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  1. Hi thankyou for the info, I was using the Grating the other night and got the aberation you mention, now I know why, a lesson learned for me. clear skies my friends. Ton
  2. Hi Thanks, maybe I should have thought of using a tele-extender both sliding type and optical version type ? just that I use my F4 newt for everything at the moment and was seeing what I could do to keep a reasonable FOV area. Ton
  3. Hi, yes maybe a silly question, but would you ever need to slow down a fast scope F4 and lower etc to improve planetary or lunar shots, or just as an object lesson, and how would you go about that apart from fitting an aperture mask or something?, but reducing the exp length to compensate for over exposure etc. maybe not a silly question? but does this make any sense to folks? ton
  4. Hi, not sure on specifics but if the glass and holder are the same spec thread depth etc, narrowband and lrgb should be exact or close to parfocal? I have my astronomic 12nm set which are parfocal but with 1mm glass thickness, but not totally sure when the glass is thicker 2mm 2.1mm zwo and 3mm type if this the case? would need to test to be sure? Ton
  5. Think the altair lrgb are a clone of an optolong lrgb which are a clone of something else as they all have the same schott 2mm glass just different holders, optolong are just more expensive, so will probably get the AA RGB to match my AA narrowband types, would like to get a recommendation on these. ton
  6. I have the dsi 2 mono and it works okay with win 8.1 but the meade software is a bit clunky as always, so I use it under DSI spec and ascom in stark labs nebulosity3. I can't get it to connect under version4, I just use it for a guider but it does produce some ok images. ton
  7. Kinell! that's freaking brilliant! The clarity is amazing, one of the best wide field shots for me, well done sir! Ton
  8. Hi don't know about the defect but it looks like a hair maybe, you can get these if only a eyelash hair? M42 core oversaturated a bit, been there done it, I use the Astronomik CLS CCD filter and I reckon it would be better to use the UHC CCD. sometimes esp on brighter objects. did M42 last nite but phd went awol again, this is what I got from 9x3 min subs and some haze as well. qhy10 edt80 cls cdd. keep going for it.
  9. Yes that's nice! like you having issues with phd and phd2, likewise had to chuck more than half away but practice makes perfect! well done to you. Tony
  10. Yes I reckon so, I had a chat with you about a month ago and was still undecided about the idas, but after some research and opinions, I was looking at the optolong l-pro and skytech l-pro which are the same I think, but not many folks are using them so that tells me about them then? idas d-2 for LED light pollution which is near me, but I want it also for my mono cam as well. Ton
  11. Hi thankyou sir, it just came up from a search of various filter tables and never knew about it, but it sort of looks like a UHC type but narrow, I'm interested but not willing to take a leap unless some folks have positive or negative opinion on it, I'm still maybe leaning towards a idas p2 for modified OSC? Ton
  12. Hi, has anybody seen this filter, is this a "good" LP filter as I've never seen this type, think these are seconds from Omega filters then? do you think it blocks out too much? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312234297478
  13. Yes had this stuck wheel with SX types and it was the centre nylon bush sticking (yes this post is for atik) clean up and light lube with silicone spray or dry lube did the trick, as carole says about noise of wheel or motor noise and slight vibration thru the wheel or take off and test? Ton
  14. Yes! really rather good! looks much better than what I've seen in the photo-books? colour is variable but that's a preference for you. Great Image sir!
  15. WOW! that many stars in the image, but not seen better images of 869. well done Sir!
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