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  1. C8? Wow! That's impressive. Eric.
  2. Likewise. Also Marcus du Sautoy does some interesting maths programmes. Eric.
  3. I watched the whole program but found it very slow and not very informative. Also, I cannot accept that a result from an equation where nearly all the values for variables are guesses (no matter how eminent the people making the guesses) can be called scientific. Speculation, yes. Science? The BBC has produced some great science programs, but to put this under the Horizon banner is a shame. Eric.
  4. I'm envious of anyone who gets even an hour or two of clear skies. It's been rubbish here for weeks. Eric.
  5. 100% in agreement with John (Proto Star). I now use a leisure battery and it is very satisfactory. It's also important to use the correct charger. After a lot of research I bought a charger and battery from ebay. Battery: Charger: The charger can be left permanently attached when not using the battery, but even if it isn't it's important to fully recharge the battery after use.
  6. I found the round Nema 14 works fine with my 8" SCT. Powerful enough to move the mirror when the scope is vertical. The motor is controlled using Rob Brown's excellent DIY design. Eric.
  7. Anyone? There are plenty of these wedges for sale, has anyone used one? Eric.
  8. I'm very pleased with my Evolution 8 used with SkySafari 5 Plus. I learn a lot each session. I look for interesting objects which I can view from the back garden; the house, flats opposite and trees constrict the view to about a third of the sky. I'll often use the 'Tonight's Best' list if I haven't had time to plan what to look at. I use the information section on SkySafari to learn about the object, and when I've finished looking at it I then take time to memorise the constellation it's in. This allows me to build up my knowledge of the night sky. Clear skies are a luxury here, so I like to make the most of each session, and a GoTo system certainly does that. I can set up the scope in about ten minutes and straight into observing. I tried using the hand controller once, but much prefer SkySafari for the information it gives. Eric.
  9. I find ventusky is usually more accurate, but even it has its moments. Even if it isn't more accurate, it's more interesting to look at! Eric.
  10. Thanks for that. I haven't used Autostakkert yet, must give it a go. Eric.
  11. Nice images. How did you process them? Was it all done in the Altair Astro software? Eric.
  12. First time I've seen a transit shadow. I found the best views were with my 12mm eyepiece (8" SCT), the shadow was the clearest feature. Seeing varied, but great views during brief moments of clarity. Eric.
  13. I have an unused camera bag which I just tie around the top of the tripod using the shoulder strap. The main use for this is a place to put the iPad (which controls the scope) when I don't need to hold it. Other bits and pieces also find their way into the bag. On cold nights an old ski jacket which has a gazillion pockets is a useful addition. The only problem is remembering which item is in which pocket... Eric.
  14. Thanks for that, I'll take a look at it and see how I get on with it. Eric.
  15. I'm using a Celestron Evolution 8 and control it with SkySafari. The observations were from my back garden which only lets me see about a quarter of the sky! I was viewing the Eskimo in the glare of fluorescent lights from the flats opposite, and all the heat rising from the building doesn't make for very stable conditions. The comments I made could have been better (and I forgot to set the Transparency and Seeing), but I was just trying it out, I'll use it more effectively next time. I'll look out for those others you mentioned, thanks for pointing them out. Eric.