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  1. Pieter

    Third Time Not So Lucky! (Except For Algieba)

    Sleep is something you get when there are no clear skies...
  2. Pieter

    Yet another Orion nebula - RGB + Ha + O3

    We can all say you improved a great deal! Nice pictures! It might be Orion "again" but it never gets old looking at these pics.
  3. I just read a good article about the typical question "monochromatic vs colour"-ccd: https://photographingspace.com/colour-vs-mono-camera Could come in handy when making that decision. No exp on the rest, sorry.
  4. So jealous on your clear skies. Predictions where I live were superb yesterday and no moon so had everything ready... ofc it was cloudy ... :'(
  5. Pieter

    It fell over!

    Well almost all of them have that bottom screw and you can't do much wrong with that one. If its still loose after trying all possible rotations (also try it in combination with the focusing wheels) it will mean the metal has been damaged enough not to connect. But doubt that will be the case. I have the same focuser on my refractor. Took that picture with the reflector because it was first
  6. Pieter

    It fell over!

    Oh no... and that focuser is already such a wobbly thing I'm assuming you got this type of focuser? That bottom thumb screw is the one you should turn a bit obviously. I hope it works out!
  7. Pieter

    Impossible to answer?

    I am going to guess that you already asked the astronomy club
  8. Pieter

    NGC1333 - Perseus

    That picture is extremely beautiful and mysterious Thanks for sharing!
  9. Should be fine for control but for stacking I think the graphicscard might lack on heavy duty. Depends which programs you are going to use as well. The details don't show if there are more than 1 USB connection. Don't forget to buy a USB-hub when it would only be 1 connection for USB as you will need more than 1 obviously
  10. Pieter

    New Star Gazer in Essex

    Welcome Oli!
  11. Pieter

    Alternative solution

    That's not bad! You could also strap it tight with metal straps but those will be more risky to the well-being of your scope than what you did now (and you need tools for the job as well).
  12. Pieter

    First time with new scope

    Will get me a dob in the future as well. Good to see you had a great experience with it!
  13. Pieter

    Geminid composite.

    Thats not bad! How long did you gather footage?
  14. Pieter

    Setting up the HEQ5

    I got one and the first time I set it up it took me a rough 20 minutes (5 minutes of that was me not getting I had to release the counterweightbar LOL). Now it went down to 10minutes. I am viewing only atm btw.

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