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  1. All in the same FOV? I could only see 2, I must be going blind. 😀
  2. I found the Leo triplet, well I could only see 2 of them for some reason and both in the same field of view, does that sound about right? I was going to try and find M81 but it was to high up for me to make it comfortable so I'll go back to that, I feel I need to go back to the Leo triplet again also and find the 3rd one.
  3. Amazing. I just found M51 😀, I'm finally getting some use out of scope after it being stood in the naughty corner for soooooo long. Next stop M81 M82. Happy happy happy.
  4. Tonight I found my second galaxy (obviously Andromeda first) and I'm well pleased. I spent an hour scanning the skies for it and new i was in the right area but it just wouldn't pop out for me, but then i thought i spotted something, a few gentle taps on my scope to see if i was seeing things or there was actually something there, and there was 😀 the faint smudge of NGC2903 was in my sights.i could see absolutely nothing but a smudge but it was definitely there. Another great feeling of finding something new with your scope and just taking the time to scan the sky is amazing and feels so rewarding. Ngc2903 ☑️
  5. Cheers for that, i never checked the collimation so i hope its that. And I'm going to give those filters a look at right now. 😀
  6. Hi Could anyone please give me some advice on why I'm seeing a blurry/washy Jupiter, I'm using my SW200 and all I can see is a very washy and blurred image, it looks like I'm looking at it through water. I tried it with my BST EP's- 8mm 12mm 18mm and they all did they same. Is it just a bad night for viewing or is there an issue with the scope? I let it cool down probably half hour before I even used it. there was a touch of wind and I thought it could possibly be that messing with the air flow around my scope? Gary
  7. Observing maybe best.
  8. Admin can you please move to correct area, not sure if i can do it ??
  9. Hi all I'm just wondering what people do about going to "dark sites". Did/do you just randomly pack up your gear and drive out or you already knew of a place? And do you go solo where no-one else will be or do you go to places where other astro people go? There is a local astro club for me but due to work i haven't been able to go yet. But then i thought there must be people who don't go to clubs and just "head out". I'd love to just pack up and drive but I'm not sure how safe it would be with all the expensive gear and if you randomly bumped into some drunken idiots. Maybe I'm over thinking it, any thoughts? Gary
  10. I have a work mate who believes in all of this. Anything to try and get a conspiracy i think, he believes the earth is flat as water doesn't bend. He doesn't believe in gravity or the distances we are told things are apart. Also we have never landed on the moon and every NASA video is fake. I personally love these people as they make me feel so much better about myself knowing how confused They're and at what great lengths they will go to to try and convince you otherwise. 😉
  11. Hi all I'm quite new to the field and was just wondering if I could use my Dob200 to take a few images of the night sky, I do prefer to just see things with my own eyes and finding them without and goto etc but just wanted to have a little go into the field of AP just to see how it would look. Has anyone got any recommendations and can anyone tell me if the neximage cameras are any good for this kind of work Gary
  12. Still available mate
  13. Brand new Telrad-finder, I bought a Rigel quick finder instead and this passed its return date so I'm stuck with it. Brand new and never used, still in original box. £30 delivered. I'm going to buy a 1.25 Oiii filter so I will gladly do a swap for a good condition one if you have one? Gary
  14. I still have one for sale. It's a 1.25