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  1. This is looking brilliant. You've spurred me on. I've been doing something similar but only got around 50 so far. Keep going you're getting close.
  2. As above I also have the WO binoviewer and use it with both my refractor and newt. Again I needed to use the 2x barlow nosepiece to get focus with each as the supplied one doesn't quite get there. I really enjoy the views, especially on the moon, and this week with very good conditions was nothing short of stunning so I definitely recommend the binoviewer concept. Other than focus, things to consider are the size and weight of the eyepieces you intend to use. The wider the eyepiece the less room there is between them and therefore your nose. I had thought to get additional eyepieces as you have, but with two of my BST starguiders inserted it was just a little too close for comfort for me. So if you get a viewer try a couple of your similar sized eyepieces for comfort before you buy others to make pairs. It's also a heavy set up so the balance point moves.
  3. That's very good. spent a lot of time looking at this area tonight and that captures so much of what I've been seeing and more. Thanks
  4. Just come in for a quick cuppa and was going to post a similar thing. Its so still, that the detail is hard to believe. Best I've seen for ages. Must be fabulous with that scope!
  5. Lovely. 1st one especially.
  6. Think its fixed now. This morning mine was showing three clear nights next week, but now its just a wall of red again.
  7. Hi all The Moon is apparently coming to the Natural History Museum this summe, May to September. It's an artwork that includes a 6m wide model of the moon which features Nasa imagery. It's free and there's a programme of events. Sounds good. Details here http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/exhibitions/museum-of-the-moon.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=1400109_me-southken-20190201&dm_i=2YZ0,U0BX,3ZZS5G,33NWS,1
  8. In the battle against light pollution it seems moths may be our new best friend. This article is about the effects of light pollution on moths and the reduction in pollination that results. https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBSwdmN?m=en-gb&referrerID=InAppShare
  9. The forecast here was for total cloud and when I went to bed at midnight it was. Still, I set the alarm just in case and for once got lucky. Was really clear for a couple of hours around totality and a lovely sight. Quick shot straight from the camera. Hope others got lucky too.
  10. Go on then I'll play. Not too bad considering but I feel its getting worse.
  11. So far 55 of the Messier's. Fewer of the Caldwell as I started those a little later. I'm hoping to get back to this in the new year. I even cut down a couple of conifers in the garden this autumn to give me a lower view to the south.
  12. Beautiful pictures. I'd say mission accomplished! Love Octobers. It looks like an Easter island figure.
  13. This is a really nice challenge. I started something a little similar at the beginning of last year, with the aim of imaging all the Messier and Caldwell's I could reasonably get from here. My reason was simply to broaden the range of objects I viewed as I'd found myself just visiting the same old favourites each season. I only take about 5 or 10 minutes worth of subs, just enough to see what I've got, but it had definitely helped me broaden my viewing habits. Good luck.
  14. Always interesting to hear what others achieve. Only 45 sessions this year for me out of around 115 possible clear nights. Which just goes to show I could probably do more if work, other social commitments and laziness didn't get the better of me sometimes ? Although its better than 2017 its only half what I managed in 2016, so I'm hoping for better next year.
  15. A nice summary of some of the things planned for 2019 here. Pity they couldn't have put an astronaut back on the moon for the 50th anniversary of Apollo, but still lots going on. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/spacex-launches-2019
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