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  1. Hi, I totally sympathise. In my corner of West Wales UK, the clouds just keep rolling over. Have not managed any deep sky imaging since about early July I think. I was thinking the other day what a waste of money renting APP is, Reason: because I hardly get the chance to use it ! Thankfully I enjoy planetary and lunar imaging. Imaging Mars has been keeping me going lately. However the wind and clouds make planetary imaging difficult as well. Also the moon is very low in the sky at the moment, lower than Jupiter, which doesn’t make good for lunar imaging either. Anyway, No more moaning, keep calm and carry on imaging ! Lol Steve
  2. Hi, Noticed this evening that German Retailer TSOptics have a new APO with what appears to be something different, in that it has FPL55 glass. “TS Optics CF-APO 90mm f.6 FPL55 Triplet” Does anyone know is FPL55 equal, to or better than FPL53. Most interested to find out what is known about FPL55, and will it eventually replace FPL53. Regards Steve
  3. Hi, Another Mars image ! Lol Taken on the evening of 15th October 2020 at 21.52pm. Equipment: Intes MK67 Telescope and ZWOASI178MC camera, with x2 Meade Barlow lens. Camera Settings (via SharpCap): RAW8, BIN1, Gain: 202, Exposure: 0.008872 Processing: RAW8 AVI run through PIP. 20,023 frames stacked through Autostakkert at 10%. Wavelets in Registax. Tweaked in GIMP and Affinity Photo. Regards. Steve
  4. Hi I had a nice Mars imaging session on the evening of 9th October, using my Intes MK67 Maksutov scope / ZWOASI178MC camera and due to the recent advice from my SGL friends, I think I am already getting better results, after switching over from RGB24, to 8 Bit RAW8, to give me a faster FPS rate. Many thanks also for the advice on how best to utilise ROI, within SharpCap. Now looking forward to Opposition. Wishing all Mars imagers clear skies ! Three images below were processed through PIP, Autostakkert, Registax, and adjusted in GIMP and then Affinity Photo (for noise reduction). Image 1. Mars at resolution capture area 1920x1200 Image 2. Mars at resolution capture area 1024x768 Image 2. Mars at resolution capture area 800x600 Regards, Steve
  5. Superb Images and topic presentation. Regards, Steve
  6. Hi, Alex, Many thanks for taking the time to provide me with your excellent ROI advice. I will try out the 800x600 capture area this evening (hopefully!)... clouds appearing everywhere at the moment ! All the Best, Steve
  7. Hi, Martyn, Many thanks for your advice. I have now downloaded Firecapture, (it looks really good) and will now get familiar with it ready for my next Mars imaging session. Hope you get some good clear weather soon in Derby. Regards, Steve
  8. Hi, Superb Mars Images ! Regards, Steve
  9. Hi, Below are a few images that I took on the evening of 27 September, conditions were not perfect, with the usual annoying breeze and fast cloud coming in from the west. Images taken using my Intes MK67 Maksutov and ZWOASI178MC camera. All images were shot as RGB24 and AVI output format. Then processed through Autostakkert, and then tweaked using a combination of GIMP and Affinity Photo. I am little disappointed because I could not fully carry out some of the advice that I was given, in my last Mars image post. I am basically trying to get a faster FPS rate without sacrificing resolution (ie) which is what happens when you start binning at BIN2. With my ZWOASI178MC camera and SharpCap 3.2, there does not seem to be a way in which one can "reduce" ROI size, when working within a large resolution capture area of say 1920 x 1200. (or so far, I have not figured out how to do it) When imaging with the ZWO178MC and SharpCap, one is unable to use the mouse to draw a smaller ROI box and the adjustment numbers which are displayed alongside the ROI box, only seem to effect "Pan" and "Tilt", and have no reducing effect on the ROI box. I am now thinking of imaging at colour space RAW 8 (to give me "8 BIT" capture) and also switching my output format from AVI to "SER". Does anyone else do this? Will it result in me obtaining a faster FPS rate, to give me better images? Very grateful for any feedback on this. Probably a lot of us out there who are not using the best settings on our cameras to get the best images ! Regards, Steve
  10. Thanks Bryan and Tom, I am using Sharpcap when doing my imaging. I will stick with Bin1 on my next session and reduce my ROI as you advise. Thanks for advice, Steve
  11. Hi On the evening of Sunday 20th September, I finally managed to get Mars using my Intes MK67 Maksutov and ZWOASI178MC camera. As usual, the MK67 did not let me down and it seems to pair up well with a x2 barlow, which was used for every image. I am starting to use the ZWO178MC at BIN2 now to get a faster frame rate, and it seems to pay off. Camera gain set at 180. Images processed through Autostakkert , and then a combination of GIMP and Affinity Photo. Registax was not used as converted images were quite sharp already. Regards, Steve
  12. Hi, I decided to get my Intes MK67 Maksutov out of it's case on Sunday 13th September 2020, and I am so glad that I did. I believe this is my best telescope for planetary imaging by far, due to it's superb sharpness. The below images were taken in not very good seeing, and with the usual annoying coastal breezes in the air, thanks to living close to the sea, on the tip of West Wales, Pembrokeshire, UK. Imaging is also made more difficult by these planets also being low in the sky, and as a lot of people are saying for imaging they are "past their best". I was shocked afterwards to find my MK67 objective was covered in dew (forgot to put my dew shield on), however the images were still good ! Images taken using my ZWOASI178MC camera and Meade x2 APO Barlow lens. Processed through Autostakkert and then some tweaking with a combination of Affinity Photo and Gimp ( I find GIMP noise reduction at level 4 is good ). I must admit I am "well chuffed" on how good the above combination works with the Intes MK67, and cannot wait to get Mars, in the next few days, and follow it through to opposition. Regards, Steve
  13. Hi, I managed to get some imaging done on the evening of Sunday 6th September. Not the best of conditions with lots of fast moving "wispy" high level cloud, spoiling the fun. However I managed to image Mars for the first time this year. Used Jupiter as a warm up while waiting for Mars to rise. Looking forward to more Mars imaging sessions in the next few weeks and will get out the Barlow Lens next time ! Telescope: Vixen VC200L Mount: Skywatcher NEQ 6 Pro Camera: ZWO178MC Mars Image: 2,439 AVI frames at 1920x1200 camera resolution, using 190 Gain, via Sharpcap. Processed with Autostakkert, then tweaked in Registax, Affinity and GIMP. Jupiter Image: 1,603 AVI frames at 1920x1080 camera resolution, using 190 Gain, via Sharpcap. Processed with Autostakkert, then tweaked in Registax, Affinity and GIMP. Regards, Steve
  14. Hi, Wow ! Superb work as always ! Regards, Steve
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