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  1. This is the GP-CAM2 supplied by Altair Astro. A great little camera, it works well with SharpCap and other imaging software. It's in very good condition and supplied in the original box. Also for sale on astrobuysell.com. Price £165.00 inc. P&P within the UK. No offers, payment by bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Eric.
  2. This was purchased from Sky's The Limit, details here. It is in very good condition and has proved to be an excellent guide scope. Selling price £65 including p&p within the UK. Payment by bank transfer, no offers. Thanks for looking, Eric.
  3. It's been a real wrench to let go of my stuff. Took me ages to part with my HEQ5 and 150PDS which I used for all my spectroscopy. Lowspec is a wonderful project, I really enjoyed building it and setting it up. I've put it up for half the price of all the components plus £10 for postage. Best of luck with your build, it's a lot of work but worth it in the end. Eric.
  4. The Lowspec spectrometer was designed by Paul Gerlach and can be found on Thingiverse. It is built using a 3D printer. This is an excellent project for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the fascinating world of slit spectroscopy. Due to health and other issues I shall have to take a break from astronomy, but I hope to be able to return to it next year. Rather than have all my ‘stuff’ lying around doing nothing I have decided to sell it, including the Lowspec. The Lowspec spectrometer is a great way to move into ‘slit’ spectroscopy after using the excellent ‘slitless’ Star Analyser. Slit spectroscopes are expensive to buy off the shelf, typically in excess of £2000 for a useable system. I paid approx. £460 for all the components. All the 3D parts were made from a single reel of PLA 3D filament. I understand better filament types are available, but my 3D printer is quite old now, and only seems to cope with PLA. This is the first version Lowspec 3.0, I notice Paul has recently made some modifications to the top, particularly the threads for the grating holder. Although this item could be used ‘as is’, I would recommend using these components for a new project. Taking this item apart will provide all the components needed - lenses, mirrors, screws, grub screws, slit plate, micrometer, diffraction grating, etc. The only difference from Paul’s list is the camera lens - I have used a 90mm lens and not 100mm. The diffraction grating was second hand and is 600 lines per mm. Focusing a guide scope proved problematical, so I’m including a Baader Focusing Eyepiece Holder 1 1/4" / T2 which makes it much easier. I will also include some spare magnets (which hold the diffraction grating holder firmly in place), spare nuts for the long bolts and also a spare bearing for the grating base. These additional items mean all the components are there for making a new Lowspec from scratch. In addition I built a reference lamp as designed by drjolo in this post (scroll down a bit to see it). This was more of a ‘proof of concept’ exercise, and although it works, as with the Lowspec itself I can take no responsibility for how it performs. I don’t use it with the mains but use a 12v to 220v inverter which is also included. It uses a Relco bulb and I will include some spare bulbs as well. Price £240 including posting within the UK. No offers, bank transfer only. If you prefer you can collect from Worcestershire. Thanks for looking. Here's a calibration image using the Relco bulb. Spectra of P Cygni Photos of Lowspec3 Photos of Relco calibration unit Baader Focuser Inverter
  5. Yes, this is the way I successfully used my GPCam.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums. I've been visiting the Algarve for the last seven or eight years each summer. Was due to visit in June but for obvious reasons that was cancelled. I've stayed with friends near Carvoeiro, just down the road. From the little time I've spent in Portugal you seem to have many more clear nights that we do in the UK. I hope you enjoy your astronomy, and as you say, there's such a wealth of information on these forums. Eric.
  7. The Paton Hawksley Star Analyser 100 is a great way to get into the fascinating world of stellar spectroscopy. It can be used with most telescopes as it fits into a standard 11/4 inch eyepiece holder. There is a vast amount of information on how to start in spectroscopy, here are a few links. Paton Hawksley who supply the SA100 The manual on their website Information from Rspec Astro who sell easy to use software. BASS software which is free and can be obtained from this group. Using the SA100 with ISIS, free software. And loads more info in the spectroscopy section of SGL. The prism is "Designed for the advanced user looking for the maximum resolution, this device centralises the spectrum on the optical axis and reduces the small amount of coma sometimes visible in the red region of spectra captured with the Star Analyser 100." (Taken from the Paton Hawksley website). The SA100 new currently costs £104.54, the 3.8 degree prism is £48.37 and a spacing ring (required for the prism) is £9.12, giving a total of £162.03. All items are in very good condition. The sale is for all three items, and is £90. Payment by bank transfer, no offers, price includes postage within UK. Here is a spectra I took of the Wolf Rayet star WR134 with the SA100 & prism. Thanks for looking. Eric.
  8. Both only three months old, in excellent condition, purchased from 365Astronomy. The tripod is modified to suit the Star Adventurer, and is very stable even when fully extended. In original box with manual. Star Adventurer Pro - £230 Astrotrack Tripod - £50 No offers, payment by bank transfer. Collection preferred (Worcestershire). If collection is not an option, then buyer can arrange their own carrier (two parcels). With insurance it looks to be about £20 for the mount and £10 for the tripod. Thanks for looking. Eric.
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