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  1. Interesting. I messaged @PaulABS a few days ago but he may have been busy at the time, I don't know. I've also e-mailed the webmaster e-mail address, which I guess is Paul as well.
  2. I've just realised that if I use my Gibraltar Internet connection, it won't work but if I switch to my 4G+ on my phone, which uses Vodafone Spain, it does. Is Gibraltar blocked?
  3. I seem to be getting a sign-in pop-up everytime I access the website, no matter which page I access. It's odd. I believe I remember my sign-in information but it won't work anyway. Is the website running anymore? Thank you.
  4. ITEM NOW SOLD My personal Takahashi FSQ-85ED telescope is for sale, with a FeatherTouch 3.0" Focuser (~37mm travel) fitted. It's packed in a Geoptik Carry Bag alongside the telescope's original focuser and a bunch of Takahashi adapters to mount many types of camera to it. I used to use the included Takahashi CA-35 adapter ring along with the included adapter to M42 to mount my CCD camera directly into the FeatherTouch focuser. You may also use M42 spacer rings if you need extra distance. The included FeatherTouch focuser is significantly more performant and stable than the focuser that or
  5. Hey! Don't worry, not the case - I'm only selling equipment and thinking about what other equipment to buy! Thank you for the comment though!
  6. THIS ITEM HAS NOW BEEN SOLD. This listing is for my personal narrowband filters (Kayron from Light Vortex Astronomy). They are the Astrodon Hydrogen-Alpha (HA), Oxygen-III (OIII) and Sulphur-II (SII) 3nm 1.25" narrowband set. These are considered the highest-end narrowband filters money can buy, able to produce images of exceptional quality and incredible sharpness, cutting through a vast amount of light pollution. The 3nm variants featured here are fantastic for pulling out fine nebulous structures clearly above background. For more information, please see Astrodon's website: https:
  7. THIS ITEM HAS NOW BEEN SOLD. This listing is for my personal LRGB filters (Kayron from Light Vortex Astronomy). They are the Astrodon E-Series Gen2 LRGB 1.25" set. These are considered the highest-end LRGB filters money can buy, able to produce exceptional quality, colour-balanced images when paired with a good monochrome camera. For more information, please see Astrodon's website: https://astrodon.com/products/astrodon-lrgb-gen2-e-series-tru-balance-filters/ Please note that this filter set currently retails at just over £560 from UK suppliers, €660 from European suppliers or $
  8. THIS ITEM HAS NOW BEEN SOLD. This listing is for my personal camera (Kayron from Light Vortex Astronomy). It is a QSI 660wsg-8 monochrome CCD camera with the onboard 8-position filter wheel and Off-Axis Guider (OAG). The camera has been extremely well kept and cared for. I am supplying them in the original QSI pelican case, alongside the power adapter (with EU and UK plugs), a new USB cable, the QSI Allen wrench set, the 2" adapter for the camera and the guiding cable. The camera's condition is as-new. The QSI 660wsg-8 requires a single USB connection to control both imaging and
  9. Haha, it's a pleasure! I myself find it useful. At one point TeamViewer just died and refused to reconnect. Their server seemed to be down and that was that. However, unfortunately my mount was tracking and my roof was open. In theory if I waited for 12:00 (midday) the next day, it would close the roof when my computer auto-reboots (as I set it up to do). However, I wasn't willing to let my mount track way beyond its physical limits (I should have enabled limits on EQMod to be fair!) and I didn't want to keep my roof open until midday. To save everything, I just tweeted TRC Park Mount an
  10. Read more and download: http://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/tweet-remote-control.html Tweet Remote Control is a Windows program written in Visual C# 2015, embedding the Tweetinvi and ASCOM references. It is meant to act as an inconspicuous safety backup, particularly useful to those with remote hosting for their astrophotography equipment. The original motivation behind Tweet Remote Control is for when you lose remote control of the remote computer. This can happen due to various reasons, including TeamViewer failing or their server encountering connectivity problems. It is sometimes
  11. Hi Bill, Sorry the telescope has already been sold! Thanks for your interest though. Best Regards, Kayron
  12. ***SOLD*** You are looking at a listing for a Borg 77EDII apochromatic refracting telescope, used for widefield deep space astrophotography. The relatively small aperture of 77mm and short focal length of 368mm (therefore working at f/4.78) makes this telescope ideal for an ultra-light setup. This is suitable for anyone travelling for astrophotography, or simply for someone wanting to image a massive area of night sky. Borg refractors are well known, high-quality refractors made with Japanese Ohara ED glass elements on the objective lens. These telescopes are paired with a Borg foca
  13. Hi Steve, The problem is that if I wanted to return the telescope, I would have to drive 3.5 hours to the observatory, take it off my mount, drive back home 3.5 hours and then ship it via a Courier like DHL. The shipping alone would cost £100 or so for the size and weight of the telescope. That's 7 hours driving and £100 spent. Not to mention that I'm paying rent at an observatory whether or not I have equipment set up in it, so I'd be wasting imaging time and paying for it as well. The turnaround time could easily be two weeks, so about £125 of rental fees. If indeed the adjustment
  14. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. May he RIP. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him but I have spoken to him a few times on SGL and he was always a true gentleman!
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