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  1. Pier, base and legs all painted. I need 10lbs of back weight to blance the top heavy SW150ED.
  2. Gotta repaint the legs and pier on the AP 800.
  3. Well if it is one of the corner stars on the box i will find it.
  4. Balance is fixed. Now thew scope sits way up in the saddle after i added a heavy Vixen weight to the saddle. Now i can reach my SLO- MO controls.
  5. Don't know that one or where it is.
  6. I am 28 miles northwest of Tampa right on the gulf. I have no porblem using 100x per inch in my best APO's on the moon and doubles. Jupiter is too dim at 100x per inch. I can also use my Newts on the AP800. Once i get my short pier fixed i am good to go. Here is the 8" F/6 on the tall pier.
  7. Had the scope to 800x on the moon and it still looked pretty good, but dim. I have some of the best seeing in my country and i have used over 1100x in my bigger Newts.
  8. I have a Moonlite on the 120ed. I put the stock SW focuser on the CR6 6" Celestron and it binds some,, but fine focus is fine. I don't use 2" eyepieces. The stock focser on the SW150 ED seems fine.
  9. Here is the CR6 on top and a SW120EDPro on the bottom.
  10. Needs lot of back weight. Here it is on the AP800.
  11. I tried that before and just did another new thread and no action so that is why.
  12. Picked up a ST90 for kicks. Just the bigger brother to the ST80.
  13. Well the thread has been dead jed so i spiced it up some to get some action back to this thread.
  14. I picked up a CR6 Ahro a while back. For under $300 is the best bang for the buck. I gave up on the SW150ED.
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