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  1. Danjc

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    Just a press of the sync button
  2. Danjc

    What did the postman bring?

    6 grub screws in a bag in a bag in a bag.
  3. Danjc

    What did the postman bring?

    In all seriousness though you will have to post up your findings. As you say IDAS are currently the only ones that are tackling LED. Hopefully other manufacturers will soon come olong and offer there options on it as LED’s are only going to increase.
  4. Danjc

    What did the postman bring?

    I have a lot sodium in the distance, LED lights are on the rise but I currently haven’t got the £££ to drop on D2. The CLS will be significantly better than what I had which is nothing. Hope your D2 works for you and isn’t a chocolate tea pot
  5. Danjc

    What did the postman bring?

    I ordered the moon and skyglow from AliExpress weeks ago and in the meantime had a rethink and ordered the CLS from Tring on Thursday. Both got delivered today at the same time
  6. Upped it a little. The assistant only seems to work for CCD cameras.
  7. I'm having a play taking flats with APT and my 1100D and wondered if my Histogram and settings look ok. I'm using an iPhone app against the lens that I can change the brightness on. moving forward I will use an iPad against the scope but guess the Principe will be similar. Cheers, Dan.
  8. Danjc

    Practical Astro show.

    Cheers for the link only 43 miles away. Just need to get out of a Friday night shift now.
  9. @SAW what’s the price please mate ?
  10. Danjc

    Buying a starter DSLR camera

    The 1100D is digic 4 as I was also looking at the 1000D & 450D which are digic 3 iirc so chose the 1100D as it was digic 4. A bit more food for thought for @FarAndBeyond
  11. Danjc

    Buying a starter DSLR camera

    Im new to AP but bought an 1100D and I find it is a good camera, I paid £104 from MPB with around 6000 counts iirc (body only) but there are obviously other places to buy from. This site may help. http://dslrmodifications.com/DSLRcomparison.html
  12. Danjc

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    I was also clear for me last night but I had just started my 2 week stint of night shifts
  13. So I would definitely need the adapter to be able to incorporate a 2” filter into the image train ? Thanks for the replies guys a great help
  14. Yes it will be the standard focuser as supplied with the ED80. So no need for anything else.... yet can I ask another question, where would my 2” LP filter best sit in the train ?

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