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  1. Setting up the HEQ5

    I got one and the first time I set it up it took me a rough 20 minutes (5 minutes of that was me not getting I had to release the counterweightbar LOL). Now it went down to 10minutes. I am viewing only atm btw.
  2. The Double Cluster (NGC869 & NGC884)

    Oh yeah I see. Hmm might be the amount of light in the centre that makes me think the outer side is a bit curved. Next to that I am also learning the ropes so looking forward to the input the pro's have
  3. The Double Cluster (NGC869 & NGC884)

    Do you use a field flattener as I detect a bit of curvature in that picture?
  4. Want to buy : clear skies at night

  5. M45 The Pleiades

    You honour the seven sisters with this picture! Nice capture.
  6. Not giving up on Jupiter!

    I would settle for a Whimpy Burger lately. So many clouds over here
  7. FYI https://www.surreynanosystems.com/vantablack/faqs
  8. Getting sick of these clouds!!!!!

  9. RGB challenge - M31

    Beautiful picture! Just to be certain, this is old data or 3 hours old like in you took it 3 hours ago? :-)
  10. Santa's come early

    Hope you get clear skies soon but from the looks of it we will have to wait a bit
  11. Uranus 30/11/2017

    That result is stunning! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Supermoon (perigee) vs. Mini-moon (apogee)

    Haha, that asteroid ... beautiful! XD
  13. moon halo

    It can't be more cloudy as it right now where I live so nope didn't see it
  14. You can say that again! That looks great to work with. I can't help you with the tutorials though but I will surely keep an eye out for the answer because I could use those as well
  15. I bought my T-ring for like € 20 or something. You can save that 150€ (ish) on that EP and invest it in something an you will be able to do good AP with just the DSLR and get some time to learn it.