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  1. Brunty12345

    M97 The Owl Nebula

    all these images are beauties
  2. Brunty12345

    messier13 RGBjpg

    wow 0.0 i like alot
  3. Brunty12345

    my annoying dog lol

    my dog
  4. Brunty12345

    m31 v1

    ouch, that is 1 nice image and same to the rest of them
  5. Brunty12345

    150p Numb 2

    From the album: my scope

  6. Brunty12345


    From the album: my scope

  7. Brunty12345

    my scope

    SW explorer 150p
  8. wow 0_0 i wish i could see that much in the sky round my area haha
  9. Brunty12345

    IMG 0729

    1 word, BEAST
  10. Brunty12345

    Ready for darkness

    i soo want to go, it looks well nice
  11. Brunty12345


    i love this pic too
  12. Brunty12345

    30min Horsey

    i really really like this pic
  13. Brunty12345


    just me... lol
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