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  1. This is fantastic capture! Could you share details of this capture? Elevation of observing site, atmospheric condition, etc.? Thank you.
  2. Great report. Great observations both. Was able to observe the same from the Midwest USA. The drawings are very beautiful. Thank you. My view was through an 80 millimeter F6 scope. I couldn't go over 96 x before I lost definition. Transparency was wonky here.
  3. Thank you for your report. Appreciate the detail. Very educational to me. I have very little experience here and reading reports of more seasoned observers is very helpful.
  4. I like the Shiraz treatment! :-)
  5. This is wonderful. Such a welcoming group. This is quite nice. I feel very welcome.
  6. I have had only an hour or so to explore the Forum. The resources here are fantastic. Thank you for your warm welcome all.
  7. I am a visual observer, but I am also an artist. I do not do AP, but I love seeing the work that others do when they capture that moment in their AP images. It brings the universe to life for those who have never looked through a telescope, and it informs more fully what I see through the telescope alone. I agree with the statement that it is not one or the other. Our technology has given us both avenues to pursue.
  8. Hello. I just signed on. Been looking at the stars for 62 years, and just recently acquired a telescope :-) I am a Visual observer, refractor. 80mm f6. Have not gotten a handle on navigating the forum yet so I hope I am posting this intro in the proper place. I look forward to participating here. I like your code of conduct and the care you express in keeping the forum a friendly , encouraging environment. Clear Skies.
  9. Very nice capture! It sings!
  10. Outstanding images. Thank you.