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  1. Cheers pal, I always image at no higher than iso 800. When I was framing up I experimented with the iso. I think i feared not picking up much nebulosity. Anyway when I checked the single frame, at 1600 i could see a little compared to nothing at iso 800. I totally agree with you, never agsin will I be going over 800. (A little to noisy) Cheers
  2. Hi all, here is a stack of 34x2min lights, 15 darks (no bias or flats as battery run out) lesson learnt haha. I used a Star Adventurer, Canon 600D, 18-135mm canon lens @135, iso 1600, F5.6. I pretty happy with it considering my rig was subject to 45mph winds. Luckily I had a Ford transit to shield it in some shape or form. Anyways I on that steep learning curve with processing in PS, & am steadily working through Steve's new book. Cheers
  3. Hi pal, I have just had a go at processing my M45 images. Using the same kit as you (Star Advenrurer, Canon 600d & a 135mm lens) @ iso 1600 34×2min lights, x20 darks, no bias or flats, camera battery run out😬. Im fairly new to imaging, I stacked in DSS & processed in PS. I'm pretty hapoy with it but not quite finished. It should give you a good idea on what to expect👍🏼 Cheers Ryab
  4. I see, all trial and error hey. I have decided to go for this configuration. I just balanced it, the weight seems to be evenly distributed in RA & Dec. So much so the counter weight and bar might not be needed. I will weigh them tomorrow for piece of mind.
  5. Welcome to the South Wales group!

    Welcome pal👍🏼
  6. Nice ser up russp👍🏼 How does it perform when guiding? Is balancing ok? Thanks Ryan
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased a 50mm guidescope, Synguider 2, Primalucelab guide rings and a mini vixen style dovetail plate. I have spoke to various SA users all of whom either guide from the dslr hotshoe, or on the counter weight side of the SA L-bracket. To be honest I am going around in circles. 50% of fellow SA owners have advised I guide on top of the dslr for differential flexure reasons. However the other 50% guide via a ball head on the other side of the L-bracket. I was informed that if I do mount it this way as long as I guide from the equatorial plane or as close to the imaging train as possible, there should be no reason to encounter guiding errors. Also it helps equilibrate the SA and reduce flexions and inertias. (I really don't know which option one to go for) Would any of you knowledgeable people be kind enough to help me out. Much appreciated Ryan
  8. Hi Alan, Thanks for the link. I will order one today. Would you happen to knkw where i can buy a dedicated adapter, before I do a botch job haha. Thanks Ryan
  9. I see👍🏼not.t.tricky to do whils holding is it? Can you recommend any in particular? Does your zoom 2x? If so does it help? Cheer
  10. Hi all, I'm desperatley in need of a right angled finder to save my back and neck. Darkframe optics are not replying, so am wondering whether i can make some sort of adapter for a right angles camera lens. What do people use to attach to one another? Much appreciated guys Ryan
  11. Which finder scope?

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply👍🏼 I've ordered myself the primalucelab mini dovetail and matching rings. I'm hoping for clear skies this weekend, so I can test it out (if my deliveries arrive in time). I see what you mean about not disturbing PHD. I will be testing the Synguider 2 autoguider, I've read it can be tricky locking onto a suitable guide star, so if proving difficult I may try your method. Pleiades may be one of the easier imaging targets to find a guide star, so will see how it fairs with others. What focal length do you image at? Thanks Ryan
  12. Which finder scope?

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply pal. That's a setup I haven't seen before, every one i have seen so far all use the L-bracket. If its providing those sorts of reliable exposures you have most definitely built a neat set up. I have just cone across this method, some may argue it isnt sturdy enough but I think it looks pretty good. One chap has advised me that this is an excellent place to mount my little guidescope, as he has been doing it himself. I will probably trial a heavy duty ball head between the L-bracket and camera. What do you think of it? Thanks for the pics Dave, your method has become a possibility for me, now I've seen it👍🏼
  13. Which finder scope?

    Hi all, Jonesdee can I ask, I have recently purchased a 50mm guide scope along with a Synguider 2 autoguider. I am using a 135mm lens on a canon 600d. Where do you attach your guide scope? I've been advised to keep it as close to the imaging train as possible, otherwise guide errors can become a common thing. The obvious place seems to be connected on top to the dslr lens with rings but am unsure what I need. Any advice would be massively appreciated. Thanks Ryan
  14. Star Adventurer Guding help

    Me again haha. Tell us how you done it, I'm racking my brains trying to figure out where to position my guidescope🤔 I want it as close to the imaging train as possible & like your method👍🏼 Thanks Ryan
  15. How did tou mount guide scope to the counter weight bar pal?