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  1. Waynescave

    Zwo 1600mm pro

    Broadband filterset and Ha
  2. Really useful review, thanks... I too need to cut down on cables and sort out spaghetti junction! Worried my hungry 4amp qhy camera, mount and dew heaters and 3amp raspberry pi might be a bit much for the ppb??
  3. Hi guys Can anyone identify which control box this is? Is it focusmaster? And does it run off robofocus driver in Indi lib as I cannot get a successful connection (in indi within ekos) I bought a robofocus motor with this control box second hand. I have faith with seller that hardware works as should. I've tried other cables and USB ports too. The software (k stars) I use does do port search when connecting equipment.. Any help appreciated Wayne
  4. Thank you James ill see if I can sort something out like that
  5. Hey guys.. Is a HFR of(minus) - 1.000 possible? As this is what my image statistics say on my k stars software It also says my SNR is varying 0.682 - 1.5? Any interpretations are welcomed? Cheers guys
  6. Am interested in a mono guide scope camera, filters of sorts, and 60-80mm guidescope if you can help... Kind regards Wayne
  7. Thanks for the reply, yes I've dealt with Jasem and tested some updates for him in the past, he has been outstanding at developing and supporting our community I think you'll agree! I'm on the lookout for a mono lodestar as I thought it was a well reported cam to use in this setup with pi and Ekos etc.. So I'm glad to hear you get stable and reliable use with yours too! They are quite pricey new though aren't they! Is there a more affordable alternative that you know of.. Even tho I'd prefer sx lodestar as it is supposed to be at parfocal focus off the bat, inside my sx OAG filterwheel...
  8. Just read about your issues, I've had similar issues with the new version of kstars.. Where filter wheels spin while kstars initiates a mer flip and other weird stuff.. Is this bugs in kstars that's being addressed right now does anyone know?.. Tried port assist in indi tab but its greyed out... Doesn't open for me...
  9. Hi there, I'm a simple stellarmate original rasp pi owner.. (so not even rasp pi 3+ or whatever its called) I run kstars on the pi.. With indi to connect and control my equipment. Really love it as only use a tablet screen for imaging all night.. One thing tho.. How do you get on with guiding? And what guide cam do you use? I stupidly use a color altair mx224c and at full resolution and even at half resolution I get exposure timeout messages... Is this because the ram and cpu performance struggles or the cameras tech difficulties? I'm keen to know guide cameras other "on site" not home obsies pi users use!?! So anyone out there hit me! Waynescave YouTube me: waynescave
  10. Thanks DP. I'll go with 1.25 one then... Was informed my f7 system and asi 1600 Pro cooled would function without vignetting etc, I'm just hoping this is the case with the starlight express filter wheel and baader filters I want to order to go with it? Leads me to another question, does standard baader lrgb filters have an ir cut layer over them all? I understand most lum are uv ir cut lenses..? Cheers in advance!!
  11. Hi peoples, New to mono imaging, Camera ordered! Want to order the starlight express mini filter wheel with built in OAG combo unit. It is for 1.25 screw in filters but does it also accept 31mm unmounted (Lrgb) filters? As I think there are other brands of mini filters that do this. But of coarse none with built in OAGs on them.. That's why I want to order the one from Starlight express.... Cheers in advance
  12. Hey, Just seen a used add for sbig st8300m for £850 Good price for that ccd sensor.. (or do I stick with ZWO asi 1600mono) Difficult choices....
  13. Oh wow, that one looks like the job for it. I presume it is locked in position when fitted in the imaging train..
  14. Would this WO reducer work with 120mm refractor? As on Rother Valley site it lists up to 103mm... I presume with my relatively flat results and taking flat calibration frames, I may get away with out using a Flattener do you think?... Or do you need one with mono sensors of this size (asi1600)
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