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  1. I already had an eyepiece with an illuminated reticle. The illumination part fitted straight into the base of Lowspec. Paul has an equivalent part listed on page two of his pdf, from Baader, I think. 365astronomy sell one which might fit, but don't quote me on that! I just switch it on to align the guide slit on PHD2 with the illuminated slit and then switch it off again. The white slit on the back was quite small to print and had a few blobs on it which I filed away. Works well. Eric.
  2. The illuminated slit works well for me 'as is'. In fact, this addition has drastically reduced the time it takes me to line up a star on the slit. Eric.
  3. The mirrored surface should face the grating, not the guiding camera. Better to get the best specta and sacrifice some quality in guiding. Eric.
  4. I use PHD2 for guiding and find this feature very useful. Eric.
  5. I'm not fully conversant with the theory of the optics, but when I first used it with the full aperture for the collimator the spectra were distorted at either end. Someone suggested I step down the aperture to f8 or f10. I tried both and f10 works best. My understanding is this design works best at f10 so I've stayed with that. Eric.
  6. That print looks decent enough to me, very similar to how mine came out. I went for shaving/filing to get the bits to fit together. Eric.
  7. Yes, the disk is easily removed from the enclosure. Eric.
  8. Yes, I ignored Ovio and ordered from the link: https://en.jeulin.fr/simple-radial-slits-212076.html Eric.
  9. This is the link I used to buy mine. Initially I also had the same response you've had, Louise, got nowhere so ignored it. Eric.
  10. Pliers to remove the supports (be quite firm with it!), sharp cutters and a file are how I get rid of supports. Eric.
  11. Yes, I printed it as you have it in the photo. Eric.
  12. If that had happened to me on my printer I would lower the print speed for the top section. If the first layer of the 'chimney' didn't adhere to the main part then all the subsequent layers would misbehave as well. But it may well be a different issue for you. Eric.
  13. Yes, small sensor, but not noisy. Eric.
  14. I use this one from AltairAstro https://www.altairastro.com/GPCAM2-290M-Mono-Guide-Astronomy-Camera.html It was all I could afford at the time. Eric.
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