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  1. you did well with the wind etc, those astrographs are amazing for what you pay for them?
  2. It's an SX so that should be good news? no standard (black) version and thought they were going more cmos now but it's interesting as the QSI cam has the same sensor? it should be great in mono spec tho.
  3. Hi, don't know about qhy, but I rarely remove the glass front for cleaning the sensor if needed I would use an air spray to disperse the dust and hopefully that would work. or a vacuum to suck it out, removing the glass is a last resort at least for me. other folks may differ? ton
  4. ebdons


    Very Nice wayne! that's a great cam eh?
  5. Oiii but not oii? it looks green to me on my monitor as oiii to me looks whitish, I could C/B tho.
  6. Nice! is that Oii in there as well? nicely framed as well. good on you sir!
  7. Hi, I also have need of a light shield, I like mine as light as possible so use an old black pizza base which has been used and is also very light and can be secured easily, if you need an aperture mask on the primary than the outside edge of the pizza base can be just right and cut out a thin circle and fit it under the mirror clamps without introducing stress/tension to the mirror. Keep going and you will find your "perfect" PHD2 setup, I sometimes use PHD1 as well when using a scope for planetary imaging etc. don't forget balance of your setup is important as I found out years ago. clear s
  8. Hi, not sure if you've binned the camx2 as that can help sometimes, also what mount have you got unless I missed it, I image with an f4 10" newt and find my best settings always need fine tuning from night to night, I have the focuser "hanging down" and increase the HYS to very high (60+) and have the exp set to 1 sec or 0.5 sec, but whatever works for you is ok, as it takes sometime to perfect the guiding at least it did for me. clear skies Ton
  9. hi you need to post some more specs/pics of the issue. has the cam got an st4 port. as the not all qhy cams have that? ton
  10. WOW! just what I wanted to do but it's *issing it down in the uk for ages now, super images and you got my fav edge-on ngc891. well done! ton
  11. WOW! that's a great image as the stars are not overexposed, and the trapezium shows up as it should. well done!
  12. lots of ways to do it now, I have a lacerta flatfield panel but also use a cheap ceiling LED panel with dimmer which was cheap to buy. once you get the right settings flats are not that difficult to do.
  13. Hey that's not too bad really?, a bit overprocessed but it's ok considering the conditions.
  14. I have my Powered usb3 hub on the pier/tripod as then 3m leads should be long enough depending on your scope and cam position etc. and I do mix usb2 and 3 with issues but it helps to have a powered usb3 hub on the pc as a backup for all the other stuff we connect.
  15. Yes swapped most of mine for lindy and they are very reliable, but there are others, and some have gold plated connectors and I don't know if that makes much difference?
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