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    Anything that is outside our atmosphere... the universe fascinates me more then life itself!!! I love to fly fish and stay outdoors... Science and experimenting with new things... i would love to one day have a degree in astrophysics and be on the frontier of space exploration and observation...
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    Northeast Pennsylvania

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  1. M31 is very faint with the naked eye for me but once you find it a couple of times you can definitely notice more and more detail with the naked eye! It is an amazing sight to look at when you understand what it is you are looking at. Orion was my first nebula too and so far ive gone back to it every night since... I cannot get over how fascinating it is.. Good luck! Chad
  2. I think its an amazingly easy to navigate forum. I think you all did a great job! Thank you!! Chad
  3. Yes i brought it in the car for about 20 minutes and was back at it... thank you for the reply!! Chad
  4. In the middle of an observing session and frost is hitting my scope on the outside pretty hard is this normal or do i have to bring it in to warm up?? Chad
  5. Thank you so much for that considering im in the US.
  6. I will have to keep that in mind Louis. Sounds like alot of people on here are on cloudy nights as well. I guess i will be joining that one too.
  7. Thats awesome patrick! Adding to my bookmarks for astronomy right now and definitely will play around with it before im ready to buy... Thank you very much! Chad
  8. Also only so far have the two eyepieces that came with the scope not sure exactly what they are except 6mm and 15mm with a 68º FoV. They have really done outstanding with orion nebula and the moon so far on very clear nights im assuming. I did see a difference in my last two observing sessions of how the atmosphere can effect your view. I havent purchased anything else yet because of financial restrictions and wanting to wait to make good purchases rather then rushing and getting something that im going to upgrade in the near future. Plus from my understand EPs can go from scope to scope so really want to do some good research and get ones that will last a lifetime for the most part.
  9. I have the orion starblast 4.5... TV 2x barlow is already on the list but considering that for later because I think right now my focus is deep sky. Just from all the good Ive heard it seems to me im going to lean towards TV throughout unless recommendations come for different brands that are talking more highly then the televue. My only concern is the FOV on the plossi. I was looking at a set that had 100º FoV the other day but they are just out of my price range for now and im more worried about the quality of the eyepiece itself. So, correct me if im wrong, but im willing to give in FoV for a better quality EP at a little cheaper price. Also, and no offense to anyone, but im 25 and have fairly well eye sight and adaptability so eye relief isnt to much of an issue. I just want a quality glass thats gonna show me the best light. Does that make sense or is any of that wrong? Chad
  10. Thank you laudropb, I do have a local club that I am in the process of trying to join. I'm curious to see how serious it is going to be because unfortunately its pretty small however maybe that is a good thing. Im excited to meet people around here that are interested in it like I am. However, That is one reason i love this forum so far. It seems like there is much more access to people very passionate about observing instead of it just being a hobbie so it has been an incredible learning experience already.I have been explaining some things to my one friend and he sounds just as excited as I am, but is also a complete begginer as well. We are looking into taking some free courses online and ive also seen a website on one of the posts on this forum that seems to have some free classes. I am however looking to actually get a degree in something involved with the sky. Most likely astrophysics if I can handle it. Thank you very much again everyone, Chad
  11. Ok perfect reply Ronin! I was hesitant to save for the higher mag TV plossi but im not really worried about the eye relief and my scope is an f/4. I want the best i can purchase and ill add to my collection slow so looking forward to going with the 24 or 32mm. Now i just have to decide if that degree is what i want or wait and save for more. Again thank you! Chad
  12. Louis D, Very good info... I'm currently very into DSO's and would love to get the best quality image for those. But i also would love to be able to get up close and personal on the moon because the other night on a clear night the way i saw it was amazing through my orion 4.5 with the regular 16mm and 6mm that came with the scope. Lets just say im into the whole spectrum of things in the sky and looking to spend the money to get basically the best out of everything over time. I just wanted to pick your brains now to get a headstart. Ive been researching everything non stop since christmas between learning the sky how to find objects, what to look for, when to look and its all been a very fun and fascinating journey so far. Just trying to learn as much as possible but when it comes to eyepieces and scopes and filters the talk is still gibberish and im almost left cluess. If you have any tips on good filters as well it would be greatly appreciated! Chad
  13. I was looking mainly at comparing the televue plossi to others... and i was curious if the televue plossi is a good brand at the 6 or 8mm range or if i should go with a different model. Dont really have a budget except waiting on saving. I hear in these forums eyepieces are so important so im trying to save for the best but also not trying to spend 3 or 400$$ for one eyepiece just yet. Hope the extra info helps. Thank you all for your replies!! Chad
  14. Just trying to get some opinions on eyepieces. Ive been looking at the 32mm plossi vs the 24mm or other models and also opinions on the 6mm and 8mm plossi vs others? Thank you all! Chad
  15. I was up aswell this morning taking a look. You are correct those were some of the moons. My atmosphere was very hazy this morning so not real good viewing conditions. I have just started out as well. Good luck with the learning process!! Chad