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  1. I changed my HDD for an SSD on my Toshiba laptop about a year ago. The SSD was from Crucial, and I just followed the advice they gave on their website. All went smoothly, so I'd take a look at their website and check out their help pages. https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/ssd-install Eric.
  2. I've been using a Leisure battery 20ah for a couple of years now with no issues. Cost £35. After 6 hours observing, including a small heater for the guide scope, it rarely goes below 50% charge when it's still pushing out 12.4v. Built a box for it and secure connections. Key to using it effectively is the electronic charger.
  3. ejp1684

    Anyone processing with Affinity Photo?

    Hmm, I found the layer system quite good. Overview Concepts Or perhaps I misunderstood the problem. Eric.
  4. ejp1684

    What`s your favourite constellation?

    Cygnus. I like taking spectra, usually with the cheap and cheerful Star Analyser, and Cygnus is stuffed full of WR stars plus P Cygni which always fascinates me. Eric.
  5. ejp1684

    New member from Norway

    Welcome to the forums, and a very Happy Christmas to you. Eric.
  6. I use an ironing stool. I don't adjust it very much, just lean forwards a tad if the eyepiece is a bit low, or sit straight if it's higher. Not ideal, but better than standing! Eric.
  7. ejp1684

    Windows 10...

    My main computers are Macs, but my W10 laptop performs well for ASCOM, EQMOD, APT, Sharpcap, Astrotortila, etc, and a 4 port usb to Ethernet thingy. The only infuriating feature of standard W10 is the the updates. Mr Microsoft thinks he has the right to update my computer when he likes, while I think I have the right to decide when it should happen. So whenever I'm using the laptop with the scope I disconnect Wifi, and all is peace and quiet. Eric.
  8. ejp1684

    Greetings from Italy

    Welcome to SGL. It's always interesting to see the questions other people have, I find I learn a lot from them. Eric.
  9. ejp1684

    ISIS and gnuplot

    Downloaded and installed gnuplot 5.2.5 to use with ISIS, but when I try to use it I get a message that "File ...gnuplot-5.2.5\binary\pgnuplot.exe not found". Which is understandable, as the directory 'binary' is nowhere to be seen in the list of folders and files which were downloaded. Would value any suggestions... Thanks Eric.
  10. ejp1684

    ISIS and gnuplot

    Thanks James. I know nothing whatsoever about all these files and stuff, but going back to version 4.4.6 has worked. Eric.
  11. I had this same issue on a Celestron tripod. Gaffa tape was the first solution and worked well, but a more permanent solution (especially if you want to eventually sell it) would be re-tapping. It's not difficult, especially as the original grub screws were ludicrously small, and larger ones worked well. Eric.
  12. ejp1684

    iPhone Apps

    SkySafari is my most used app, but also Procam for the odd night shot. Eric.
  13. Has anyone used one of these? FLO have them for sale, but there isn't much info on them, not even on the StarlightExpress website. Eric. (Edit) Correction, found the handbook.
  14. First, I know very little about electronics, so would value advice on the following. I was browsing though the thingiverse website and found this which set me thinking. Would it be possible to use a Raspberry Pi 3, an 8MP camera (uses Sony IMX219 image sensor), and an LCD screen (example), and use it for casual viewing or outreach? The screen could be mounted somewhere on the scope/mount, and would avoid using a laptop. The camera produces photos and videos, so could the Pi be programmed to stack photos as well, something like SharpCap's Live Stacking? I may be in fantasy land here, but it's just an idea.
  15. Another of Ken's books is "Grating Spectroscopes and How to Use Them". I found this book very helpful as although it deals with gratings in general, it has a lot of information on using the Star Analyser 100 (and 200) which in my opinion is the best way to begin spectroscopy. The Star Analyser is much easier to use than a slit spectroscope, and is much cheaper. Eric.
  16. Looks similar to one of the Altair Astro GP-Cams Eric.
  17. ejp1684

    EQ5 And 130P-DS

    Nice! What camera are you using?
  18. ejp1684

    Auto Guiding and EQMod

    This doesn't answer your question but is just a comment on Stellarium. I tried using it with PHD2 and didn't find it very satisfactory. So I changed to Cartes du Ciel and haven't had any problems since. Eric.
  19. Many thanks for your reply, will take a look at it.
  20. There is a minimum level of kit, but unfortunately it doesn't remain static. When you think you've arrived at the min level, a couple of clear nights out is all it takes to convince you that in fact you were mistaken in your previous belief. Resistance is futile!
  21. Came across this page on Sourceforge which lists all the astronomy projects. I've found individual ones before but never this section with all of them; perhaps I haven't been going about it the right way. I arrived at the page from Millionshort.com which is a search engine I've only just found. Interesting to be able to filter out all the big names - ebay, amazon, wikipedia etc. They claim to be hot on privacy. Hmmmm. Eric.
  22. Does the motor not move at all? Or does it rotate but doesn't turn the focuser? If the latter, then the rod needs to be more firm against the focuser. I did this mod to mine, and the motor now moves the focuser with an 800gm spectroscope. Eric. https://youtu.be/ofOSAMlqZWw
  23. ejp1684

    Why no Sky at Night TV program this month?

    I've felt of late that the Sky At Night was losing it's amateur appeal. It's very interesting finding out about latest advances in astronomy, but those are covered in other one off astronomy programmes. Perhaps more of a down to earth approach for amateurs, especially new ones. Projects to complete, things to look for in the night sky, up and coming events, practical things which ordinary people can do to help them in their observations. Eric.
  24. I use one. It's a leftover from an eye exercise program I bought a few years ago. I find it easier than squinting. Eric.
  25. Sorry to hear it doesn't work for you. I only mentioned it because mine has worked ok. Hopefully you'll get some response from their support, or you can always return it to Amazon. Eric.

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