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  1. Hi not sure if this is any good but it might be what your looking for? Tony. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9105_TS-Optics-Adapter-for-2--filter--M48-thread--to-the-camera-lens-filter-thread.html
  2. Superb! well done sir! better than any of my attempts so far. keep it up.
  3. Sorry I didn't see the original post in full, but I have a sx lodestarx2 mono with the sx OAG and the prism isn't an issue at all, I just keep the prism perpendicular to the image line, it can go deeper but this cam picks up loads of stars and even more when binned x2 in PHD2. hope this helps. Ton
  4. Hi, don't know if this relevant but I use a OAG on an 80mm frac and image with that side by side with a 8" newt and I get better results than when I had just a guidescope.
  5. Hi, no issues with the panel, working well. dimmer very sensitive and should be ok for the cmos cams. put some foam around it to protect it, and it makes it easier to grab, or put on a handle or strap if you like?
  6. Hi wayne, yes it held by the clamps against the mirror surface, that's why you need something thick enough the hold itself firm as I only have 3 clamps on my mirror, do a test sample first and then go from there, but needs a very smooth cut inside, I used a very sharp craft knife held against metal cake tin or similar. when done leave the clamps until the ring is perfect and just lightly nip them up. if the clamps are black then the black ring would merge as one with the clamps ok.
  7. Yes try the ring around the mirror clamps, just a very tiny increase in FR is the result but worth it, I used a pizza base (black) that you put in the oven so is heat proof and that works ok, don't use anything that has a glue or oil base to it as they will leak out. ok all the best Ton
  8. Superb! colours just great, lots of detail as well, well done sir!
  9. Beautiful! really nice contrast of the 2 galaxies, well done sir! ton
  10. Yes was interested in these, but think the bigger celestron mono sensor cams would be better, but some folks have done images with them, but probably only the brighter ones? I decided against them and bought an altair cam.
  11. depends if it's the earlier square shape or the later cylinder type should be a bit cheaper than £500. same sensor is used in the sxvf m25c cams so is not bad but getting on in years tho. ton
  12. Hi, Try Autostakkert as I find it stacks certain frames better, give it a shot. ton
  13. ebdons

    Zwo 1600mm pro

    Hi Wayne, good to hear from you again, yep skies getting better lately, thank god for astronomy? stay safe, all the best Tony
  14. Yep, there are guides out there about how to take flats bias darks etc and how many, but I found it a struggle when I first started a few years ago, but now can do them almost without any preview needed, only issue I sometimes have is as alacant mentions about the shutter spec, and also whether rolling shutter on some osc cams, and if possible I turn this shutter option off which helps the image consistency of the flats. but you may to play about a bit, and you don't even need clear skies to practice. clear skies soon hopefully.
  15. Hi, I normally aim for 2-3 sec flats, in stark labs I aim for a peak on the graph, just left of middle, also look at the flat image sample and see if there are any objects/dust holes etc on it as that would mean you are getting near to the right flat setting, it depends also on filter choice. and iso setting, but I found that when using a newt and an sx825m the exp can be shortened quite a bit, or dimmed to get that 2- 3 sec exp length, when using a 80 apo, I can get the exp sorted easier even when using a OSC. other folks on here will know more. ps normally I use a mono with filters so don't know if this is relevant? and you may have to dim the screen more than you think? Ton
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