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    Anything that is outside our atmosphere... the universe fascinates me more then life itself!!! I love to fly fish and stay outdoors... Science and experimenting with new things... i would love to one day have a degree in astrophysics and be on the frontier of space exploration and observation...
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    Northeast Pennsylvania
  1. So in turn on the orion starblast 4.5 came a rack and pinion focuser. I was looking to upgrade to a jmi mini but scared of the alignment and doing it right. Any experience with that?
  2. Ok I got the televue 3x barlow used and it was decently clear last night. The moon seemed to focus well but got noticeably darker. Would a televue 5,6, or 7mm Ep give a brighter more clear view, compared to my stocl 5mm EP
  3. The starblast 4.5 from orion and the two eyepieces that came with it 6mm and 15mm expanse
  4. Sorry if this is already on here i couldnt find it? If i add a 3x barlow to my setup will it be a little more distorted no matter what or is that showing the quality of my EPs. If i buy better EPs will the viewing quality increase? Thanks for your help!! Chad
  5. Just wondering if i can use any type of grease or lubricant to help with the movement of my slow motion control gears or do they make a special kind? Thank you all! Chad
  6. Haha not much yet... still very new to this kind of thing and dont know where i would start. I want it to be lightweight for travel/hiking so I can throw the OTA in my backpack and then hook the mount on to it. If you have any ideas I am pretty good at figuring things out. Maybe i can do some more research to see if there is any out there with kind of the same idea.
  7. I was looking for just the mount that comes with the starblast 4.5. I cant seem to find it anywhere. If anyone knows anything or a different mount that will work please let me know. Thank you Chad
  8. M31 is very faint with the naked eye for me but once you find it a couple of times you can definitely notice more and more detail with the naked eye! It is an amazing sight to look at when you understand what it is you are looking at. Orion was my first nebula too and so far ive gone back to it every night since... I cannot get over how fascinating it is.. Good luck! Chad
  9. I think its an amazingly easy to navigate forum. I think you all did a great job! Thank you!! Chad
  10. Yes i brought it in the car for about 20 minutes and was back at it... thank you for the reply!! Chad
  11. In the middle of an observing session and frost is hitting my scope on the outside pretty hard is this normal or do i have to bring it in to warm up?? Chad
  12. Thank you so much for that considering im in the US.
  13. I will have to keep that in mind Louis. Sounds like alot of people on here are on cloudy nights as well. I guess i will be joining that one too.
  14. Thats awesome patrick! Adding to my bookmarks for astronomy right now and definitely will play around with it before im ready to buy... Thank you very much! Chad
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