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  1. Hi, Your work is Similar to what I have been doing recently. I thought I was doing a bit of overkill, in shooting “large” amounts of ROI AVI,s in order to ensure that I had covered enough of the lunar surface to give me a good full lunar image, but it paid off in the end. However it took ages to process each AVI individually via autostakkert, but it is worth it in the end. I suppose the saying “no pain no gain” can be applied to Astro Imaging as well, Lol Regards, Steve
  2. Hi Just completed my Moon mosaic taken on 02/04/20. Mosaic was imaged at 3096x2080, highest resolution on my ZWOASI178MC Camera, via my Intes-Micro MN56 Mak Newt telescope. 11 panes (each composed of approx 700 frames at 3096x2080 resolution), stitched together using ICE, then tweaked in Affinity Photo. The resulting main Tif image, that I saved, is a whopping 35.8mb and has amazing detail. Below is a medium 1.43 mb JPG. See also a few close ups taken on the same evening, using x2 barlow, of Copernicus and region and also of Tyhco and Clavius regions. Regards, Steve
  3. Hi, A few lunar images below that I shot on the evening of 4th February 2020. All images taken using my ZWOASI178MC camera, via my Intes-Micro MN56 Mak Newt telescope. Resulting AVI's stacked and processed through Autostakkert, and then refined and adjusted, using a combination of GIMP and Affinity Photo. Regards, Steve
  4. Hi, Jaw dropping lunar images ! Regards, Steve
  5. Hi, Superb Work, ( a nice selection of "mouth-watering" lunar images ! ) Regards, Steve
  6. Hi, I have the 178MC which I use for lunar. I use Sharpcap for this camera, and am also able to switch over to APT, which also recognises the camera. In order to pick up stars, I suggest framing and focusing on the moon, you will then know if your live view is working. Then turn up the gain and exposure levels. You might need to turn up brightness (offsett), as well. By doing this your moon image will now be extremely bright and well overexposed in your live view. Then slew to a star (ie) Sirius. You should pick it up on your live view no problem. You can then adjust/reduce exposure, gain levels, to get the star to appear smaller, and maybe then put on Bahtinov mask and focus sharply. If your APT recognises your camera, if you switch over to APT, you should also see the star, once you click on APT live view. Maybe then shoot a 30 sec exposure and experiment to see what you get. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi, Those are fantastic lunar Images ! Regards, Steve
  8. Excellent, inspirational Lunar Image! Regards, Steve
  9. Hi, Very Impressed by your image, will have to dig out some of my old 135mm and 200mm lenses! Regards, Steve
  10. Hi, That is a stunning lunar image - "Jaw dropping" is the effect it has on me !! Regards, Steve
  11. Hi Charl, Think this is one of my best Copernicus and surrounding regions Imaged on 17/11/2018 , using my Intes MK67 and ZWOASI178MC camera Regards, Steve
  12. Hi, That is a nice image ! Regards, Steve
  13. Hi, The weather has been terrible in my corner of West Wales, UK, for weeks now. Wind and unrelenting rain. When the rain has stopped and a clear comes in, it is still far too windy ! Anyway on Friday evening, 8th November, there was a break in the clouds and I thought i would grab half an hour of lunar imaging. Got all set up and then as I viewed the moon through my laptop, I could see clouds drifting across the screen ! ....Yes it had virtually clouded over. Most of my lunar images shot were a waste of time, but during a break in the clouds, I managed to get this. Equipment:- Intes MK67 NEQ6 Pro Mount ZWOASA178MC camera Imaged using Sharpcap, Run through Autostakkert at 20% of 1037 frames (2080x2080 camera resolution selected) Image tweaked and finalised using Affinity Regards, Steve Mare Humorum, showing the large crater Gassendi
  14. Hi, Excellent work, bet Jupiter was a bit higher in the sky that year. The detail you have captured is also showing a bit of shadow on the right limb. Regards, Steve
  15. Hi, Many thanks for your advice, which is much appreciated. The TS Optics 115 APO is definitely a scope which I am very tempted to go for. TS Optics look like they offer superb quality scopes. However, what amuses me is the various differences in price from various Astronomical Retailers, for what is basically the SAME telescope OTA. Are we being ripped off by some Astro Retailers, who are rebranding OTA,s with their retail name ? I suppose it is best to go for the cheapest deal, as it is basically the same OTA in a different brand disguise. (ie) these are basically the same scopes:- Altair Astro (from Altair Astro) 115 APO - £1,699,00 Technosky 115 APO (from The Widescreen Centre) - £1,499.00 TS Optics 115 APO ( from Astroshop.eu) £1,170.00 (their reduced price currently on offer) - I might go for this ! Regards, Steve
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