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  1. Unfortunately there'll be no meetups at the moment! ...
  2. Very cool! Too cloudy here, what a surprise. Not that I'd be able to make them out with my tiny scope...
  3. Thanks again vlaiv. I'll try next time we have a clear night (peeing down again now. I'm glad I went out when I did!)
  4. My 2 part lenscap [/img] [/img]
  5. Thanks vlaiv, my lens cap is in two parts, I wondered why it has a central hole with cap! I have used it in daylight with the middle hole removed with no loss of light. It would be fine for lunar observing I guess! Now, I'm not sure where you got the number 2.07 from. That confused me. If I read that CA chart correctly I see the number 1.09 under mine (70mm/3), in the red!
  6. Ridiculously windy out there but I had to have a go! First at 44x, good clear view with a little CA. Then I tried adding the Barlow and first I put it between the scope and the diagonal. Couldn't focus, no infinity focus. I guess the scopes tube is too short. So I put it in the other way, scope, diagonal, barlow, 9mm kellner. Certainly bigger but lots of CA and the image is softer. I think I need a better ep... Anyway I went back to 44x and got a photo with my phone hovering over the ep-not very easy at the best of times! [/img]
  7. Well I went out for another go. Ill preared in t shirt and leaky slippers but it was worth any discomfort. M42 looked gorgeous, I swear I could see nebulosity, albeit grey, but it was there. Tho the trapezium was hard to get. Sky is not fully clear, a faint cloud haze hanging about. Tried to see Mars, too low down now and it just looks like a red star even at 88x. Some other nice stars in Orion in the belt! Also Auriga, very bright. Castor and Pollux, Procyon and its faint companion. And in binos pretty sure I saw Kemble's doo dah in Cassiopeia, albeit with all white stars.
  8. Yea I really wanted to view the moon, haven't looked at it yet. Did anyone on here get good views of the lunar eclipse recently?
  9. Interesting article. So increasing tube length reduces the ep. fl further, thus increasing effective magnification!
  10. It came today and I couldn't wait to try it out. Now, is it best to put the Barlow between the diagonal and ep or scope body and diagonal? I had it in the diagonal and I noticed that I had to refocus... The crescent moon was out as we were doing tea and I was hoping it would stay clear. But guess what. It clouded up. Why is it that clouds appear just where I want to be looking. Every *#£& time! Oh well, I did a 360 to the northern aspect where Ursa Major was dangling his tail from the sky. That double double, had to give it a go. Put the 9mm in first, nice showing at 44x. Then I put the barlow in (I shall call him Gary) and yes, it works nicely. The image was dancing about a bit, maybe need to weight my tripod down, but the wind was picking up and I was technically in an alley between our house and the fence. But I could see it quite clear. Then I felt something wet. Looked behind me and it was a wall of white cloud. Spots of cold rain on my scope and bins, indoors we go for a warm cuppa. One of the shortest sessions ever, and I didn't get to see the crescent moon!
  11. Nice pair of images. Good luck with the op!
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