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  1. Taken with a 5 MP smartphone camera, with a 3" Helios. One shot only.
  2. TheSky6 Professional

    Hi; Does anyone have a copy of TheSky6 that they are willing to sell for a reasonable price? It has to be the professional edition. I would be grateful if anyone could help. Regards, Emil
  3. Super Blue Moon!

    Agreed! I have been asked to do a BBC Essex Radio interview explaining that this moon will apparently affect peoples behaviour and mood?! They would also like to know at what time we can see it... Obviously, I know that we will, unfortunately, not be able to see it in the UK. It just seems to get better as I go along! Ta, Emil
  4. Camera for planetary imaging

    If you can take a shot of the moon with it and get at least one crater... then it's good enough for me Emil
  5. Hiya from Brighton, UK

    Welcome to the community, Russ!
  6. RGB 'Super' Moon

    Very, very nice!
  7. Hi there, you cannot virtulise ARM, unless you use full software mode. You can, however, virtualise the RaspPi's O/S (RaspBian). This will allow you to install the software and test. Hope this helps
  8. True. You can speed it up by using hardware acceleration, if your machine supports Intel-VTX / VTD or equivalent. ☺️
  9. Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the community!
  10. Hello everyone!

    welcome to the community!
  11. Hello from Hungary

    Welcome to the community
  12. Hello From Malaysia!

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  13. Just Joined

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  14. Hello from Loch Lomond

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