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  1. Don't know if this is what you're looking for. I've only recently bought an HEQ5 mount, and I'm learning about EQMOD so interested in any problems which may arise. http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/eqmod/doku.php?id=faqs_-_park third FAQ. Eric.
  2. While out shopping this morning I noticed people pointing their smartphones skywards. Here's why. I've often seen the sun through cloud, but never this red. The photo is more orange than it actually appeared. I blame Ophelia... Eric.
  3. Celestron Evolution 8 (Sold)

    Will measure and weight everything and let you know by Private Message. Eric.
  4. Celestron Evolution 8 (Sold)

    Hi there. It came in three individual boxes, all in one large box, but not sure I have that large one anymore. I've looked into posting this, but the total cost is about £90, most of which would be insurance. Or you could arrange the transport? Eric.
  5. ASCOM site unavailable?

    Nothing here. Eric.
  6. While I was at work.....

    I agree. Although there are a couple of the new lamps on the road at the front of my house, the skies are noticeably darker from the back. If only they'd replace the sodium lamps on the main road 100 yards away it would be even better, but not much chance of that. They seem to only change them on the minor roads here. Eric.
  7. I've used my Celestron Evolution 8 to learn about the night sky, but having discovered spectroscopy I now need to upgrade. I’m therefore selling my Evo 8 together with a few extras. The scope and fitting have been well looked after. It’s quick to set up, and comes with all the original bits and pieces. I’ve also upgraded the firmware on the mount. Most of the time I’ve used SkySafari Plus to control the mount, occasionally using the handset. The built in battery has been very useful, especially when I’ve taken the whole setup to a dark site. The red dot sight was difficult to use, as the red dot tends to obscure the star you’re trying to locate. So I replaced that with a Celestron Starpointer Pro. When illuminated this shows two concentric circles so you can line up the star in the centre. SCT’s give a narrow field of view, so I’m including the Celestron 0.63 Corrector/Reducer. Without the corrector the scope is great for moon and planets. The diagonal which came with the scope didn’t impress me very much. I replaced it with a Revelation 2” diagonal which is much better. I also bought a Revelation 42mm 2” eyepiece and I’m including that as well. The only addition I’ve made to the scope is to change the collimating Philips screws. I’ve replaced them with thumb screws, similar to Bob’s Knobs, which makes collimating much easier. So here’s a list of what’s included with current retail prices (you can check these online); Celestron Evolution 8 scope, mount, tripod, hand controller, 2 eyepieces, etc. £1799.00 Revelation 2” Diagonal 99% Dielectric £139.00 Celestron Corrector/Reducer £99.00 Celestron Starpointer Pro £28.00 Revelation 2” 42mm eyepiece £64.00 The total retail price comes to £2129.00 I’m asking just £995.00 Payment by direct bank transfer, or cash on collection. Collection only. I’m in Worcestershire, but prepared to meet half way within reason. Thanks for looking This listing is also on Astrobuysell.
  8. Glad you're finding it accurate. My experience is that it's a bit hit and miss. I use Ventusky and find it more accurate, and gives a clue as to what sort of weather is heading my direction. Eric.
  9. Bob's Knobs

    Once I managed to work out the size of the screws on my Evo 8, I bought three (with the heads on them) on ebay for just a couple of quid. They work perfectly. Eric.
  10. Battery charger at Lidl

    Noticed a battery charger on sale at Lidl this morning. 6v 12v, continuous charge, pulse charging, up to 120ah batteries, £13.99. Looks very similar to mine which cost about £24. Eric.
  11. Andromeda, Cassiopeia and a few favourites.

    Great report. I spent about 20 minutes on Caroline's Rose, until high cloud and increasing moonlight interfered with it. Eric.
  12. supplier microglobe

    I bought a Celestron finderscope from them, and no problems. Eric.
  13. Thanks Robin, error on my part, should read 15um. The camera I have at present is a GPCAM (mono) pixel size is 3.75. I plan to use my 6.3 reducer with the spectroscope. Eric.
  14. Here are a few shots of the support components from Sketchup The flange holding the Baader focuser in position. Grating support which inserts into the needle bearing. Support for needle bearing. Canon lens support Cover for slit dial. Collimator support, base. Collimator support, top. Micrometer support. Push fit slit dial. Slit support (a cover screws onto the top to hold it in place). The prism sits between the two uprights, and the neon lamp is inserted into the space below. Plate to hold the glass slide to replace the flip mirror. Eric.