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  1. Very good description of the differences in the views and the benefits of using more than one scope . Nice set up you have there too. Glad you're getting on with the binoviewers, i enjoy mine but the dew last night was awful and I found the eyepieces wouldn't stay clear. Did the dew straps work well with those? Must invest in some for mine if so.
  2. That'll be a good improvement for your focuser. very pleased with the one i have.
  3. Was quite good here a couple of hours ago but patchy cloud keeps coming over and the seeing has got worse too. Much more indistinct. I'll keep going though for now.
  4. Something else to get to grips with! Two handles for a couple of my scopes. Seem pretty solid.
  5. Don't think you did miss much before. Last night was the best its been here since late September at least. Very steady and detailed views with more contrast too. Very noticeable how much smaller its getting though so you're right. make the most of it.
  6. That does sound promising Rob. I use the WO binoviewers in all my scopes including the TS80Ed which is I think the same as the AA80, the smaller brother to yours. The views of the moon the other night were fantastic. Crisp and clear, though I do have to change the 1.6 nosepiece to achieve focus and swap it for a 2x. Should be great in yours!
  7. I had been hoping to get something from last night but it was total cloud here. So instead for comparison here's mars from 29th October 1988! Posing this reminds me of how I used to feel handing in my homework late. Drawn from 8.5 inch Newtonian with 6mm ortho and red filter.
  8. Wow that's great, and quite an achievement to sketch the whole 100! Well done. Do you have them all together in a sketchpad or book? I recently decided to copy all my sketches (not that I have many so far) into one book. Maybe the messier or caldwell lists next?
  9. It is pretty frustrating at times with the British weather. I reckon looking at the brief tally I keep, around one in three days/nights it would be possible to do something from here. I've taken the odd break from active astro over the years but keep coming back and still enjoy it, so unless you need the cash I'd hang onto the gear until a better spell of weather or your motivation picks up. Failing that there is always this? https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.scribd.com%2Fdocument%2F345375863%2Fcloudspottingguide-pdf&psig=AOvVaw1d9ns78JiO8ccC9uJjIClM
  10. Drawing is definitely more enjoyable. Imaging is a bit of a hassle really. Yes you can get a very nice image at the end but that's not guaranteed and its a lot of work by comparison. Get the laptop out, connect it all up, mind the cables, find the planet, focus, mind the cables again, fiddle with settings, take your image run whilst keeping planet in field, mind the flipping cables. Then, when all that's done there's all the processing! Drawing. Find pencil and paper, find planet, sit down and relax. Just wish my skills matched what I glimpse in the good bits.
  11. Think it prefers jpegs? Great start though if that's your first mars.
  12. I had this one the other day. Try in the object detection boxes changing the values. I found changing the object detection threshold value sorted it. You need to see something like below when you click test detect threshold. Around 40 worked for me.
  13. I was quite happy looking at the moon half an hour ago. Then a big cloud came over and something told me to bring the scope in. Just as well i did, as it started tipping it down not long after.
  14. Yes I use that camera and I'm using just one of the 1 inch rings. I do use a 2x barlow or extender as well though to add a little more scale. Seems to work for me. Just need the conditions to improve now.
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