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  1. Hi, Plan to go to a dark sky location tonight but it looks like it will be sub zero temps - is this practical? will the temps just ice over\damage the mirror if I am out for a few hours and same for the eyepieces etc - I have a 14" dob thanks Paul
  2. Celestron Starpointer Pro Finderscope quite fiddly and cheap feeling but should do the job and looks good Sebeb laser collimator nice piece of kit took a fews mins to align the secondary then primary in the dark
  3. Great write up thanks fort sharing, I need some clear skies !!
  4. In lower magnification compared to my old 8" and 12" skywatcher dobs I'm noticing the focus is out around the edge of the eyepiece when I focus the central starts\objects in my 350p 14" dob so would a coma corrector address this issue if so are the below good options? If so I assume I can only use these with a 2" EP with these? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc.html http://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/skywatcher-coma-corrector.html
  5. Recently acquired used 350p 14" skywatcher flexitube
  6. Welcome not too far from me im on the Wirral
  7. Dors anyone know of a mobile mirror cleaning service my 14" mirror could do with a clean and maybe a recoat Alternatively are there any members on here nesr Liverpool/Wirral able to help? Not too confident doing it myself unless its not too difficult to clean a mirror with a good guide/instructions.
  8. Cheshire collimator. Collomation was out so hopefully viewing will be better now
  9. Sounds like a good viewing session - makes me need to get to a dark sky location asap with by 14" dob
  10. Well after around 2 weeks of torrential rain after buying my used 350p Skywatcher flexitube the clouds dispeared around 10pm last night Last year I was using an 8" sky watcher and then bought a 12" flexi goto both of which I sold earlier this year to fund the purchase of the 350p 14" Relocating the scope is pretty hard work, the base can be lifted in one piece (just) and then moved around awkwardly, however splitting the base via the screws is quick and easy. I've attached two velcro handles to the actual scope itself which makes moving that around quiet easy and manageable Once I moved the scope out of the conservatory into the garden I aligned the finder scope and was ready to go Sky was clear of clouds and viewing looks good with dark skies away from the light pollution and clear stars M13 Hercules Globular Cluster : easy to find in the finder with no charts. Appeared nice and bright in the 15mm EP and could clearly see the central mass of stars in the 8mm EP. Also used the 2x barlow on both these EPs to get in more closer. Had a final look through the Meade 24mm to get some perspective of how it looks in a wider FOV M57 Ring Nebula : again easy to find in the finder without any charts. Started with the Meade 24mm to see it handing amonst nearby stars and then swapped this over for the 8mm EP and then 8mm with barlow, filled up the view nicely - slightly fuzzy around the edges - unable to see the central star. Removed the barlow and kept in the 8mm EP and viewed through the OIII and UHC filters, looked better through the UHC filter M27 Dumbbell nebula : star hopped starting from Albireo in Cygnus. Filled up the 15mm EP nicely - discernible dumbbell fuzzy shape and again looked best in the UHC filter compared to the OIII filter. Epsilon Lyrae : the Double \ Double : headed back to Lyra to view the double double. Could easily split the double doubles in the 8mm and more so with barlow, great sight M31 Andromeda : decided to end viewing M31 and had to relocated to the other side of the garden so more huffing and puffing when moving the base. Started with the 2" 38mm EP and was impressed whith the view. Previous scoped have shown a fuzzy blod but the core seems to be much brighter and able to see faint hints of a much wider structure. Could also see M110 with a bright core and surrounded by faint fuzzy light. Overall a successful and enjoyable first light session of viewing. Definite improvement in detail and light gathering between the 12" and 14" especially with respect to viewing Andromeda and quickly got back into swapping EPs and navigating the sky for familiar DSOs. Next is to go to a dark sky location in North Wales.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback much appreciated
  12. Ive recently acquired a 350p skywatcher and want to upgrade my EPs I have a set of BST EPs would the below Baader setup be a good upgrade as I really want to get the most out of the 350p or any other suggestions for upgraded EPs? Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece and Baader 2.25x barlow Ive also read you can attach a DSLR to the barlow would this work on a 350p for short exposures on bright objects such as planets/globular clusters/bright nebulas?
  13. looks good one of my fav sights in the sky too
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