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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, I have made a video of how to mount a Primalucelab Sesto Senso focus motor on a true 3" Feather Touch 3215 focuser. I thought some of you might wonder how to use the extra collar you need to mount the motor on to the bigger versions of the FT focusers, and also how to align the motor shaft. Enjoy
  2. Hi, i just wanna share a in depth review that i made on how the Primalucelab Sesto Senso works, and how i actually runs an autofocus routine with it. you can watch the whole review on my youtube channel here:
  3. After discovering a periodic signal (once every 11 seconds) in my guiding in the RA axis I did a bit of digging and found the motor pinion rotates 1 rev/11 sec at sidereal rate. By motor pinion I don't mean the big brass spur gear visible with you take the cover off... I mean the output from the motor before the reduction gearbox. When I spin the motor at a fast speed you can easily see that the pinion wobbles about which is not a good thing. The pinion is simply hammered onto the somewhat thin drive shaft rather than held in place by a grub screw. Dec motor wobbles the same. On the Celestron website there are photos of the CGX and CGEM motors and they look exactly the same... this may suggest the wobbly pinion is not an issue :/ I then opened up the encoder. Nothing odd there but the optical wheel was worryingly grubby so I cleaned it with a damp cotton bud. There were markings on the PCB: "E8300 Rev.A RoHS". Time to open up the gearbox. Inside are 4 pairs of cogs. The gear ratios are: Motor pinion (9 teeth) -> 2nd gear (27 teeth) ==> 1:3 3rd gear (11 teeth) -> 4th gear (33 teeth) ==> 1:3 5th gear (11 teeth) -> 6th gear (33 teeth) ==> 1:3 7th gear (16 teeth) -> 8th gear (32 teeth) ==> 1:2 Overall reduction 54:1 Motor output speed 1 rev/ 11 sec Worm period: 11*54 = 594 seconds Note 2nd, 3rd and 4th cogs are plastic, possibly ok due to the low torque at that stage although someone here on SGL has experienced a split gear. I found that cleaning off all the excess grease results in a much smoother gearbox. I was tempted to open the motor casing itself but thought better of it So I was left with what to do about my RA high freguency periodic error... in the end it seemed a good idea to swap the Dec and RA motors over to see if that would help, especially as I had everything in pieces. Also my RA motor has had a hard life so far... my RA axis had been very, very tight - so tight I could not turn the worm by hand. This was due the tension ring being ridiculously overtightened and also the worm mounting bottom bolts being completely loose so the worm was not seated against on the ring gear properly. I only recently fixed this. I'm surprised the motor had not burnt out or a plastic gear split. I'm hoping it may have developed a slight problem and that the swap will help, though I admit it's a long shot. So will test shortly and see what the outcome is
  4. Hey, I am really new to this. My dad was an avid amateur astronomer. He passed away 1 year ago and now I have all his equipment. My husband has it all set up and the hand control works fine, except the mount doesn't move up or down. It goes side to side and rotates, but no up and down. Trying to figure out why. Don't know if it has anything to do with the declination motor cable (we don't have one yet) or not. Probably not, like I said I am really, really new at this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  5. So my birthday just past so money to splash on astro stuff , i will have my 1000D modded by juan at cheapastrophotography and also have ordered an autofocuser from deepsky dad https://deepskydad.com/autofocuser i know they can be done DIY but this is a neat package and costs about the same as a SW autofocuser and a hitechastro focusmaster and i`m no electronic wizard and pavel seems to have a good product and works with ascom and confirmed it works with APT i will update in a few weeks time when hopefully i will have received and tried out .
  6. I have a Helios 200p (identical to the Skywatcher) mounted on an EQ3-2. I know it is overloaded but I find it OK for visual provided I give it a couple of seconds to settle down at high powers. I intend to motorise the mount using stepper motors & an Arduino. It will be tracking for visual only with a possible upgrade path to GoTo. Since I dont need fantastic precision and having read the relevant threads on this forum, I propose to drive the RA worm directly & the DEC with a simple belt drive. By avoiding a step-down gear set I will still be able to use the manual slo-mo controls without disconnecting the motors. I think that centering the target with the slo-mo's & then switching on the tracking will be nicer than using fast-forward & fast-reverse controls. But no step-down means no torque amplification. So how much torque do you need to drive an overloaded EQ3-2. I decided to do some quick & dirty tests. Apparatus 200p with 25mm Plossl & 9 X 50 Finder, payload about 9kg. EQ3-2 with 10kg of counterweights Improvised wooden pulley, effective radius 0.375 inch 2 X 1kg barbell weights piece of string Method For each axis ,with the clutches locked, a 1kg & then 2kg load was hung from the pulley & released. This was repeated for the opposite direction of rotation. Results DEC 1kg Torque 13.5 oz.inch Rotated smoothly at about 90 degree/minute DEC 2kg Torque 27 oz.inch Rotated quickly at about 300 degree/minute + RA 1kg Torque 13.5 oz.inch Did not rotate RA 2kg Torque 27 oz.inch Rotated smoothly at about 90 degree/minute Conclusion The required torque for RA would be on the limit for a (cheap, ungeared) NEMA 14 stepper but a NEMA 17 motor with a torque of 84 oz.inch should be up to it. So now all I have to do is order the bits & learn how to use an Arduino.
  7. Hi guys, I have a chance to buy Lidl style Bresser refractor on this particular EQ mount. Does anybody here know exactly what mount it is? Do any of you any experience attaching a simple EQ2 motor drive to it? See below. It seems very sturdy compared to EQ2 so I'm tempted. I know there are probably not the same mounting holes on the Bresser EQ as there are on EQ2, but my hope is that the R/A gear and worm might be of similar size (and ratio) to EQ2, so that the speed of EQ2 motor drive rotation could accomodate it. If so, a little bit of DIYing might be enough. Any thoughts? Thank you very much.
  8. Hi all. Brand new to the site. I have a few scopes, but my pride and joy are a Meade LX90, about 15 years old and an LXD75 (recently bought 2nd hand but I could see it was never used). One evening about 2 months ago, I took out the LXD75 and mistakenly put the LX90 handset on it. I put date and time etc into handset. I didnt tell it that it was attached to an LXD75. It proceeded to slew as it normally does during setup, but the wrong way. Turned off, set up again and the same thing happed. Then I tried to reset the handset after which, the error message "Motor Unit Failure" appeared. The next day, I put the LX90 handset back on the LX90 scope and after I pressed '0' to align, it slewed wrongly, exactly like the LXD75 did. Again, I tried to reset the handset and again I got "Motor Unit Failure". The LXD75 handset is exactly the same. I cannot get past the '0' to align or 'mode' on the display. I have Windows Vista laptop and have Autostar Suite version 6. The suite says it can 'see' the autotar handset on COM 3. It downloads no problem but I have no way of chcking as I cant access the handset. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do please. Unfortunately, I cant find any help at home. Its probably easy to fix. I just dont know how. The long evenings are almost here and I am keen to get this fixed asap. Many thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions. Regards, Henry
  9. Hi everyone! I've recently bought a R.A Motor Drive and it's meant to track the object so it stays in the FOV but it seems to make the object move up! I don't know why? Please help, ajc0502
  10. The motors are not working and I don't know why. I have replaced the batteries and when turn on light is green but then turns red immediately. There is a constant bleeping sound. The cogs seem blocked... I am new to this so am hoping it is something easily fixed. Anyone know how? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
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