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  1. RGB 'Super' Moon

    Very, very nice!
  2. Hi there, you cannot virtulise ARM, unless you use full software mode. You can, however, virtualise the RaspPi's O/S (RaspBian). This will allow you to install the software and test. Hope this helps
  3. True. You can speed it up by using hardware acceleration, if your machine supports Intel-VTX / VTD or equivalent. ☺️
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  12. Teamviewer or VNC

    TeamViewer or Microsoft Terminal Services Server / Client (MSTSS / MSTSC). VNC is a very insecure connection method by today's standards, unless you use a tunnelling protocol.
  13. If you connect both of the machines together with a CAT5 or 5e, etc... cable, then you should be able to create a sort of LAN. You would then be able to use Microsoft Terminal Services as a host on the tablet to connect to it from the lappy.