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  1. Hi, Those images are sooo good !! Regards, Steve
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your kind comments and good advice concerning setting the exposure against the brightest parts . Regards, Steve
  3. Hi I took this image on 13/09/19, yes... it is the Harvest Moon, again! , using my Intes-Micro MN56 Mak-Newt telescope and ZWOASI178MC camera. I basically shot two 510 frame AVI's at highest resolution of 3096x2080 of the top section and bottom section of the full Moon. I then stitched them together and saved as a JPEG, using the free Microsoft Composite Image Editor (ICE), which i have never used before. I can't wait to have a go at more ambitious Moon Mosaics, using this free programme, which is so easy to use. Amazed with my resulting image. Image tweaked using Affinity Photo Serif. Regards, Steve
  4. Hi, What a SUPERB Image !! Regards Steve
  5. Hi Wouter, Stunning is the word ! Never expected to see an image as good as that when i clicked on that thumbnail !!!!! Regards, Steve
  6. Hi, Took these two images of the Harvest Moon on 13 September 2019. I was attempting to capture the craters in the extreme Northern Edges, not easy due to the Moon's brightness Equipment: IntesMN56 Mak Newt Telescope. ZWOASI178MC Camera. Regards Steve Image 1 Shows the Sina Iridium Area with Plato to the right. Above is the crater Pythagoras. Image 2 Taken with the x2 Barlow - Shows the crater Pythagoras (first on the left), then the craters Carpenter, Philolaus and Anaxagoras. Further craters ( don't ask me their names! ) can be seen behind, going into the darkness.
  7. Stunning Image Brian, Regards Steve
  8. Hi, Finally took the plunge and purchased Serif Affinity Photo, for £48 over the weekend. I am Very pleased with it so far, it seems easy to use, and I have been putting it into practice with some of my more recent unprocessed lunar images. The results I am getting are really good. I will be keeping GIMP, however Affinity looks like it will become my main Astro image tweaker. Looking forward to using Affinity on my DSO images, after coming through my Astro Pixel Processor. Regards, Steve
  9. Hi' Another Image from my session of 09/07/2019 ( Blame it on the rainy Welsh weather ! ) Imaged taken using my Intes-Micro MN56 Maksutov Newtonian Telescope. Camera: ZWO ASI 178MC and x2 Meade ED Barlow Lens. Processed via Autostakkert, then Wavelets tweak in Registax. Further tweaks (and text input) with Arc-soft Photostudio 6 trial. Regards, Steve
  10. Hi, Neil Armstrong would have been impressed with your colour moon, i am sure! Superb Image. Regards, Steve
  11. Hi, Avani, Another Masterpiece! Your images are amazing! Regards, Steve
  12. Hi, The below image ( hopefully ! ) is the approximate Apollo 15 Landing site, hidden in the darkness. Imaged on 09/07/2019 with my Intes-Micro MN56 Telescope and ZWO178MC camera, with Meade x2 ED Barlow lens. Image processed through Autostakkert and GIMP, including text input via ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 Regards, Steve
  13. Hi, Please see below a few Moon images I shot on Tuesday 9th July 2019. My Intes-Micro MN56 is becoming my favourite scope for Lunar Imaging, because it seems to match up very well with my ZWO ASI 178MC camera. The MN56 also seems to have great capacity for my x2 Barlow lens, without too much image degradation (ie) the scope "eats up" my x2 Barlow ! Regards, Steve A few Lunar Images Below from my 09/07/19 session:-
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