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  1. That's an unbelievable 45GB on the disc including all the trial/errors and intermediate steps. I guess I need to be selective in what to keep.
  2. I did flats for each filter yes. But I did not re-focus between filters. Learning as I go along. Played around in PI, following some of the suggestions I got. Not great, but a little better:
  3. Thanks for the comments, good to hear it's likely light pollution and not something with the equipement. Yes, I used DynamicBackgroundExtraction. I does get rid of some of it. I have Narrowband filters, so I will eventually look into that. But for now I'll try to get some more experience with LRGB.
  4. There are color gradients I just cant seem to get rid of. This is the RGB combination. Any idea if this due to light pollution, poor flats or something else?
  5. My first ever half serious attempt at anything (M31) with the newly bought Esprit 80 ED+ASI 1600mm and processing in Pixelinsight. 20 x 120s L, 20 x 120s Ha, 10 x 120s R+G+B, Bortle sky "city center". Endless hours of Pixelinsight YouTube tutorials.
  6. I just bought the Esprit 80 ED, and I'm very happy with it so far. The only thing I miss is a proper way to attach a finder scope. The guide scope attachment arrangement works, but is a bit flimsy. I really don't understand why the manufacturer don't make some screw holes in the body dedicated to attaching a finder scope. Having said that I'm sure you will be happy with the Explore Scientific too, both are good scopes.
  7. And that is ?? I would think that after a year under only a plastic cover the mount will be in a similar shape as our Weber grill stored the same way - rusted to pieces.
  8. Looks really good. Are you not concerned about condensation? I have been thinking about a pier too, but I am worried about leaving the mount permanently outside.
  9. So what is the verdict on the backfocus here? Single frame of M31.
  10. Jepp, you were right about the OAG Louse/Olly. The OAG just has too small a FOV to be practical. So I fitted the finder scope from my 200P on the Esprit 80ED and use that as a guide scope. It was not possible to get camera focus with the finderscope that came with the Esprit. So I guess the OAG will live in a box, and might be used should I ever try imaging with the 200P again.
  11. Ah. Ok, thanks Louise. So waiting for a clear night now, might take a while.
  12. Perhaps, I have never used an OAG before, guess I will find out. My filters are the ZWO filters, they quote 'add 1mm'. How do I actually see that the backfous is correct? Just that I can focus sharply?
  13. I did measure it with a caliper, it says I am +2mm . I have no way to tweak it lower. Unless I grind down the 11mm female female spacer with sandpaper on a powertool. And I don't want to do that unless I can somehow confirm I need to.
  14. How do I check my backfocus is tuned in? I have measured it out and the best I can get with the spacers etc. at hand is about 2mm or so too far back according to the specs. The spec is 66mm (or 67mm with EFW) from flattener face to sensor for the Esprit ED80 if I understand it correctly. How do I visually check it in the pictures taken? Can I check it during daytime? And how accurate does it need to be? This is for a F5 Esprit 80ED+flattener+ZWO OAG+ZWOEFW+ASI1600mm. This is my setup: There seems to be a flaw in that the M48 threads on the M62-M48 crossover on the flattener are so long they hit the OAG prism pin before it it is screwed completely in. This crossover is 11mm. So therefore i had to put a 1mm spacer in the connection between the crossover and the OAG to make a tight fit. Theoretically according to the above picture: 11mm (M62-M48 xover) + 16.5mm (OAG) + 11mm +2mm +20mm (EFW) + 6.5mm (cam) = 67mm. Measuring it out when screwed together (inclusive the extra 1mm spacer) from the face of the flattener to the face of the camera = about 62.5mm, then add the 6.5mm of the camera = 69mm.
  15. Windows SyncToy also does a good job at that, and it is free too.
  16. Pretty cool carrying case it came in too.
  17. Not the postman, but DHL. Loads of goodies ( ref. this thread )
  18. Well, intuitively "play on remote computer" should be ticked on on the mount computer. Anyway, I tried this setting in both computers without any luck.
  19. That was one of Google's suggetions. Sound still plays on the mount PC with this option ticked (on the mount pc remote desktop option).
  20. I just bought a web cam (Logithech c270) that I connect to a (windows 10) laptop located at the mount. I run a TCPIP cable from that laptop into my house where I control everything (mount, cams, etc.) using Windows Remote Desktop from a "inside house PC (also windows 10)". The purpose of the the webcam is to be able to see what the mount is doing while slewing etc. However I would also like to capture the sound from the webcam's mic and hear it on the "house PC" speaker. I googled and tried some of the solutions that came up, but cannot get it to work. The Webcam mic is working, I can replay the sound from the mic on the mount laptop if I am not remoting to it. Does anyone else do this and got it working?
  21. I think you should have NINA on your list too.
  22. That image is lightyears better that my first attempt at astroimaging. A very good start.
  23. And probably cheaper than going for USB extension cables/repeater. I use NINA (thumbs up) on a LapTop at the mount and remote control it with windows remote desktop connection. Why not? We're not imaging in rainy weather.
  24. I just ordered a ZWO asi1600mm pro pack with 31mm filters (but with a 80mm refractor). This is what James at FLO said when I asked about the filter size: "You can get away with the 1.25" filters if they are mounted very close to the camera - you'd need the camera mounted next to the filterwheel. It's not a problem, but should you want to rearrange things and move the filters to a different part of the system you may find the 1.25" aren't enough. With my Esprit and 1600mm I went for the 31mm set to give me that flexibility in positioning and to make sure there was no chance for vignetting.."
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