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  1. Thanks for your info guys. The csx-304 may be the camera for me in readiness for winter. I am keeping a close eye on all your comments Clear skies
  2. A quick update, I had to carefully drill them them out enough to allow me to slide the stock focuser out. Now it's time to order some quality M4 screws. Would anybody happen to know the length? Thanks Ryan
  3. Hi guys, Thank you all for your input, it's greatly appreciated. I am going down the extraction route. I heated one screw before using an elastic band to help grip. The 1st screw came half way out, however the head fell snapped. The next two screws though aren't budging. I understand its far from a quality scope but surely Synta would insert a slightly better grade screw (in my opinion). Thanks again Ryan
  4. Hi guys, I have a Baader Diamond Steeltrack focuser to replace my stock one. However the three screws holding the stock focuser in place don't want to play ball. If I try any harder I am easily going to strip the heads. Does anybody have any tips or experienced similar problems? I cannot afford to be spraying WD40 for drilling screws out. Thanks all. Ryan
  5. It's a wonderful image well done. I have recently purchased the modded version. I've had a few test sessions with it and think I am ready to push it past 5 minute subs. I'm hoping to acquire a 460ex mono soon, yours seem to be providing amazing results. Does it require refocussing between each filter change? Thanks Ryan
  6. Amazing inage Caole?? May I ask, are there any secrets to mainatining guiding accuracy with the HEQ5? Thanks Ryan
  7. Hi Vlaiv, Thanks for your reply pal. Ok so all in all what is my best option? I am keen to image galaxies so would prefer not to change for a shorter FL imaging scope. Maybe a guide scope with a longer focal length, or what about a OAG. I'm not familiar with OAG and what the advantages a nd disadvantages are. My current payload is 7kg so adding a larger guide scope will put me close to the limit. Hmmm decisions decisions, what do you guys advise? Thanks again all. Ryan
  8. Thanks for the graph Carole, however it displays an error when I click it. PhotoGav, I am patiently waiting for a gap in the clouds to record a PE curve. I am hoping it will help me further. I will stick at it especially now I understand image scale etc thanks you everybody's help?? Much appreciated guys. Ryan
  9. Hi Carole, That's amazing!!! What camera are you using? I love the WO scopes, I had a Z61 when I had a Star Adventurer. I may sell the 100ed and go for something a little smaller. Ryan
  10. Hmmm? 0.58 is a pretty ambitious number to achieve. I presume that's the total RMS is it or 0.58 on RA & 0.58 DEC? Now I am thinking maybe a shorter focal length scope for example the 80ED would result in 2.61"pp, therefore anything below 1.3RMS would be fine. Thanks pal??
  11. Thnaks for your replies guys. Currently I am using a modded Canon 600d with a resolution of 1.16"pp. Can anybody tell me what sort of RMS I would need to be achieve good guide results? Am I correct in saying I cant change the binning of a dslr? Thanks again all???
  12. Hi guys, I currently have a HEQ5 Pro belt modded, polemaster, 100 Ds Pro Evostar all guided with an Antares 60mm guide scope/Altair Gpcam2 AR0130M. I was wondering how long people reliably guide for with similar setups/focal lengths. The focal length of the 100 DS Pro scope with the reducer is 765mm. Thanks all Ryan
  13. Hi pal, that is not a problem. I am away until the 7th of September so we can go through your setup ( scope collimation, balancing, polar alignment etc). Do you have Facebook, we could arrange something via that if you like? Cheers
  14. Hi Morddraig, I live in Caerphilly (Hendredenny). If you want to go through things feel free to let me know. What setup.do you have? Ryan
  15. A stunning effort Pepe. What focal length and camera did you use for your image. Also do you recomend a particular length of exposure? I am hoping to image it this month. Thanks Ryan
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