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  1. It is! But I kinda like it I was in Newbiggin in Bishopdale bortle 3-4 . Even managed to see the milky way for the first time ever
  2. Thank you, yes everything was dripping wet. All that rain we had over the weekend and it was all in the air. I'm dead chuffed though
  3. Here's NGC 7380 from my recent weekend in Yorkshire 44 x 120s, stacked in PI and edited with PI plus photoshop! Check out that star field!!!
  4. Spent a weekend in deepest darkest yorkshire!! Managed to get this 22 x 120s, darks and flats applied. Stacked in DSS and edited in Photoshop. This is one of my all time favourite targets. It's a bit glow-y due to the sheer amount of dew in the air, it was overwhelming my dew straps.
  5. This is the Elephant Trunk Nebula, though I think it looks more like a Nik Nak. It lies at a distance of about 3000 light years from earth and stars are actively forming in this area. The glow in the bottom left had side of the image is from the Garnet Star, this star is a red supergiant and is also one of the largest and most luminous stars in the milky way! 52x120s with darks and flats Stacked with PI and edited in PS. Altair 72EDF with 0.8x reducer, Altair 60mm miniguider, Heq5 pro, Altair Hypercam 183C Pro
  6. There's a reason the ed80 is known as a giant killer I was almost in two minds to sell, but hey ho... Need to fund the new scope somehow haha
  7. For me personally I've decided that biiiig wide field is my thing coupled with my Altair astro 183c pro the fov just wasn't wide enough . So I went with a more compact scope with a bit better glass let me know if you're interested...the sale on eBay is up on Sunday and it has a fair few watchers
  8. 21p is pretty green these exposures were 45s in length
  9. Stack using DSS comet mode . Then levels and curves with Photoshop. Also dust and scratches to tone down the star trails a bit further
  10. Slowly getting used to my new scope. 44x 45s Altair astro 72edf, Altair astro hypercam 183c pro with 0.8x lightwave reducer. Heq5 pro mount. this comet is seriously fast stacked with DSS and processed in Photoshop
  11. I guess I like to help people out that's all I'll probably get round to it at some point. Maybe in winter, when darkness isn't such a premium
  12. I think you might be. I'll do it again properly without the camera tilt ??. Others have said it looks great though so I'm very happy .
  13. One airy disc, slightly off on the one side as my camera is slightly tilted. I've worked that out now. But yeah it looks pretty much exactly the same on the other side of focus.
  14. Interesting, I've probably got a bit of your test report in my inbox (no way of identifying though) Altair sent me a few excerpts from the batch to compare
  15. I probably didn't explain the best either. Its not my forte ? but you are right. The stars look good. No crazy shapes
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