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  1. This book has plans and instructions to make a tube and a mount for a 6" f15 refractor. http://www.company7.com/books/products/berrybuild.html
  2. There may be a small loss in light transmission due to lack of coatings but still the lens has potential to be a wonderful telescope. If you cannot find a suitable metal tube it is possible to make a lightweight tube from thin high quality plywood. Some years ago I purchased a 6" f15 lens from the US and made a tube for it. There is a description on this link. https://www.iceinspace.com.au/41-340-0-0-1-0.html Since then I made other telescopes using a similar method. The method is described in more detail in this thread about a 5" f12. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/325327-5-f12-istar-refractor-project/#entry4171500 It is also possible to fold the telescope using high quality flat mirrors to shorten the tube. Mounting a long tube like this requires a solid mounting. An EQ6 is probably not suitable.
  3. Refractors have certainly got me hooked. I was able to visit Florence a few years ago and see some of Galileo's telescopes.
  4. Yes I am confidant they are the same manufacturer. I like them both. The APM with centre focus is more versatile for general purpose use. The TS is the better choice for marine use as it is more protected. Optically they seem almost the same. There is some more information in this link; https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/676116-apm-8x30-ed-and-6x30-porro-binoculars-prototypes/?p=9634993 Comparing them early this morning on star clusters and just general scanning the heavens, my first impression is that they are virtually the same with regards to optical performance.
  5. Telescope Express have a special on the little 6x30 ED so I bought one to compare with the APM 6x30 that have had for a couple of years. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p15261_TS-Optics-6x30-ED-APO-Outdoor-Binoculars---Magnesium-Body.html
  6. I received the new 179mm lens cap from Kyoei Osaka and it fits the FS152 as expected. It is painted in the new silver colour, not the green as Johns is in the photos above. It has a full circle of felt not the three pieces. This makes it very tight fitting but I guess that will ease in use as the felt compresses over time.
  7. Stephen Tonkin has a review of the Stellar 16x80. https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/reviews/binoculars/helios-stellar-ii-16x80-binoculars And Pinac has some comments on the Lightquest 16x80. https://binocular.ch/helios-lightquest-hr-16x80/
  8. Yes the 152 has the collimation screws at the rear of the cell outside the lens hood. The 128 has them at the front of the cell inside the lens hood. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/473016-fs-128-vs-fs-152sv/
  9. The lenscoat soft covers are a great idea. I believe the lens cover diameter is the same for the FS128, FS152 and the TOA130 at 179mm OD. Therefore the TOA130 lens cap should fit. They are a lighter, thin aluminium cover that slips over the outside of the lens hood. I have recently ordered one from Kyoei Osaka and will let you know how it goes once I have it in hand. https://www.kyoei-osaka.jp/SHOP/takahashi-TS-A218.html
  10. I owned a TSA 102 for many years. I had the opportunity to replace it with a TSA 120 and have no regrets. The FS128 will be awesome. Go for it!
  11. Thank you Steve for your books and website. 👍
  12. In the photo its a Vixen GPD2 on a Berlebach Uni 18 tripod. There is also the Rowan AZ100 on a Berlebach Planet.
  13. It is 15 years since I bought my first Takahashi, a nice TSA 102S. It was a fantastic scope and I only let it go to trade for a TSA 120.
  14. I like how they put the sliding tail piece on the 140 and 185. Gives more back-focus options and reduces storage size. They achieve the same thing with the removable tube section on the 102 and 120.
  15. Between 20 and 30 years ago? FS152 was produced between 1995 and 2005, not sure about the FCT150.
  16. Here is an old Sky and Telescope magazine advertisement.
  17. For a short while I owned both of these. The Stellamira 110mm f6 is a great scope however for my use the Starfield ticks more boxes.. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/399680-stallamira-110ed-f6-refractor/#comment-4288505
  18. This is an old Jaegers 6" f5 along with a 6" f15 with a D&G lens.
  19. Florence is wonderful. The Museo Galileo is well worth a visit.
  20. The Habicht 8x30 is an excellent small porro and has such a long history. The Nikon 8x30 EII is wonderful also. Neither is perfect, They each have their own character and charm.
  21. I have the Oklop 80/600 bag for the Starfield 102. It fits perfectly even with rings and dovetail attached. I can even get away with leaving the Takahashi prism diagonal in place. I also have the Oklop 120/900 bag for the TSA120. I have used hard cases in the past however the soft cases are more convenient and lighter.
  22. I would recommend the 102mm f7 for your stated purpose of astrophotography and lunar planetary visual. The 110mm f6 Stellamira can do the same things however will show more false colour. It is a great telescope however I see it's forte being more towards wide field deep sky visual use. For a short while I owned both the Starfield 102 f7 and the Stellamira 110 f6. Eventually I sold the Stellamira as the Starfield suited my use case better. I mostly do only visual lunar and planetary and have other scopes. See also this previous thread; https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/399680-stallamira-110ed-f6-refractor/#comment-4288505
  23. I know FLO used to sell the scopes and mounts and eyepieces. Then I think there was a change in Vixens global distribution arrangement. Where are we now? Will we see them again?
  24. Some years ago I had two 6 inch refractors. The longer one used a D&G f15 lens. The shorter one used a Jaegers f5 lens. They were complimentary in that the f5 was good from 25x to 59x and the f15 started at 58x and was good up to 200x and more.
  25. Oberwerk in the USA have them; https://oberwerk.com/product/oberwerk-replacement-eyecups/
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