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Found 46 results

  1. Hi i have a few bits for sale they were my dads im looking for sensible offers all immaculate condition, no scratches feel free to ask any questions meade 2 x telenegative multicoated with caps £20 swan 9 mm 72• with caps£40 william optics spl 12.5mm with caps£40 meade plossl 9mm illuminated reticle wireless 1.25 plus extra piece as seen in photos £60 66 ultra wide 6mm long eye relief £15 viewfinder a few scratches on body unsure of make possible stargaze £40 thanks
  2. Hi, For sale is a set of Meade Series 3000 Plossl in excellent condition: - 5 mm - 6.7 mm - 9.5 mm - 25 mm SOLD - 40 mm SOLD All eyepieces made in JAPAN. Price for set £160 £130 £80 including delivery in EU. PP preferred. Thanks for looking!
  3. I realised yesterday that after almost 18 months of imaging I haven’t actually looked through a telescope My 65mm is a bit awkwardly mounted to be useful so wanted something i could quickly put together and use whilst the imaging rig does its thang. I found an LX10 ending soon on eBay, it was local, a few hours later it’s in the garden. Which leads me to my questions: the previous owner said you can get a computer handset for it. I have looked into a bit more and it seems this would be the Magellan 1 unit with additional encoders. Rather than hens teeth. Are there any other 3rd party devices I can integrate with the scope to achieve push to or relay position info to Cartes/Stellarium? would Baader Hyperion lenses suit this scope? I only have the cheapest lenses right now.
  4. Hi All, I'm fairly new to stargazing and was looking for some help with my telescope. I've been happy with my Meade ETX 90 RA for a while until it stopped focusing. I've traced the problem to a broken plastic cog on the motor. Back in the day I would have popped into Maplin to get myself sorted but I don't have a clue where to get telescope parts. I live in West Yorkshire and it looks like the Green Witch in Birstall is closed down. Would anyone be able to provide some suggestions? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Note this is for the fork mount, heavy duty tripod and accessories only. No OTA included. This sale is for the LX50 fork mount from my recently de-forked Meade 10" SCT. In perfect working order, this LX50 version has the optional encoders fitted, which means if you can get you hands on the Meade Magellan II computerized hand controller it can become a "push to" mount. Comes with 4 speed hand controller, tripod, an equatorial wedge to allow long exposure astrophotography. Also has an autoguider port. Perfect for spares or retrofits for existing LX50 owners or for DIY projects where someone wants to equatorially (or even just AltAz) mount a large telescope OTA. Meade info: Heavy-duty LX200-type fork mount with 4"dia. sealed polar ball bearing; 5.75" LX worm gear and quartz-microprocessor-controlled DC servo-motor in RA; tangent arm and DC servo motor control system in Dec; multi-function control panel; manual and electric slow-motion controls and setting circles in both axes; keypad hand controller; 4-speed drive controls on both axes; battery compartment accepting six AA-size batteries This is a heavy duty mount and will weigh around 40kg so I would much prefer collection from Manchester, but will consider shipping at extra cost to the buyer. I don't expect it will be cheap though and will need to be shipped in two packages because of the size of the tripod and forks. I would like £150 ONO
  6. bit more from a frosty last night c gem pier in obsy sct 9.25 hd 720* logitech some colds hands and i did some other stuff will sort later but for now enjoy these close ups sit at least 3 feet away from yor monitor please to get the full beauty of the moon pat
  7. No words to express my joy in finally finding one of these. Thank the stars! Now all i need is some clear night skies of course. What to view first?
  8. Due to a telescope upgrade I now have available my LX90 and a lot of accessories to go with it. The OTA itself has been upgraded and improved a lot it has had the following upgrades: Thrust bearing upgrade to smooth focusing Screws replaced with stainless Bob Knobs collimation knobs Flocked tube to improve image contrast The scope comes with all the standard accessories: Meade 8x50 Finder Scope Meade 26mm super plössl eyepiece Meade 1.25" eyepieve connector Meade #918A 1.25" Diagonal Prism Meade Autostar hand controller and external control and update cables Meade field tripod and manuals Plus having used it for imaging and having de-forked the OTA to use it on a German Equatorial Mount it also comes with the following extras to allow a variety of options for both visual and imaging options: ADM Counterweight and accessory rail for 8" SCT ADM Losmandy Dovetail for 8" SCT Star Sharp Bhatinov Mask DewZap Dew Shield JMI Electronic focus controller for Meade LX90 Celeston f6.3 focal reducer Astro Engineering hand controller holder Meade variable projection tele-extender Astro Engineering Align Mate Meade 07567 f3.3 focal reducer and variable T-Adaptor 1.25" Clear Sky CCD Filter 1.25" Light Polution Filter 1.25" OIII filter Power supply for Meade LX90 Meade equatorial wedge with adaptor for the LX90 The scope has now been put back onto its forks and tested. If you want to see detailed photographs of everything then please have a look at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Gp5a1yf-3ypq_lzYzvVGi9l_ug03mNZb there is even a short video showing the mount working there. As for the capabilities of the scope you can see a few examples of images taken with this scope at: https://www.astrobin.com/293004 https://www.astrobin.com/332967 https://www.astrobin.com/352788 https://www.astrobin.com/288931 https://www.astrobin.com/289586 there are even more on my astrobin page: https://www.astrobin.com/users/toxophilus Unfortunately due to the size and weight of the scope, the amount of kit I'm selling and lack of boxes, I can only do collection only. I'm looking for offers around £1000 for everything. But I'm willing to consider splitting if you don't want it all, just let me know what you are interested in and we can work out a price. For just the scope and standard accessories, I'm looking for offers in the region of £700, so for just £300 extra you are getting a lot of options. A quick add up of what this has all cost me new comes out at around £2500. I can accept payment via bank transfer, cash or pay-pal (buyer covers fees) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
  9. My lovely 8" LX200 Classic has been de-mounted from my observatory pier and I'm selling a load of accessories that used to be used with it. 8" Bahtinov Mask - SOLD Astrozap 8" dew shield - SOLD Pair of 5" Asymetric mounting rings - £22 Astroengineering 3D counterbalance system with 2kg counterweight - £45 Baader SCT Crayford Focuser - SOLD All prices include postage to UK mainland Both remaining items for £62 posted
  10. Hi all, I found an offer on Meade 10x50 Binos here. I've been investigating on purchasing a few extras (new finder, filters, binos, eyepieces) and these binos are well priced, so I need some expert's advice (again sorry!) . The brand and pricing looks very good but 1) I don't know much about binos 2) I don't know that seller (did anyone tried it before? ) 3) I don't know if this is a reliable gear at that price (any tip on these ? ) Despite I'm not looking for supermarket-level stuff, I'm not even looking for top of the range equipment, I can live with "budget" equipment that just does the job without special requirements. And if any of you recommends them and their seller I will be happy to place and order for that little price. Cheers Clear Skies
  11. Hi, I have bought a new meade 8" dob (as in the pic ) and i have the skywatcher 130P goto scope. I was wondering what you pro's think of either of these 2 scopes and also give me an idea of how much better my results will be when using the bigger scope? my guess is that the bigger scope lets in more light and therefore I will get a clearer brighter image with more colour? note that I have to wait for delivery of the dob and i am very exited about it, also at christmas I am going to get some 20x80 bins (celestron sky master) and im looking forward to that to (this is because i found andromeda galaxy in a cheap pair if 10x50 bins and i was a bit disappointed with the result, I dont have a decent pair of bins yet). so, what do you thing of the 8" dob? thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I have a Meade sct and I’m a complete novice and was wonder where to install my 2x Barlow lens. Thanks in advance for help
  13. After having used my Meade Infinity 102 several times now, the piece that has been the biggest impediment to observing is the mount. The main issue has been with altitude adjustment, both course and fine. There's some play in the course adjustment, about 1-2º worth, and the fine adjustment is a bit on the rough side. The azimuth control is ok in both course and fine adjustment. There's also the fact that the fine adjustments have a limited range which requires re-centering them about a few times every hour or so. I've tried various tweaks to the mount to no avail. At this point I'm not really inclined to put any more effort into improving the mount. It is usable and if I stick with this and am still observing a couple months from now, then I'll be looking for an upgrade. I want to stick with the alt-az design. I don't want to pay for goto capabilities. I'm currently not interested in imaging. Would the Vixen Mini Porta be too small for this scope? Would the Vixen Porta II be a more appropriate mount for this scope? Any other options I should consider?
  14. Read much on Celestron but not so much on Meade these days. How do the big 2 compare and with other SCT makes?
  15. Greetings, I've been involved in amateur astronomy for many years, and recently had the opportunity to purchase this starfinder scope from a gentleman who purchased it New in 1997. The scope has been unused for a ling time and was showing signs of neglect. He lost interest and just wanted to get rid of this and a meade 10" scope.so I picked them up for a pretty reasonable deal. The scope also came with the Meade magellan ll system, which had never been installed. One of the encoder gears had been broken. I have since installed the system, cleaned up the mirrors, repainted the tube inside and out, beefed up the mirror mount, and the spider and replaced the bolt that holds the secondary with a larger one, and put larger secondary adjustment screws. I also added a cooling fan to the mirror mount. The mount is solid on this beast, and has no problem carrying the weight of the optical tube. This was about the first part of july. Since then ive not been able to take it out for a try due to the monsoons here in Az. Its rained nearly every day, so needless to say i really cant wait to see what this scope can do. I named it the Monolith. I believe the name fits. Any of you buffs out there have one of these scopes? If so I'd like to hear from you.
  16. Why crave for long eye relief, and then restrict it with a raised eyecup? Why conceive wide fields optics only to make them narrow with same raised eyecup? My Myriads and Nirvana/TS/William clones have a rotating eyecup that resists turning firmly, they never spin unless I want them to. The Meade/Maxvision 18mm/82° and 34mm/68°, on the other hand, possess a rubber eyecup that also serves as a grippy external frame. These oversize grips offered so much leverage to the turning mechanism, they triggered it often with no will on my part. Almost each time I handled them, the integral cup spun, reducing the eye relief and field, plus it made me doubt if I had fully seated and locked them in the diagonal. The 34mm was the worst offender, its mechanism had almost no resistance at all. That was very annoying, when you observe you want quietness, your gear shouldn't be doing irritating things of its own. Having had enough of that, I lifted the rubber with a handy little tool I always carry in my back pocket: the Dunlop Ultex guitar pick. Ultex is plastic, but it's the glassiest pick material, dump it on something hard and its sounds almost like glass foil or stone foil, if such a thing was possible (Dunlop's more rubbery Tortex was great but it's outdated, just compare). Still Ultex is flexible, a mandatory quality of guitar and bass picks. And it won't scratch anodized aluminum. A 1mm thick pick did the job after a 0.73mm colleague broke; not tough enough. 0.60mm's give out the most harmonics but they were too thin at first sight for this. I don't play 1mm's anymore, they mute too much harmonics, however this one got a nice alternate occupation. Experience from many other little jobs similar to this one made me keep the broken pick when most folks would dump it right away. Never trash something until the work is over. This piece of scrap plastic proved the ideal tool, with the right curvature and bite, to remove the crystalline superglue that remained on the metal cylinder. The mechanism is simply a stud that moves inside a curved slot. I wiped the now-useless grease, and filled the slot with a short piece of electric wire to block the stud. Sorry for the blurry shot. No need to glue the wire, the tight-fitting rubber housing keeps it in place. I did put three drops of glue to attach the rubber to the inside metal housing. I kept the caps on, but I should have taped them to better protect the lenses against tools and glue, big sin here! I didn't use superglue, I'll wait and see if that all-purpose Pattex sticks hard enough to both metal and rubber. If it doesn't, superglue it will be. The "tire" fits the "wheel" tight enough that even no glue could do temporarily. Did the same with the 34mm: Interesting how the crown's edge has some green anodizing that was destined to match the green deco of the eyepiece, had it been sold under the Meade brand. It was impossible to lift that massive rubber housing with a pick, I had to do it with a screwdriver, but it inevitably scratched the black barrel, which I patched up with a black marker. These are the black smears under the wire. There is some risk in opening a high-grade eyepiece, so don't try before you have praticed on cheap or damaged ones. It also voids the warranty, be careful. Waterproof eyepieces are obviously a no-no for that mod! Assuming one could unscrew the sealed parts, humid air would enter through the thinnest opening, and ruin the anti-fogging protection. I hope this is interesting even if you don't get to use the tip. I didn't know what I would find in there, nor did I know how I would fix the sloppy eyecup. Simply opening a bits drawer made me notice that piece of wire, bulb switched on inside my head. I had considered drilling the frame to insert a locking screw but what an awful lot more work and risk it would be! Somehow it escaped my mind that I also own a 24/82 Meade/Maxvision ocular that has a turning integral rubber frame and eyecup, but much firmer fortunately; I might do the same mod for it or not. And a 7mm Panorama, if a preliminary, partial takedown shows it can be done safely. I'll keep you posted.
  17. Howdy All, Here is a capture from Beatty, NV. from 110417 042738 during the transit of the ISS across the Moon. Here are some of the ISS details. ISS angular size: 34.31″; distance: 805.38 km Angular separation: 8° 31′; azimuth: 265.4°; altitude: 27.1° Center line distance: 138.00 km; visibility path width: 7.67 km R.A.: 02h 21m; Dec: +12° 13′; parallactic angle: -46.2° ISS velocity: 22.6 ′/s (angular); 5.29 km/s (transverse) ISS velocity: -5.14 km/s (radial); 7.37 km/s (total); Direction of motion relative to zenith: -40.7° Moon angular size: 33.2′; 58.1 times larger than the ISS Moon phase: 99.7%; angular separation from Sun: 174.1° Sun altitude: -32.5°; the ISS will be in shadow Canon 60D, ISO400, 1/3200, 60fps, f/10, 2000mm, Meade LX-200 8", Beatty NV. Composite image of the ISS from video. Jason Snyder
  18. For sale meade series 4000 f/3.3 celestron #94175 f/6.3 £40 each
  19. Hello everyone, A couple of months ago I bought a 16" Meade ACF F8 OTA from a dealer in Europe to be used in my observatory. I'm now concerned that this OTA has a severe optical issue, as stars won't come completely to focus, I've tried time and repeatedly and the lower FHWM I've been able to measure in Maxim DL is 8.0. I've also tried to use it visually at magnitude 90x and I could not get sharp stars at all. This week I used a newly acquired artificial star and a ronchi ocular to do some tests an to check for collimation. Using the Atik Infinity camera, I've detected what seems to be a rough edge with its own diffraction pattern. This asymmetry is present both in focus and out focus on opposite edges respectively. All testing has been done with the scope acclimated to the outside temperature, no diagonals nor other optical elements are present. Also, the ronchi test shows potential spherical aberration and some zone aberrations, although we lack the experience to make a definitive diagnostic. I'm attaching some pictures below in the hopes that someone could tell me what's going on: Some pictures of the aberration infocus and outfocus. A picture using Maxim DL of a star at the "sharpest" point of focus, notice the tails of the star on the right hand side. A picture of M13 showing the sharpest point of focus. As always your input is much appreciated.
  20. Looking for this elusive eyepiece to complete a boxed set, this is the 5 element eyepiece. PM me if you have one for sale or know where I can purchase one, as they are a discontinued line. Many Thanks
  21. For my 16" Meade ACF F8, I'll be buying a Moravian G4-9000 camera with KAF-9000 chip. The KAF-9000 chip is 36.7mm square, a big chip! on paper the Explore Scientific 3" 0.7 reducer/field flattener could work well right to the edge, but has anyone tried it with Meade ACF telescopes? Also, I'm wandering what is the light cone of the Meade 16" ACF F8, will I get a lot of vignetting with that chip? I have a friend who has tried a KAF-9000 with his Meade 12" ACF F8 with very acceptable results. Thank you for your time.
  22. About 4 years ago I bought an LX90-8" and with it I also bought the Meade Equatorial wedge - which I subsequently got rid of!!! I'm now thinking of going back to the LX90 to use it for imaging and buying another wedge. BUT I seem to recall having issues guiding this set-up as there is not a guide port on the LX90. Can anyone please tell me how you connect-up the guide 'scope and camera to guide the LX90 using the equatorial wedge. I do have an HEQ5 Synscan Pro and for a while mounted the 8" OTA for imaging on that mount, but it really was not very successful as it was all a bit too heavy. Hence the idea of revisiting the great Meade equatorial wedge!! Any ideas would be most welcome
  23. Hi all, looking for a Meade 497 Autostar or Audiostar handbox/controller for an LX90, with or without cable. NOT Autostar 2. Must be willing to send to France, payment by bank transfer only no Paypal. Thanks Bob
  24. Having a clear out, eyepieces, dovetails and other stuff. Meade eyepiece now sold. Paypal, bank transfer and cheque welcome (cheque must clear before posting though!) Offers welcome on all items. More items will be posted in the next few days. Thanks for reading, Neil, please pm me for more info.
  25. Would there be much of a difference in the viewing experience of the Meade Lightbridge 114mm and the Sky-watcher skymax 127 ( not goto ). I like looking at the moon, M42 and the Pleiades etc, with my 114mm. I'd really like to see Andromeda , but when I look on my iPad using Star Walk 2 it always seems to be in the west of the sky ......and I have a huge tree blocking that area. Would the likes of M42 be a lot better using the 127? I read somewhere that as you get older that makes a difference too ? Im 65 and just had 2 cataracts removed and can go about without glasses for the first time in 38 years !! Just need them for small print. Any advice appreciated. The 127 Im looking at costs £399 .......I did look at some of the "Goto's" but they seem to eat up batteries.
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