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  1. Perhaps we'll forever be asking the why. But as we're here, the 'how' in due course may lead to 'why.'
  2. Toss of a coin - we exist or we don't. We got to exist. I read an eloquently put argument on a debate forum some time ago where the author explained how we couldn't possibly not exist. Fascinating. (Forum since closed down.)
  3. Apparently, in those early moments, the laws of physics as we know them, break down. Something to do with infinite gravity and infinite density, and where space-time curves... infinitely. Anybody's guess.
  4. This one seems to give you much more screen real estate (solar): http://www.suncalc.net/#/54.9067,-1.3608,17/2016.10.08/09:03
  5. Had you been smack on Andromeda, a very worthwhile image would have come out of that. Hey ho!
  6. Is de-ionised stuff any good (no drying and streak free)? Window cleaners get through it by the truck load.
  7. Hi, Andrea, and welcome from a fellow ex-North Yorks.
  8. What tracking and processing software did you use?
  9. I'm inclined to say that that is what astrophotography is all about.
  10. Welcome, John. The moon doesn't start rising until the middle of the night, and then it's about into its last quarter before a new moon.
  11. Lovely stuff. The mono has the edge - literally.
  12. You can get 1" long bubble levels for next-to-nothing from almost anywhere.
  13. Isn't Wigan pier any good? I'll get me coat.
  14. Lovely shots. Soon be cloudy and raining, so grab the clear skies while they're there.
  15. Welcome, Lucky. Loads of friendly advice here. As to your question - a lot depends on your worldview and life philosophy. If time is on your side, start slowly. But I can't imagine much worse than getting on your death-bed and thinking, I wish I'd done that. Can be a tough call, but you'll never know unless you do it... All in all - young and slowly, older and spend, spend, spend...
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