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  1. It is green for me and I don't expect anything, so I think you saw green. I didn't even know what it was supposed to look like until I saw it first then looked at the internet. Shows blue with an oiii filter.
  2. I have not seen many DSO but the only one I have seen that isn't pale grey and white is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eskimo_Nebula See if you can find that perhaps? It is dark green unfiltered, and blue through a oiii filter for me.
  3. I got the astro essentials one and seems pretty decent to me.
  4. I got out last night. Looking back at my logs the last clear night I was able to get out was 22nd Nov 2020! Got sight of: Eskimo nebula: no filter this time. Averted vision could see the nebula as green and direct vision the star within only. With oiii filter last time it was blue. Hubble variable nebula: also no filter and appears white/grey. Christmas tree cluster Crab Nebula: almost missed it. It was probably about as faint an object as my eye will detect. However it is pretty big. Absolutely no detail just an elongated oval of smudge. Looking in to buying a UH
  5. @MattG if you upgrade the finder scope as suggested then I can send you bolts free of charge to fit the new shoe you would also need to buy. Message me if you do go that way send me your address I will send on the bolts.
  6. Thanks for making this so simple to understand. I had not considered the type of nebula I am looking at.
  7. Sorry to bring up an old thread but this seems to be THE thread for filters. Despite reading all of it I still haven't answered my question for my self. I have a oiii filter. Relatively bright sky internet estimates bortle 6. I know oiii is different to UHC, but given how bright my sky is, is there much benefit in buying a UHC? I was looking at the explore scientific 2" so it fits all EPs I have and may buy.
  8. Thanks, have you been before and can comment on the standard of the accommodation?
  9. When you look at the ring nebula and all you get is a very small dim grey circle with a hole in it, yes it isn't bright green and red but you are looking at something as it was 2500 years ago at an inconceivable distance that you can only see because it is so massive Taking all that in to account there is only so much tweaking and sharpness you can get before you have to settle for what you have as a fuzzy grey blob with a hole in it.
  10. I haven't seen anything higher than a cloud for about a month now. Had this and the conjunction written on the calendar but doubt I will see anything
  11. Hi all I have planned and executed all sorts of holidays all over the world but never astronomy. I would appreciate any input to help me work out the best time to visit the area I have my eye on. I am looking at Kielder area specifically a village called Falstone. Considerations I believe should be around the moon phase - so looking for a new moon? And not too far in to the spring/summer - is this about right? Looking at a moon calendar w/c March 13th or April 12th 2021 for 10-14 days could be ideal. Is this a good time of year for stargazing? I have checked accessibility at t
  12. Speaking as another newbie this is the key bit. It took me a few sessions to be able to have some certainty that I had seen my target. In order to assist I found you need planning and prep with research. Set out a list of a couple of objects to find. Plan how to find them. Research written/sketch/photographic sources of what the object looks like. Find it and take a good look, then come back and have another read about the object. The problem is until you look through a telescope you haven't looked through a telescope. Photographs are a different kettle of fish. Looking at ske
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epsilon_Lyrae Worth a look if you want more doubles for your money
  14. It's gone again https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-55179983 Interesting colouration where I assume the probe has ruffled the surface in picture 4. Almost looks damp.
  15. I am looking at getting one of these. I have a Cannon 550d, cannon 50mm prime, the stock 18-55mm and Cannon EF 70-300mm. My question is what do you use to line up the camera to the target? Is there something like a finder scope, red dot finder, or just keep looking through the screen until you see it?
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