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  1. No worries, here is the page I got it from...“Zwo astronomy cameras” https://m.facebook.com/ZwoDesignAstronomyCameras/
  2. I haven’t tried it myself as well and also couldn’t find it on there site ! facebook link
  3. Great idea and a bargain at a few quid
  4. Spotted this on there Facebook page and my be of interest to some. I’m not sure what it’s like as I’m on my phone atm but the post says.... Hello everyone, today we have released this new software #ASIStudio. ASIStudio is actually a collection of many kinds of astronomy software. We aim at making ASIStudio all in one platform for astronomical image capture and processing. Currently, ASIStudio contains only three software, which are ASICap---planetary imaging, ASILive---living stacking, ASIImg---DSO imaging. We know that this is just a trial protype, more useful tools and practical tutorials will be added to ASIStudio in the future. If possible, we will add the Authorized Third-Party software into ASIStudio. We sincerely hope that our ASIStudio includes all the functions you need. For astronomical image capture and image processing, just one ASIStudio can get them done. Being the first version of ASIStudio, many improvements on functions will be required. This is our new beginning and your supports will be welcomed. We would much appreciate your use of ASIStudio and precious advices. You may download ASIStudio from below address. Windows 32bit: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ASIStudio_V1.0_x86_Setup.exe Windows 64bit: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ASIStudio_V1.0_x64_Setup.exe Linux(Ubuntu16.04 64bit or Later) https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ASIStudio_V1.0.run Mac OS: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ASIStudio_V1.0.dmg https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/software/ASIStudio_V1.0_x86_Setup.exe
  5. Had some guiding issues to sort out from last night and been having for a while tbf so set up and had an hour’s window to sort it armed with some new info and ideas which worked spot on. Cant believe it was so simple and blatantly easy to rectify and get working
  6. I have packed up, guiding was driving me nuts plus After setting the camera at unity gain I noticed several subs in that the gain had gone to zero And add in a few other little issues I admitted defeat for the night. A few new things learned so not all bad.
  7. Still cloudy but it’s supposed to clear up in about an hour so all setup ready. I do see it being a possible frustrating night though as I have a new guide scope, the first time I will have used the mount since FLO fine tuned my belt mod and had a little tweak of the mount at IAS and a general new setup configuration. Ready for action.....
  8. A big no go here but if Saturdays forecast stays like this I will be one happy person
  9. No chance here tonight besides random fireworks have already started so just ordered a Chinese takeaway and will chill with the family. Happy new year all.
  10. Sure this dodgy phone pic is star link going over as there were a fair few moving slowly appearing and fading away in a line (vertical trail) then 10-15 minutes later.....
  11. I bet it doesn’t stay like that, but fingers crossed
  12. I do feel the weather is playing games with me at the moment..... I've not managed to get out since just before the IAS.
  13. No really an update but started decorating the kitchen diner, 1 of 2 jobs that must be done before I have 100% sign off from the boss !
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