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  1. I had a day off work today so decided to sort all the cables out and test it all out. Everything now communicates great after a small issue with the PPB not being recognised by the laptop when plugged in through the USB hub. I purchased 2 new Lindy USB cables a 0.5m one for connection between PPB & USB hub and a 3.0m one for connection from the hub to the laptop. From talking to Angelos from Pegasus Astro who was very helpful it seemed to be an issue from the USB hub as the PPB worked perfectly when connected directly to the laptop but the Lindy cables sorted it. I slewed the scope to its limits in all directions and no snags or cables pulling at all. For me now I only have to unplug a few cables as the rest stays connected and just unscrews off the scope saving a nice chunk of setup and takedown time. As mentioned regards the guidescope being further forward from the centre of the scope I kept the current configuration as the dovetail, guidescope, USB hub, PPB and aluminium plates combined weight and balance point of it all (if that makes sense) sits over the centre of the scope and the mounts puck so should be fine.
  2. For those that didn’t know. https://practicalastroshow.com/
  3. It is https://practicalastroshow.com/
  4. I’m pretty new to this money pit....sorry hobby and I can’t offer to much advice but one thing I can advise is research and lots of it. Someone said I should buy this book and I thought yeh yeh but I did and it was absolutely brilliant advice. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html The first thing I bought after the book was a HEQ5 mount and then I learned how to use it with just my DSLR. By the time I had decided on a scope and lots of questions and research later I was competent enough with the HEQ5 so the addition of my SW ED80 was pretty painless and not to much in one go....a nice steady learning curve to just get into it as the leaning will never stop. Take your time and research as costly mistakes can easily be made. Good luck with you journey
  5. Cheers for the tips hopefully my little cheap soldering station is up to the job
  6. Amazon man just delivered this, only ordered at 10am this morning, 8 hours
  7. I have put up with rubbish soldering irons for years, I think the last time I used a soldering station was way back at college. I’m sure when I use it it will be why the hell didn't I get one years ago !
  8. Thanks for all the ideas and advice I’m going with phono plugs as I’m a bit ocd, it will all look nice and neat. I have had to treat myself to a new soldering station as my old soldering iron has been driving me nuts with its ridiculously non flexible short lead so I also get a new toy to play with
  9. I want to shorten my cables so I don’t have lengths of cables coiled up on the scope and reduce the risk of potential interference to my data cables. Im guessing it is just a case of getting some RCA/Phono plugs and fitting them once I have cut my cables to the chosen length.
  10. Cheers, I didn’t realise that the guidescope location could cause issues with guiding errors. I can switch things around easily enough.
  11. I have purchased a few products and hopefully arranged them ok but before I go ahead and make thing more permanent and sort a loom out can anyone see any potential problems I may have with the way I have set thing up.
  12. Amazon man just delivered this. With this and my PPB I will be down to 2 cables to the laptop and hopefully quicker setup times.
  13. I found the discounts mixed from vendor to vendor but was happy with the discount I received from Ian at Altair on a Pegasus PPB plus the guys from Pegasus were there to answer any questions I had A free show with free talks and free parking was definitely worth the 120 mile round trip for me and hopefully we will see it as a regular event.
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