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  1. PembrokeSteve

    Lunar V & X Disc & Terminator Mosaic | Jan 13th 2019

    Mega Outstanding Imaging ! Regards, Steve
  2. Hi, This is only the second time I have ever imaged M42, so I am very pleased with my result. What an improvement on last February's first ever attempt!! It is amazing what details can be had from just a short capture like mine, and I am full of admiration when I see the many superb M42 images on the forum from experienced imagers. I will now have to knuckle down and get more sub time in ! Image Info Date: 09/01/2019 Telescope: Orion ED80 Camera: Canon 450D (unmodified) Mount: NEQ6 Pro Exposures: Lights - x35 60 sec subs and x10 30 sec subs. Darks - x10 60 secs and x5 30 secs. Bias - x20 . Flats - x20. Processed in APP and slightly tweaked in GIMP. Regards, Steve
  3. PembrokeSteve

    2018-11-30 2 panel mosaic

    Superb Work! Very impressed by the sharpness of your image! Regards, Steve
  4. PembrokeSteve

    Lunar Image with light oddity

    Hi, Many thanks to Ruud, for explaining what the dot of light is for me. Thanks to everyone else as well for your comments. This is good information for many of us, if we ever capture these specks of light whilst lunar imaging in the future. Again Many thanks, Steve
  5. PembrokeSteve

    Lunar Image with light oddity

    Hi, This is one of my first moon images: Showing The crater Tycho and Clavius and Schiller regions above, taken with my ZWOASI178MC camera, using my VC200L telescope. Imaged on 20/10/2018 ( Sharpcap Timestamp: 20.10.18 T 19.47:49 ) Anyway, I noticed whilst going through my recent moon images this evening, a tiny "dot" of light to the edge of the moon. Not certain if there were any celestial occultations when I captured the image. The dot of light is clearly visible for the whole duration of my AVI, but with no sign of any movement or flicker. Could it be a star? Any ideas of what it could be? Regards, Steve
  6. PembrokeSteve

    Stunning Moon Tonight. 19-11-18

    Hi Charl, Great shots! I thought it was cloudy in my part of West Wales, until I I looked out of the window at about 10 o'clock, but then I said to myself "its a bit too cold" ( my wimpish excuse, which I now regret, after seeing your photos ! ) Regards, Steve
  7. PembrokeSteve

    Widefield Orion

    No other words other than...Fantastic Image Regards, Steve
  8. PembrokeSteve

    Lunar Images - Using Intes MK67

    Hi Finally got out last night just after dark to try out my new ZWO ASA178MC camera using my beloved Intes MK67 Maksutov telescope. I have only recently, been able to put this favourite scope of mine, into action, after having to get some Vixen Tube Rings for it. Before I just could not get it to balance on my NEQ6 (it is a very heavy OTA, and built like a tank). Anyway I am delighted how my Intes MK67 pairs up with my ZWO ASI178MC camera, as you will see from my images below. I bought this camera back in August for mainly Planetary and Lunar imaging, and the fact that it is meant to be quite good on DSO's as well (was hoping to image Mars with it using the Intes, but then everything went haywire when I had balancing issues). After taking these shots of the moon, if this camera just becomes just my "Lunar Imaging camera only", then I will still be a happy man (money well spent). However I am certain this camera will be a killer on planetary, when teamed up with the Intes. Can't wait to see the results I will get when I use it on Jupiter! Some of my Lunar Images for you to see are below. Regards Steve
  9. PembrokeSteve

    NGC 891 and friends

    Fantastic Image - can't stop gazing into your photo - What an image! Regards, Steve
  10. PembrokeSteve

    Mare Nectaris 2018-10-28

    A superb Image, which inspires me greatly. Can't wait until my next chance to do some lunar imaging myself ! Regards Steve
  11. Hi, Many thanks for taking the time to provide the excellent explanations and advice. I am sure it will be appreciated by other members as well. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi, I am thinking of getting a Baader H-Alpha Narrowband filter, with the aim of it allowing me to do some DSO imaging with my ZWO ASI 178MC color camera, (ie) to enable me to get some imaging done on moonlit nights. Have been going over previous posts to do with these filters, however I am unable to find what the difference is between (e.g) the 35nm filter, the 7nm filter and the 3.5nm filter. The 35nm H-Alpha filter seems to be the cheapest in the range. Does the filter imaging quality results improve as the number gets lower (ie) is 3.5nm best? I would be quiet happy to go for the 35nm version, to get some experience in using one of these filters. I would be using the filter with my Orion ED80 Refractor. Any advice, or suggestions much appreciated. Regards Steve
  13. PembrokeSteve

    First Moon Images with ZWOASI178MC

    Hi, Just starting to get to grips with my new ZWOASI178MC Camera and took some AVI images of the Moon using the camera resolution (capture area) set at 1600x1200. I then processed through Autostakkert and tweaked in Registax and Gimp. The results look really promising. One of the main reasons I chose this camera was for lunar imaging, so I am very pleased with first results. Below shots taken with my Vixen VC200L. However I intend to use this camera mainly with my Intes MK67 Maksutov , and am looking forward to seeing the results I get (ie) The Intes MK67 Maksutov will probably give me super pin sharp images of the moon. Regards, Steve
  14. PembrokeSteve

    My second Andromeda of the season

    Excellent Image - Inspiration stuff for me as well. Regards, Steve
  15. PembrokeSteve

    My first M31

    Hi, Very pleased with my first ever attempt at imaging M31. Photo taken with my Orion ED80 Refractor, and Canon 450D DSLR at ISO 1600. Only scraping the surface "exposure wise", I know, with 48 Lights (composed of mainly 60 sec subs, with some 30 sec subs thrown in as well). 7 Darks, 20 Flats ,20 Bias Image processed from start to finish with Astro Pixel Processor (APP), of which I have just started a 30 day free trial. I am VERY impressed with APP, after experiencing lots of frustration with DSS and GIMP. Excited of what may be possible , when I begin to expose for longer periods of time., which I intend to do as a gain more experience. Regards to all Steve

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