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  1. My SW ED80 has served me well but paired with my ZWO 183mm pro the FOV was sometimes lacking. I wanted a bigger FOV and something faster so had been eyeing up the 76EDPH for a while then FLO had an ex demo come up with a very nice discount. Fortunately Sunday gave me an opportunity to get out for the first time so decided to get some data on the Elephants trunk something I had imaged not to long back with the ED80 so used the same sub lengths and settings so I could compare the 2 scopes. All images are Ha 300s and stacked in APP with just the auto stretch applied and no more processing. 13x300s ED80 13x300s 76EDPH This is about 2.5 hours 76EDPH (forget the exact amount of subs) Dan.
  2. I have been eyeing one of these up for a while and FLO had an ex demo come up. About £200 saved with the FF/FR as they were both reduced a second time
  3. Fair play, I had it in my head it was just get it through the garage type scenario not the krypton factor.
  4. Have you considered using a barrow mix company for the concrete. You only pay for what you use. The mix is made there in a hopper, you pop your wheel barrow under the back fill it up and away you go. The guy who turned up the other day for my footings had his own barrow and helped. I know you still have to move it through the garage but it’s really quick and easy method.
  5. After deciding there was no way I would sleep on Saturday due to the heat I thought why not set up and image something. 13x5 minute subs with a quick stretch in APP & tweak in Affinity.
  6. I got on fine mate and still think I made the right decision (can’t believe I have had it 2 years) I can’t really think of any cons apart from probably going for something with a bigger sensor and at the time maybe the additional cost of filters and EFW. Pros for me are it gives me good images I’m happy with and isn’t this complicated beast that some may think it is. I can’t compare to a dedicated OSC as I came from a Canon 1100D and didn’t even open the 294.
  7. Cheers, let us know if things do plan on changing so I can get the order in
  8. I reckon you’re spot on there, maybe a slight drop but not back to what it originally was.
  9. @FLO Any idea if SharpStar are likely to follow with price increases as I have been seriously considering buying a 76EDPH. Cheers, Dan.
  10. I am running the original PPB and a powered startech 7 port USB 3 hub. I was in a similar conundrum as you and decided on the cheaper option (At the time) of 2 devices and can say neither has let me down at all. An added bonus is I have 7 USB 3 ports so more than enough while future proofing myself in case of added kit.
  11. A show about the history of the telescope is on now and on +1 at 7 am for anyone that is interested.
  12. I have seen it on the tv a few times, it apparently sits behind clouds !
  13. Good idea and along the same thoughts as myself.
  14. I’m guessing the cladding helps as well. Thanks, I feel more confident going forward with blocks now.
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