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  1. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Hi, Not sure if this has already been covered already - if you attach the Synscan WiFi Adapter to the Skywatcher NEQ6PRO Mount, will the Polarscope illuminator still function? or does this only become illuminated when using the Synscan Handset? Regards, Steve
  2. Lights, Darks, Bias, Flats Query

    Many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. Wish this weather in West Wales would improve. Clear sky's it seems ..so I think, lets get my new NEQ6 set up and do some test shots with my Canon 450D.. I go outside and it has clouded over!!
  3. Hi, Having problems trying to find any written guidance on this and I know the StargazersLounge is the place to find an answer. My query is:- If you shoot say 40 "Lights", then how many "Darks" would you also need to take? Also if you were planning on incorporating "Bias" and "Flats" then, how many Bias and Flat frames would be required (for 40 lights). Is there any quick reference guide/card one can refer to for this, or is it a trial and error thing at calibration/stacking stage. Regards, Steve
  4. Cable Query - Canon450D DSLR to Laptop

    Many thanks for all your excellent advice. Cheers, Steve
  5. Cable Query - Canon450D DSLR to Laptop

    Hi, No I bought my canon 450D secondhand and there was no such cable with it. Looking for some tips on where i can get a decent cable from in uk (ie) name of sellers, brands etc Regards, Steve
  6. Hi, I am keen to get things "set up" to enable me to use APT on my laptop via my Canon 450D DSLR. I understand that I require an "A - Male to Mini B USB Cable" to connect my DSLR to my laptop. Can anyone recommend a good reliable make of cable which I can buy in the UK. There seems to be loads on E-Bay, Amazon, etc. for about £5. However I don't want to buy junk and I don't want to spend a fortune either. Any suggestions please? Also, a lot of the cable I have seen is 1 metre at the max. Will 1 metre in cable length be long enough for my imaging needs. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi, I nearly got my new NEQ6 mount out last night to try it out - but guess what, it clouded over, (and even worse Pembroke Power Station also decided to pollute the sky where I live with clouds of steam). So my plans were abandoned. Anyway, perhaps I am thinking too much (and over worrying) concerning my mount set up procedures. Maybe I just need to get out in the garden and try things out. However, I watched "Astronomyshed Utube NEQ6 Videos" and he set his DEC home position to 0 ZERO and RA home position to 12'oclock position. AND THIS HAS CONFUSED ME. BECAUSE, A lot of instruction and guidance on the internet, including a book I have, "Long Exposure Astrophotography" by Alan Hall, advises you to set RA at 0 (ZERO), (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere). I have gone ahead and done this, and both my DEC AND RA Home positions are set at ZERO. Also I have noticed that my small polar scope adjustment scale (where you look through to see Polaris) is also at ZERO. Is this correct? Also, after Home Position has all been set up as above, do you "loosen off" the small screws which are on the DEC and RA scales? Or do you leave them screwed in tight? No guidance seems to be clear on this. One more and probably a daft question. When initiating Synscan star alignment and putting Synscan Goto into action...Should my DEC and RA clutches be Tight (engaged) or Loosened (dis-engaged). The Manual does not seem to mention this, unless I missed it. Best Regards Steve
  8. New SynScan Handset Problem

    Hi, Many thanks to Peter and everyone else in the Stargazerslounge, for all your kind efforts in helping me out on my Synscan "Coordinates Input Problem". I Converted my coordinate values to Hours, Minutes and Seconds and low and behold, my Minute values came up as less than 59. So I inputted my longitude 004 57' W and Latitude 51 41' N this evening and in the words of Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it" .... it worked! I have now done all that is required to initialise my Synscan handset. I am now keenly awaiting a clear night sky so I can align Polaris and action either a 2 star or 3 star mount alignment. I am looking forward to testing out my NEQ6Pro and will spend some time now balancing my telescope (going to use my Orion ED 80 to test out the mount) so I will be ready for some clear sky (without fireworks dropping on me!) Thanks Again, Steve
  9. New SynScan Handset Problem

    Things have now gone from Bad to Worse. All I can think is that I must have a "dud handset". Earlier today I attempted to go through the Synscan Initialisation Procedure, with the hope of being able to access Synscan "Setup Mode" where I could then possibly have some success in inputting MY OWN "longitude" and "latitude" coordinates, over the incorrect longitude and latitude coordinates showing on my new handset (ie) (E 129 degrees 39' and N 31 degrees 20' respectively). I was unable to input my own longitude (W 004 95') and latitude (N 51 68') because the "Enter" button would not work/allow me to do so. Therefore I pressed "Enter" on the incorrect coordinates (where these have originated from I do not know), and the Synscan took me through to "Time Zone" through Date, Time, Daylight Saving Time etc. etc. and each time the input and "Enter" worked fine. I eventually managed to navigate to "Begin Alignment" (because the manual says that the Synscan will operate in Full Feature Mode after alignment). I then carried out a basic " 1 Star alignment". Then I accessed "Set Up Mode" in order to again try updating my longitude and latitude coordinates. To my annoyance the handset still would not let me input MY coordinates, due to the "Enter" button NOT Working/Allowing me to. After some thought (a bad decision?) I decided to carry out the "Factory Reset" procedure via Setup Mode. Afterwards upon Synscan Initialisation, the longitude was showing as H ??? ?? ( I noticed before that the handset was showing the letter H rather than the letter W for West) However Synscan will still not let me input my longitude to overwrite the question marks and the "Enter" button will not work. I am now totally stuck. Any ideas of what I can do? Any advice much appreciated. Regards, Steve
  10. Hi, Recently purchased a Skywatcher NEQ6PRO mount and have finally got everthing set up on my new mount, until it came to Handset Initialisation. The firmware version on my new handset is 04.37.03. The more upto date version on the skywatcher website is version 04.39.05. Do I really have to go through all the stress and hassle to update my handset before I can use it? To update the handset it seems I will have to get hold of a serial to usb adapter, which is dissapointing, because all this delays me even longer to trying out my new mount! I have tried to type in my longtitude and latitude coordinates, over the coordinates, which appear to have been inputted by the factory. However, the handset ENTER button does not work, and I am unable to procede in updating Time, Elevation, etc. Is there a fault with my handset (enter button not working) or is it that I have to carry out the firmware update in order to procede. Gratefull for any advice please. Regards, Steve
  11. Hi, I am about to set up my NEQ6Pro Synscan Hand control unit, and just before inputting the date and time etc, it instructs one to "Set Elevation". The manual is a bit vague on this. Does Elevation basically mean Altitude? Do I input the elevation (the Altitude) of where I live into Synscan (ie) 51 metres? Grateful for advice (Hopefully I will soon be out in the garden with my new NEQ6Pro and am keen to get everything spot on) Regards, Steve
  12. Hello from Pembrokeshire, UK

    Many thanks again for all the kind welcome messages. This Stargazers Lounge is so good, I seem to be developing a Stargazers Lounge addiction problem. Just got myself an NEQ6 PRO mount, and am scouring all the posts connected to "NEQ6" to gain more NEQ6 knowledge. The lounge is a brilliant source of information. Thanks Again, Steve
  13. Hi, Finally have made the move and purchased a Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Synscan Mount (from Harrison Telescopes Ltd, superb service given by them and a very quick delivery). I have been on holiday from work this week and it was the ideal time to order the mount, as I would be home for it's delivery. So I ordered it on Monday evening and it arrived at my house just before mid day today Wed 25th Oct, quicker than I expected. I am now feeling a bit apprehensive (some anxiety is kicking in) as I will soon have to set the mount up and get it Polar Aligned etc. Have been looking at various U-Tube videos and reading everything I can get my hands on about settting up an NEQ6. I even went to Wilkinsons this afternoon and bought myself a mini spirit level kit and a medium black marker pen, so I can mark my "home position" on the mount! I expect I will be dreaming about setting it up when I go to bed later! Never mind "no pain no gain" as Arnold once said. Regards, Steve
  14. good beginner astrophotography camera

    I would go for the best you can afford - the ZWO ASI178MC (non cool version) could be a good choice. At this moment "I have my eye on getting this camera for myself VERY soon". It is appears to be very good on Deep Sky as well as Planetary, and has "excellent all round performance" (see some of the u-tube videos that are on the net). One thing is for certain, is that as soon you get familiar to a piece of kit (ie) whatever Astro Camera you buy, you will SOON crave for something better. Regards, Steve
  15. AAPOD²

    A Moon Masterpiece - Stunning Photo! Regards, Steve