes they are large, but maybe only a part would be illuminated depending on the light source, anyway I never knew of these clouds of dust, right on our "doorstep"?
  5. ebdons

    NGC 891 Questions

    Hi, I just saw this info, could these dust clouds be the stuff in the image? about halfway down the page is an image of the clouds. Ton http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/techandscience/earth-has-two-extra-hidden-moons/ar-BBPrhIj?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
  6. ebdons

    NGC 891 Questions

    Hi, yes I think it's the same as the remove artifacts like plane vapour and trails utility, although PS can only do so much, and I just started using PS so folks on here will help more, you might have to re-image again, I normally use a UHC on LP images, but you can get defects on that filter as well, CLS is a "good alrounder" but I rarely use it if I have a sensitive sensor and longer exp times? you could do another set of bias? and try and subtract that I think? hope you get it sorted. Ton
  7. ebdons

    NGC 891 Questions

    Hi, love that image, a great object to image when high in the sky? those are reflections maybe from a distant light source like stun mandrel said, or it looks like a diffraction effect from a nearby light source, or maybe thru a gap near the focuser, I used to get them from my laptop screen when at a particular angle? Ton
  8. ebdons

    PHD2 saying star wont move enought?

    Hi, Yes if using St-4 then select "on camera" as it can be confusing until you know what to select from the list, you can select Aux mount but for me it does nothing so keep it simple? Ton
  9. ebdons

    PHD2 saying star wont move enought?

    Hi, as long as I can reset PHD2 it's no problem, but I found that setting the exp to 3 sec seemed to speed up the calibration, instead of waiting for 30-40 exp now it calibrates with15-20 exp, but noticed that my QHY5-II takes longer than my SX lodestar2, but the QHY5-II is better suited to my 50&60mm altair guidescopes and my sx lodestar2 is better suited to my omegon 80mm guidescope. also the latest PHD1 seems to crash on win 8.1? anybody else have this? Tony
  10. Hi, this is really good, centre not too overexposed, stars not bad either, I always have issues with M31 core overblown but this is better than my attempt so far. well done sir! Ton
  11. ebdons

    PHD2 saying star wont move enought?

    Hi, had the same tonight, I tried what you did by increasing the exp time, but the only way I found was to delete the whole PHD2 program and re-install another version of PHD2, and it calibrated with 2 mins, so you could try that? Ton
  12. ebdons


    Hi, one of my fav, this time of year and I think the best edge-on spiral in NH maybe? good results from not many frames so a quick object to get. when I first imaged ngc891 I never looked at a picture of it so I was more impressed with my effort! Ton
  13. ebdons


    Hi, yes the skies lately have mist or some high-level stuff every now and then, It was cloudy in mid wales last night until 2am then the sky was crystal and the MW was very obvious until the cloud came in again! M33 a great test of equipment along with ngc 891. clear skies! Tony
  14. ebdons


    Hi, yes pretty good not the easiest galaxy to image? think you might need to darken it a bit tho? but you got some good star clouds in there as well. keep it up. Ton
  15. ebdons

    The Coathanger asterism and M15

    Excellent! apart from watermark and right side flatness on the coathanger and well spotted ngc6802, better than most. Ton

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