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  1. A hair dryer would have been loads safer and I did try a few things but to no avail unfortunately so went for it very cautiously....
  2. For helping remove the very stubborn screws on my SW ED80 holding the focuser on.
  3. Having recently bought a replacement focuser for my SW ED80 I thought it would be a quick straightforward job. Despite a little research before hand it seemed that the 3 screws can be a little bit of a pita and use of a soldering iron to soften the blue Loctite was the way forward. Firstly I tried just unscrewing them but they did not budge so secondly out came the soldering station and even on full whack trying different heads and holding the tip on there for an eternity they still didn’t budge.....I even removed the tip and cover to get maximum heat on the screws but it just wasn’t enough. I felt more heat was needed as I definitely wasn’t going down the drilling out route. I decided to give a mini blow torch a go that are used in kitchens...£10 off Amazon. feeling apprehensive and being super cautious I set the flame to its lowest and gently heated the screws for short periods and then tried to unscrew. I found about 10-15 seconds worked an absolute treat and the screws just came out very easy then. I lost a tiny bit of paint around two of the screws so touched up with a little lacquer and will use some washers but currently don’t have the correct size. I also used new M4x8mm dome head hex screws to fit the adapter to the OTA for the focuser. I hope this may help someone who also might struggle to remove the screws but DO take your time and be very cautious for obvious reasons. I wasn’t massively impressed with what seemed like fine swarf in the OTA though but just gently swept it out with a small brush.
  4. I reckon I owe @FLO some donuts or something for all the countless questions you have answered and letting me return certain items.
  5. Picked These up from Johninderby earlier and is a definite improvement over the standard SW ED80 focuser.
  6. I will take it John as it does say loads of 4kg which is far less than I will load onto it.
  7. I reckon I have around 5mm of back focus to play with with my current setup so I should be fine. Just for my peace of mind this is a definite upgrade from the original SW focuser and will comfortably hold a FF/FR Zwo efw and my asi183 mm-pro ?
  8. I’m just working out what else I would need to fit it to my SW Evostar 80ED. I reckon I need one of these so my FF/FR will attach https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo-adapter-for-skywatcher-focal-reducers.html and regarding back focus my current std SW focuser requires about 50mm back focus. Any chance you could measure this distance so I then know for sure if I will need an extension ring (I don’t seem to be able to find it on the net) Cheers, Dan.
  9. I’m guessing that there are no threads for screwing in a FF/FR and it relies solely on a compression ring ?
  10. Booked tickets a while ago and also the Patrick Gilliland talk on the Saturday. First time at IAS, how does it compare to PAS ?
  11. I have a raised patio that I setup from which can be seen from the field at the back. There is a metal shelter thing in the field that attracts the local yoofs but all they tend to do is smoke a bit of weed and have a laugh. You can’t miss them in the dark as they all have there phones on so I always know there whereabouts and besides if they are going out there way to have a bit of a smoke in a dark field chances are they are not going to be any bother. As it gets colder they seem to disappear and must hibernate away in there hoodies for the winter
  12. All the forecasts said no go but kept an eye out anyway, half past 7 and it was clear all around. Set up just wanting to test out my new iPolar and within 20 minutes it was more or less total cloud ! I thought sod it hoping for a small window and stayed out but then the rain came and I packed up quick time....
  13. I could have gone the SharpCap route but thought sod it and bought a dedicated piece of kit. My knees are already happier....
  14. A decent mount is of upmost importance and the HEQ5 is a great little mount and is arguably the minimum mount to start with. Used about £400- £500 Used DSLR maybe a Canon 1100d used around £100 (body only) Scope (If you want a scope)there are many out there maybe a SW ED80 or ED72 not sure on used prices but did recently see an ED80 go for £190 Power for mount a Nevada regulated linear power supply £35 new A laptop maybe a decent used one £200 Various accessories filter, adapters, cables b mask etc etc All the above are subjective and there are many options but again a decent mount is paramount. Im sure others will recommend various other things and these are just my recommendation and not necessarily the way to go.
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