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  1. Watch out. Encoders seem to be mounted internally in the Rowan 100, but externally in the AZ8. Having the encoder internally mounted (like in the AYO mounts) is better.
  2. Think out of the box https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6880_Explore-Scientific-MN-152-f-4-8-Maksutov-Newtonian-Telescope-with-Field-Correction.html
  3. With a stable tripod, the EQ3.2 is not a bad mount. Visual only and, I stress again, with a good tripod, it can really arrive up to 5Kg (I used on that a TAL100RS). I also remind that a very light tube like a C5 is very steady. I suggest you to try the SW 72ED with a reducer/flattner for AP, as you want something light but also with a short focal lenght and a fast f-stop. The 80mm is longer, heavier and slower: probably too much for the mount. Guided or unguided pictures? I don't expect the EQ3.2 to have a very precise tracking.
  4. This is the achro version but with the same body as TS: https://www.omegon.eu/instruments/omegon-binoculars-argus-12x50/p,47247 You can probably choose between two bodies (rubber or leatherette) and two glass version (achro or ED). As the APM uses the FK61 (one of the cheapest ED glass available), it's difficult to downgrade the glass even more while keeping the "ED". Different coatings are available, probably.
  5. So small and light, I would go with a Celestron Hummingbird and a monopod or, if 1.25" eyepieces compatibility is not important, with an Opticron spotting scope (MM4 60mm ED, weight 750gr or MM4 77mm ED weight 1250gr).
  6. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7218_TS-Optics-Optics-LE-10x50-wide-field-Porro-binoculars---multi-coated---rubber-armoured.html These one... Better with a tripod
  7. Have you a photo-tripod? I just ordered this https://www.amazon.co.uk/koolehaoda-Professional-Monopod-Compact-Lightweight/dp/B01H0BKX9O/ref=sr_1_7 to be used with my Celestron Regal 65mm. You can purchase a small scope (spotting or astronomical, OTA only) and use an arca-swiss system, which is lighter&cheaper than the Vixen standard and it gives you a lot of choice on ali express and amazon. My set-up will be less than 3.5kg and fully airline cabin compatible. I will leave it permanently mounted at home, so almost no set-up time (just the 30s required to extend the tripod legs). Of course, my Regal is expensive, but there are a lot of achromatic cheaper spotting / small scopes out there. Think about that!
  8. http://www.skywatcher.it/montatura-cq350-pro/ Payload: 35kg, belt transmission, plenty of USB ports. Seems a sort of center-balanced EQ7. http://www.skywatcher.it/motorizzazione-azeq-avant/
  9. Something below £300 is a fair price for the tube. As for the mount, if you can the best solution is to build it by yourself. You can have someone cutting the wood for you, so you will have just to assemble it. You have to purchase the formica laminate and the teflon pads. Only if you want encoder compatibility, you need a blacksmith (hope the word is correct) to make the central pivot with an hole for the encoder's shaft. Else, whatever M8 bolt will suffice.
  10. I have the OOUK VX8L. Second hand, for the OTA only, I paid a lower price than 500€. In any case, the OOUK has those advantage: - It's much more lighter (7-8kg) - It comes with a good dual speed focuser - Having the tube rings, you will have no problem in balancing even with heavier eyepieces, binoviewer. Do not underestimate this aspect, this is important. - A lot of focus available, can be used with the binoviewer (I think) and can be used with a reflex (I'm sure) - The mirror cell is really another planets w.r.t. the SW. It keeps collimation very very well - Commercial solid tube dobson mounts (GSO, Skywatcher) are horrible. They weight a lot, they have an undersized ALT movement and they use cheap bearing materials. Much better to build your own mount using teflon, formica, baltic birch and large disks for the ALT movement. Do not underestimate this, smooth movements are important when manually tracking a planet or a double star at 250x. You will also ends up with a lighter mount (mine weight about 7.5kg, but it can be made even lighter). Moreover, it's much easier to add encoders in your mount.
  11. Yes, but a C8 is not a rich-field scope, so it's not universal. For example, you can't frame the Pleiades. With a 200/1200 you get up to 2.26° FOV.
  12. I have only one scope, and I do pretty much everything with it. Orion Optics VX8L + DIY dobson mount + Nexus II. 25% CO and good optics = good performances on visual hi-res. 200mm + HiLux = good performances for visual DSO. With a EQ6 I could even take some long exposure pictures, but I'm not interested. And with a 3x barlow some serious hi-res imaging. Again, not interested but definitely possible. Set-up time around 4 minutes. What's left? It's not grab&go and I can't take it with me for holidays. But I'm totally in love with that scope, and I have lost all interests for new big scopes. I just want a small APO and a small ALT-AZ push-to mount.
  13. The concept is interesting, but it should be scaled up. A 350mm f5 (70mm lens) with the same body for example.
  14. What about this? 130mm, AZ-Pronto https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-pronto/sky-watcher-explorer-130ps-az-pronto.html
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