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  1. I see, maybe I will leave it in the case. I dont fancy making processing more tricky. I mean imaging in colour😂 Thanks for your help👍🏼
  2. Hi pal, Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if the cls filter would improve contrast. Watching astrobackyard, trevor uses an ha12nm filter to create a luminance layer. I was thinking maybe the cls would help with contrast (obviously not as well as an ha filter). Would you think it would be worth doing a set of rgbs and another ser with the cls filter, or just shoot totally in rgb? Thanks again👍🏼 Ryan
  3. Hi guys, I'm planning on an i.aging session Wednesday. I have a modified Canon 600D attached to a Zenithstar 61. My darksite is bortle 3 ( lovely dark skies with next to no light pollution) I can achieve 2 mins exposures on a little star adventurer. SO my question is, will it be worth shooting in rgb & with the CLS filter. Ideally i require a ha12nm filter, however currently I dont own one. Or shall I wait until next year and aim for the pinwheel galaxy? Much appreciated👍🏼 Ryan
  4. Thanks Whit Dwarf Mike, my dark site has very little light pollution. Bortle 2ish (amazing to be fair). However I did have my white balance set at tungsten. Funnily enough my camera was packed up ready to be sent for an astro mod. Much to my surprise, the forecast looked good so I unboxed it to capture this. Its currently having a Baader filter fitted. I reduced the green channel and adjusted the blue and red slightly. I am happy with it now so thanks for your input I now realise how green the image was. What do you think of this one? Does anybody have experience in printing their images. I would love to get this printed as its my first decent attempt. I have read that Kodak metallic prints are a good choice. If anybody can help with this I would love to hear from you. I have ordered a print from DSCL.co.uk who offer such prints. Fingers crossed hey. Thanks again all Ryan
  5. Mike, how does this look to you. I managed to tighten the blue and green channels slightly, then I synthesized the green channel via Astronomy tools action set. I looks a little grainy "jpeg" but the TIff is much smoother. Thanks Ryan
  6. Thank you all. I used DSS, Photoshop CS3 and Noel's Astronomy Action tool set, hence the diffraction spikes👍🏼
  7. Hi Mike, thanks & I welcome your input👍🏼If I adjust and repost, would you mind taking a look and telling me what you think? Thanks Ryan
  8. Thank you buzzard👍🏼 To be fair I rushed PA as Orion was getting lower and lower. It could of been more accurate, however am happy with my result. This was my 1st decent opportunity to test the SA along with the Z61 & was praying to have a crack at M42 before leaving our skies. I have a stand alone guiding system to help imprrove reliability, maybe this month I can get to grips with it. What's your set up pal?
  9. Hi all, this is my attempt of M42 & The Running Man Nebula. This is my 1st attempt at M42, and 1st light with the Zenithstar. It consists of 28 90sec lights, 20 darks, 53 bias & 63 flats. This was so near the horizon, I never expected it to turn out quite like this. I hope you all like it. Kit:Zenithstar61, SA unguided, Canon600D (unmodded) & a lot of ambition. Taken from the Brecon Beacons, Wales. Thanks Ryan
  10. M42

    Lovely 1st layer.image, well done pal👍🏼 Keep at it.
  11. AZ EQ6 vs NEQ6

    Hi Johnrt, Interesting read this👍🏼 I am about to embark on the biggest hobby decision so far (AZEQ6-GT, EQ6-R Pro or a Rowan belt mod & regreased NEQ6-Pro including from a local shop which includes their warranty). I don't plan on doing any visual, strictly AP for me. I travel to my dark site & plan to use either an 8 inch quattro reflector, or a 100mm refractor (guided). Reading your valuable comments, would you say I'm making the right decision going for the new EQ6-R Pro? Thanks
  12. I did read about the poor power supply connetor on the NEQ6. There are to many variables in this game lol. I'm not sure how long the EQ6-R has been out, I can't find much info on it other than a review or two. However the AZEQ6-GT has caught my eye. I may stretch the budget if I can convince myslef. It does look a beefy/sturdy piece of kit. Would this be the ome to go for overall? Thanks👍🏼
  13. Hi both, A chap I speak to at my local astronomy group. He said in his opinion, the NEQ6 regrease and belt mod gives a slightly flatter graph in PHD compared to a stock EQ6-R. Thanks for the link and PHD picture SyetT👍🏼 IT seems the EQ6-R is more user friendly and I agree it looks sleeker. The az eq6 is slightly above my budget, looks a great mount👍🏼 I feel I'm leaning towards the EQ6-R, being an evolution of the NEQ6-pro, it makes sense to go for it. Decisions decisions🤔 Cheers guys.
  14. Hi all, This is probably the most important hobby choice I have ever & will ever have to make in my life. It'sbetween the two mentioned above. The upgraded NEQ6-R Pro has been done in store by Rother Valley optics, therefore comes with their own warranty. Both will be the same price once I factor in the upgrade bokts for the NEQ6-Pro. I have a small portable setup at the moment, a Star Adventurer, Zenithstar 61 and a synguider ll. I hope to use both on my new mount, along with either a 100-120mm refractor or a 150mm reflector. I understand the EQ6-R Pro has a higher payload, thicker tripod legs and a handle. However (again I'v been told) the upgraded NEQ6-Pro is more accurate for long exposures when guided via PHD. I will be using PHD in the future, but for now I aim to keep it as portable as I can hence the synguider. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated during this very very important decision😂👍🏼 Much appreciated guys Ryan