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  1. Thank you, Craig. Yes, this is the FCD100 triplet. It is a tough get on the very first few days of the phase. I wish my seeing conditions had been better for better focus on this one. I know I could do video capture, but I enjoy working to catch a frame.
  2. Fairmount, Illinois 10 OM 4/13 - 3 AM 4/14 Meade 8 inch SCT Docter 12.5 TV 22 Pan Celestron 40mm Swarovski 10X30 binoculars A chilly night, 32°f by the time a called the game. Fortunately there was no breeze. No moon and a high transparency lured me out for some galaxy nabs and a few globs and an OC or two. I mounted my Meade LXD 75 8 on the LXD mount and spent 45 frustrating minutes trying to get an acceptable alignment. I didn't need high precision but I needed enough so as not to require a fiddle with every go-to. Not sure why it took so long. Although seeing was poo
  3. Captured April 26, 2020 ES127 f 7.5 2X Barlow Nikon d810 camera Single frame
  4. I am running a "Note8". I have no external control software. I have pretty good in cam controls. I can shoot up to 10 seconds. I wish I had a bulb setting. The note8 also has some pretty good editing software in the phone.
  5. Thank you Scarp and Mark for your encouraging comments. I enjoy binocular astronomy very much. It is my goto for a relaxing pleasure cruise on the river Alph. "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree : Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea." –Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Cheers!
  6. September 27-28, 2019 Rural Dark Site Fithian, Illinois. USA 40.009685,-87.832128 Elevation 670 ft Pentax 8.5X43 Oberwerk 25X100 2100-0100 Transparency was very good all evening. Seeing average at 2100 but improved through the evening. Pickering 3 at outset increased to 4 by 2300. Henry and I had a grand outing at our Fithian dark site. Henry imaged with his Quatro and I lounged with my binoculars. At midnight when NGC7000 was nearly at zenith I made the observation free handing my Oberwerks 25X100 binoculars reclining in my ZG chair. Easy peasy... I att
  7. On my last binocular outing I was able to observe NGC7000. I have attempted to illustrate the contrast as I observed it, but I think the sketch may have more contrast than the actual view. The orientation is correct as viewed. observed with 25X100 Oberwerk binoculars hand held while reclining in zero gravity chair.
  8. I am not sure of a trend, but I do see constant AP activity across the forums. The following sums up for me my point if view on Visual Observation. Visual astronomy is where you stick your eyeball on the opening of that little glass piece on the southern end of your telescope and soak up photons in your retina. You're just sitting there quiet but for the occasional gasp of delight. It is an intimate activity. It is, on its face, a one way conversation wherein we allow a particular part of the universe to physically enter our body through our eye, or eyes, as the case may be. And f
  9. Thank you for a fine report. I have enjoyed following along. "Caroline’s Rose: Next, and with the low power still in, I wandered up to Cassiopeia. I could see the dark lanes in this open cluster; I sort of get it as a rose but it doesn’t quite leap out and grab me." Carolina's Rose is one of my favorite jewels. In good skies this is a sparkling delight to me. It seems almost fragile in the fineness of good resolution. Thanks again .
  10. These Oberwerks do allow me the use of filters with the threaded oculars. This does help, although I did not use them on this outing.
  11. You have worked very hard on this. I do not run a Dob, but I imagine keeping up with the field at this magnification takes experience and skill. Thank you for the detailed report.
  12. September 9, 2029 Penfield Dark Site Illinois, USA 1:13 AM CST Latitude 40.4586 Longitude: -87.9 Elevation: 224 feet. RA 23h 04m 56.6s[ Dec +12° 19′ 22″ NGC 7479 is a tough binocular target. This magnitude 11ish spiral galaxy in Pegasus was not a difficult hop, but it was a difficult Get! I went out with Pentax 8.5X43 thinking to gain some aperture over the Swaro 10X30 from my prior bino outing. That dog just would not hunt. I mounted my 25X100 Oberwerks with a 2.4°field on the tripod and went to work. From a centered Alpha Peg, Markab,
  13. Jupiter 7 13 2019. Meade LXD75 8 NIKON D 810 PRIME.
  14. This us a single frame. I use CS5 to add a 1 pixel blur to smooth the image to taste and increased saturation a tiny bit. I did capture about 20 frames but at this point I am stacking by hand and the stack did not look as good as the single frame. I realize more data and stacking will help. I also need to improve my focus. The sky would not tolerate more magnification than the 12.5 KK would provide. Which was around 160X if my calculation is correct. It may be a tad more with the camera. The sky was mitigated by the moon on this night as well as mediocre seeing conditions.
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