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  1. good beginner astrophotography camera

    I would go for the best you can afford - the ZWO ASI178MC (non cool version) could be a good choice. At this moment "I have my eye on getting this camera for myself VERY soon". It is appears to be very good on Deep Sky as well as Planetary, and has "excellent all round performance" (see some of the u-tube videos that are on the net). One thing is for certain, is that as soon you get familiar to a piece of kit (ie) whatever Astro Camera you buy, you will SOON crave for something better. Regards, Steve
  2. AAPOD²

    A Moon Masterpiece - Stunning Photo! Regards, Steve
  3. Cooling a camera - Could you do this?

    Hi, Many thanks for your excellent advice and feedback. Regards, Steve
  4. Hi, I have been thinking of purchasing a ZWOASI178MC camera and noticed there is a more expensive version (a cooled version) also available. I read the review of the ZWOASI178MC (Cool version) and it got me thinking, can a non cool version camera be "cooled down" before an imaging session, simply by wrapping it up in an airtight polythene bag and putting it in the fridge? Could you also do this with a DSLR Body (minus it's battery of course)? I feel a bit daft coming up with this query, especially if it is a total NO NO. I am sure I read somewhere that this can work in reducing noise. Regards, Steve
  5. Moon 2-10-17 20.45

    Hi, Yours (this one) is "the best moon shot" I have seen amongst dozens & dozens of moon images I have been looking at recently. Very inspired by your photo, to get out, and try to do some moon imaging myself, but as usual our typical welsh cloudy weather ruins it for me! Ahh!! Regards, Steve
  6. NEQ6 PRO - How portable is it to move short distance?

    Many thanks for all your advice - NEQ6 PRO it is, I had better start dropping a few hints to the wife about the new addition to the lounge! She won't be a happy bunny! Many thanks, Steve
  7. But it’s not real astronomy...

    After every session of Astro Imaging that I do (ie) Jupiter, I get my eyepieces out and do some visual , this is always an enjoyable experience for me, because by then, my telescope has well and truly cooled down. Doing a bit of visual also gets me an idea as to how good "the seeing" has been for the images that I have previously taken. Even just getting out with your telescope on a cold night, whether imaging or doing visual is "Real Astronomy" for me. Regards, Steve
  8. First moon

    I would be more than pleased with that for my first image, impressive moon shot James!
  9. Hi< I am very keen on getting a Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO Mount. My question is , can the NEQ6 PRO be moved over short distances (without the counter weights on of course). I am reasonably fit, and will have to carry it from my lounge, through the conservatory, and then onto my patio, where I will then mount my chosen OTA and carry out mount set up etc. The distance for moving the mount is not far, just under 20ft from lounge to patio. Regards, Steve
  10. Hello from Pembrokeshire, UK

    Many thanks to the forum for giving me such a nice welcome. Cheers, Steve
  11. Hello from Pembrokeshire, UK

    Hi, Just a quick hello to introduce myself on joining this excellent forum. Astronomy has been one of my interests for nearly all my life. When i was seven years old, I had a Janik 30 x 40mm Refractor telescope for Christmas and since then my interest has never left me. About 17 years ago I became the proud owner of a Vixen VC200L telescope with a non motorised GP Mount. This is still my main scope. Like most of us "telescope addiction" is a big problem, and I then added to my scope collection over the next several years with a Tal 100RS Refractor, then an Intes-Micro MN56, then an Intes MK67, and most recently an Orion ED80 Refractor. (I love them all!) Using my telescopes I have enjoyed mainly planet observation, including deep sky. Over the last couple of years, I have been using the Altair Astro GPCAM with some great results, on the Moon and Planets. I have now got my hands on a Canon 450D DSLR and want to get into Deep Sky imaging. My wife does not know it yet, but I will soon buying myself (hopefully later this month) a Skywatcher NEQ6Pro Mount. She will NOT be amused!! I look forward to using the forum, to benefit from all the knowledge and experience, that this fine forum offers. Regards, Steve