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  1. I was about to make a post pointing this out. So I will. WOW! Never seen Jupiter this sharp before. 00:20ish, no GRS but I have my doubts for reasons mentioned earlier anyway. However those jetstreams. Normally they are easy to pick out but now I could even see the actual cloudiness of them! Like a wavy edge to them, dont know how else to describe it. Also I see the importance of a motorized mount now. Its severely limiting having to move my scope every 10 or less seconds. By the time my eyes have focused properly, I have to start again. Brief seconds of amazing clarity then
  2. You lot got the 6 nations, us lot got the sky! Just been viewing Jupiter myself now. Not bad. I have never been able to make out the red spot but it should be visible later: http://www.shallowsky.com/jupiter/ I assume that my color blindness makes it impossible for me to pick out the GRS. Looking at NASA photos, it blends in too much with one of Jupiters major jet streams. In my scope I can clearly make out 2 major bands and a polar cap.
  3. Yeah just noticed the cursed thing myself, POOP! May check out Venus tho, if I am still able to balance myself by then lol!
  4. Im game. I also bet that either Jupiter, or Mars will be in the way that day.
  5. Not half bad is it. Its a pity no human eye will get a view like that. The radiation surrounding Jupiter is intense enough to cause feces to explode before its even excreted.
  6. Unusual because I am in a place called Wales, originally discovered in 1978 by the USAF using cloud penetrating radar onboard an SR71 supersonic reconnaissance aircraft. The sky has literally turned a wierd blue color today! I will be bloody gutted if the Moon is out tonight!
  7. Hopefully they will follow thro with budgets. Drilling into Europa is not really a technical one,, but budget. We have the knowledge minus a few years. War and defense is always gonna take precedence over exploration. I been watchin Dai Attenborough since I was a kid (and still do). What I learned is that creatures of all sizes and intellect want to dominate. They will explore, but for new territory to exploit their dominance. Hopefully the Trump, Jong Un thing will blow over (metaphorically, not literally) and space stuff will continue. I do look forward to 2019 when NH reaches is secondar
  8. IMO Cassini and Voyager 2 were the most significant spacecraft ever outside of Apollo. Voyager 2 has been the only spacecraft to have been to Neptune and Uranus, plus its also the only one to have visited 4 worlds beyond our own, an incredible tour and one we will likely never see again. I am particularly fascinated by the Cassini mission for it being so long around Saturn, and it pulling off the most distant, and only landing in the outer solar system. I believe its nice to think we still have some sort of reconnaissance out there. Are there any future plans for Saturn? I heard about En
  9. Stuff orbits our sun out to a distance of about 2 light years apparently. Lets draw a line at Sedna. Pluto was a bit tough to image in any detail. Even the HST was crap, altho its images of Pluto and its moons as white dots were OK, that CGI of a blurry ball was next to useless.
  10. Its kinda depressing. Juno and all that but after so many years, we will not have any real reconnaissance beyond Mars. Juno is junk. Cassini was gold. New Horizions lived up to its name. Beyond Cassini I see very little. A Uranus orbiter would be great, but the budget is going to be spent on the moons of Jupiter, namely Europa. They want to dril into the surface to find lifr, having already failed at Mars. More billions will be spent on Mars before they abandon the search for life. I like to think they are really concentrating on getting man there but who knows whats happening.
  11. Get your head around this aswell if you can: If all the matter in the universe was once in 1 very small place, was the entire universe a "black hole"? and if so, how did it become mostly "not a black hole"? If space and time formed from nothing then why doesnt more stuff spawn randomly around us? (Even women drivers dont actually come out of nowhere)
  12. Ok I did get an actual shot of the moon: I dont suppose you would believe me if I said I obtained this image by holding my late Samsung Galaxy S4 against my telescope lens so I will not mention it.
  13. Check out my pic of Neptune taken through my 8inch reflector: Yeah rite if only.
  14. Nearest city is about 20 miles away. Just so happens the nearest national park is less than that. I do live in a village tho. Street lighting outside my house but not in my back garden. There are dark sky sites near me but I dont drive a car so cant get a telescope very far. Have been tempted to take my binos somewhere tho. One day I will ride my motorcycle somewhere in the middle of the night just to see.
  15. I have got an 8inch telescope and 20*60 binos. Never bought anything else apart from an extra lens for my scope. Cant say I regret any of them. I dont have the skies to invest further but I do enjoy what I got. My bugbear is not having any way to clean the primary mirror.
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