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  1. Hi guys, Can anybody recommend a good quality focal reducer to pair uuo with my Primalucelab Airy 65F? It currently has a FL of 420mm but wish to reduce it and speed things up a little. Thanks guys Clear skies
  2. I love the look/spec of the SS 15028, I can see this being added to my artillery next year
  3. Thanks for the info guys, I panicked when I first read about a SGPro annual payment. Anyhow I'll stick to my v3 for now and must admit SGPro is absolutely fantastic. Clear skies Ryan
  4. Hi Carol, I haven't long bought the camera to be honest. SX are offering a modification to the main board to decrease thr readout noise (typically between 20 to 30%). I will give it a try along with dark frames, and ensuring the camera is consistently cooled If all else fails then I will be looking at alternative options Ryan
  5. Hi Vlav, I managed to have a good go at salvaging what data I had. Being my first CCD/Narrowband image I am really happy with my attempt. Also I am excited to see what data I can capture with consistent cooling and more calibration frames. Its far from perfect but a good start for myself I feel. Thanks again for all your help pal. Stargazerslounge is a total god send for people like myself All the best Ryan
  6. Hi Xiga, I hope you don't mind me asking, I have followed your instructions to process a starless image of my stretched 16bit tif mono and rgb images. However after I edit either in their respective notepads, the programme fails to process with the following message. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks Ryan
  7. That's amazing Vlaiv condsodering how little data I have. Did you use just sub 8, 9 & 10 of the Ha. I will attempt using your workflow Much appreciated pal. Ryan
  8. That would be such a help I shall look forward to it. Thanks for all your input Vlaiv
  9. 16bitTIF Ha HDR Tonning.tifThat looks much much better Im not sure I could replicate that haha. I've been experimenting with stacks. So far keeping all my DSS settings to average, applying a median noise reduction filter and applying just a 1 pixel hot pixel removal so far seems the best. Anyhow, when converting from a 32bit tif to 16bit in PS and converting to HDR toning, it produces this which looks far better than anything I have done so far with my Ha data, a little bright and soft in areas but I will try adjusting such areas. What do you guys think? Thanks Ryan
  10. These TIF stacks include the median noise reduction and hot pixel removal, however they were stacked prior to changing my stacking settings so they are all stacked via kappa sigma clipping. If this isn't of any use I can restack using average settings and upload 1st thing tomorrow Thanks again Ryan Autosave028 Stacked Ha with 3pix noise reduction.tif Autosave016 Stacked SII 3pix noise reduction.tif Autosave016 Stacked OIII 3pix noise reduction.tif
  11. Amazing thanks P.S I forgot to change the hot pixel removal from 3 to 1. Ryan
  12. I am unable to combine FIT files in PS, so I hope you don't mind that I have attached all three new stacks including 3x3 median noise reduction and a 3 pixel cosmetic hot pixel removal. Apologies I forgot to change to 1 pixel hot pixel removal. Thanks again Carole Ryan 32bit FIT Ha Stack with median noise reduction.fit 32bit FIT Oiii Stack with Median noise reduction.fit 32bit FIT Sii Stack with Median noise reduction.fit
  13. Ok Vlaiv, I will take a set of darks tomorrow night. All subs were 10mins long, how many do you recommend I take? What's your drop box address, I will post all my subs 1st thing tomorrow.
  14. Hi Carol, Thank you ever so much for your input. The H18 is known to be a noisy camera, however I've been advised to apply a 3x3 median noise reduction during stacking (which this stack does not have). Can I restack including noise reduction to see what you think? Thanks again Ryan
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