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  1. Thanks I will give it a go when it's clear - no idea when that'll be!
  2. I will keep an eye out for this... I will have a look and see if there is any information on the NASA NEO website. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Dear all, I was just wondering what settings I should set my digital camera to (e.g. ISO, exposure etc.) that would enable me to take a picture of the night sky without the use of a telescope? Thanks.
  4. Hello from the South West UK

    Welcome to the forum David. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!
  5. B.A.A. Lunar Map

    I am afraid that I am going to have to disagree with you on this. This is the most up to date map that I can find, Virtual Moon Atlas is not that great - software wise. So, unless, you can find me a better map, in JPEG format?
  6. This image was taken on the 25th May 2017 with a Phillips SPC900NC webcam and a 5.1" reflector telescope.
  7. Dear all, I have just come across this today, in my hunt for undiscovered phenomenons on the moon. Very handy and up to date map of the moon, created by the late Peter Grego. Thanks. Here is the link:- https://www.britastro.org/node/9474
  8. whats my focus like?

    I have to disagree as most astrophotographers, myself included will use FIT files and open them in a program called FITsLiberator. Its an excellent software package, created by NASA in partnership with the ESA. Thanks.
  9. My second time imaging... Just used a webcam with a Barlow and a small reflector... Nothing special... This image was taken on the 25th May 2017.
  10. whats my focus like?

    Autofocus on any sort of photographic equipment can be handy in some cases and not handy in others... Its all down to personal preference of the image.
  11. whats my focus like?

    Hi there, The focus is slightly off but the overall image is over exposed. If you are using SharpCap or FireCap - try to turn your 'exposure' slider down a bit until it looks okay. You're definitely getting there!

    I think that you are very luck to have decently dark skies! Thanks for the post.
  13. Phillips SPC900NC WebCam Images

    Album showcasing my images captured with a Phillips SPC900NC web camera.
  14. Jupiter sRGB.jpg

    From the album Phillips SPC900NC WebCam Images

    As my first attempt at a planet through my 5.1" Newtonian, I'm pretty happy with the result!

    Hi Thanks for your comment I just want to get a rough idea of what people around the world are feeling and then I can compare it to my area of Essex Hope this helps Emil