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  1. Hi mate. Looks like the job. Should have a Canon bayonet on the other side to fit into your camera body. The clip-in filter won’t affect the flattener, as it fits inside the camera body, in front of the mirror. Dave
  2. Hi Raf Glad you’re getting on with my old scope. It will give you some great images. Basics first. For photography, use the flattener. It rounds out the stars in the far corners of the frame, and reduces the focal length, so effectively gives you a ‘faster’ lens (more light gathering ability) For visual, remove the flattener, stick in the diagonal plus eyepiece of your choice and off you go. Either of the those adapters will sleeve down the 2” diagonal to 1.25” (the most common size for eyepieces) You need a Canon bayonet T ring to connect the camera to the end of the flatt
  3. Hi Russ What software are you using? I use an ASIair, and the dither waits until the guiding graph settles to within my set parameters - I have mine set to <2s variance on RA and Dec. Once it settles to within that limit, it will fire the next exposure. It’s not time-based. Dave
  4. This may be of use to someone. I upgraded this factory fitted 80ED focuser to one of the OVL models. I’ve since sold the scope, so this is just sitting around in my bits box. Works fine and the travel is smooth enough not to annoy. Could be useful as a spare/repair item. No warranty, guarantee or stuff like that. It is what it is. £25 posted to a UK mainland address
  5. There’s a new kid on the block now, so it’s time to move this brilliant scope onto another happy owner. Bought new from FLO just over 2 years age, it’s produced some awesome image - shown below - all taken with this scope and an ASI294 camera. I’ve upgraded the focuser to an OVL model, and the difference from the standard one is immense. Runs smooth from one end to the other, and has no problem holding a lump of a cooled camera or a DSLR without slipping. It also has a standard 2” connector. Also included is the Skywatcher 0.85 focal reducer/flattener with 2” adapter, so swappin
  6. SOLD My first scope. Not been used for a long time since getting a frac, so let’s move it on down the line to a new home. Well known scope, well known spec. Great as a first scope, or upgrading from a budget model. Very good condition, and full working order. One or two minute scratches on the tube, but you’d struggle to spot them - just saying for completeness. Clean, bright , optics. I’ve upgraded the finderscope to an Orion 6x30 right angled correct image unit (that cost nearly £50) which makes life so much easier when the scope is being used in anger. Also
  7. I’ve just picked up an ASI294MC on here, so no longer need my DSLR It’s a Nikon D5200 with a shutter count of only 4682 as of this morning. Excellent condition and full working order. It’s the bare body, no lenses, but comes with the following accessories. Standard EL14 battery and charger Dummy battery with 12v-7.5v converter for infinite battery charge life (Velcro’s onto bottom of camera) Standard 5.5mm 12v plug Nikon T ring with M42 thread and 1.25” nosepiece USB lead and AV lead Wireless shutter release Nikon strap Yours for £250 posted to a
  8. Think positive. Most electronic equipment failures are either dead on arrival, or fail in the first month. This is a tried and tested camera at a decent discount off new
  9. Now sold - thanks I bought this from FLO about a year ago, as a first step into dedicated astrocameras. I couldn’t afford to blow nearly a grand on a cooled one, so got this little chap. Now I’ve picked up a used cooled camera on here, it’s time to move this one on to a new home. In excellent/mint condition and full working order. Comes with T2-1.25” adapter, ST4 cable, USB3 cable and wide angle lens for sky shots without a scope. Original box and user guide. The images were all taken by me with this camera on a SW 80ED Current FLO price £333 plus postage. Your
  10. I use one of these on my Nikon D5200. I cut the cable on the dummy battery, and soldered the voltage dropper onto the leads. 10 min job, and I can now run it off any 12v outlet (I use an ASIair, but any power outlet would do.) Mine is simply velcro’d onto the bottom of the camera, for ease of removal if I want to use it as a normal DSLR £4 for the dropper and £12 for the dummy battery, from eBay. Wait 3 weeks for them to arrive from China, and save a heap of money
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