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  1. Yes, this is the way I successfully used my GPCam.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums. I've been visiting the Algarve for the last seven or eight years each summer. Was due to visit in June but for obvious reasons that was cancelled. I've stayed with friends near Carvoeiro, just down the road. From the little time I've spent in Portugal you seem to have many more clear nights that we do in the UK. I hope you enjoy your astronomy, and as you say, there's such a wealth of information on these forums. Eric.
  3. I agree. Below is my first attempt with all processing done using Siril (on Mac), taken with Star Adventurer and ancient Canon 400D unmodified, and old 35-135mm lens. It's actually a screen shot as I couldn't get Siril to export a TIFF file in colour, seemed to want to stick to grey scale. Eric.
  4. I use Parallels on my iMac and run DSS and other Win software without any trouble. Eric.
  5. Castlemorton Common, just south of Malvern is supposed to be one of the better places in the area. Or contact the Worcester Astronomical Society who might have some suggestions. Eric.
  6. Thanks for this. But my main task is to check that the guide scope works. I had a bit of trouble with alignment on the last version of Lowspec I made. Eric.
  7. Encouraging. I'm still waiting for a clear night (or even an hour or two!) to check out my Lowspec 3. Thanks for this comparison, I hope to get an 1800 grating when I get everything working again. Not much sunshine here, either. Eric.
  8. ...but we live in hope. Eric.
  9. The zero order on my Lowspec3 is very close the the zero mark on the micrometer. Eric.
  10. Or use the zero order reflected from the grating? Eric.
  11. Same here. I've now used a laser to try and align the mirror, waiting for miserable UK skies to clear so I can try it out. Eric.
  12. I'm at the final stages of constructing LOWSPEC3. I've incorporated the Relco holder provided by drjolo on another thread. When the UK weather gives me a break I'll try it out, but so far so good. Eric.
  13. Wow, I'm impressed! Not sure I'd be capable of doing all that even if I had all the 3d files and instructions. I'd be interesting in seeing them, though. Eric.
  14. Ken, could I ask what camera you use for guiding? Thanks, Eric.
  15. Yes, I've printed threads successfully on a Prusa i3 using 0.1mm layers. Eric.
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